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What are the indications for elimination diets?

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I have read a lot of conflicting information WRT elimination diets. Some sites say they're great, other sites say they're usually not indicated in most infants. My problem is my DD is super gassy, and the gas makes her uncomfortable. I'm not sure if that is due to swallowing in air while nursing or if she's reacting to something I'm eating. I'm reluctant to give up dairy because I did an elimination diet with DD1 and I hated it. She had blood in her poop and it went away after I gave up the dairy. She wasn't gassy or fussy like DD2 is though. DD2 has not had bloody poops at all, and she's got some sort of viral infection causing congestion and a runny nose. DD2 is 6.5 weeks old.

So, is this a real need for dairy elimination? Any scientific studies backing up elimination diets for gassy babies? Any suggestions you may have to help aleviate her burps/farts that are constantly making her uncomfortable?
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I don't know about studies, but dairy elimination is pretty often required if a nursling has cow milk sensitivity, I've seen it in friends with their babies, unfortunately most switched to soy formula instead. Besides which, we as humans don't really need much of another species' milk... I still eat some dairy though, can't give up my cheese, so don't mind me. I mostly posted to say you could try infant massage, especially circling the legs and rubbing the tummy, as sometimes that alleviates the discomfort and helps move out the air.
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But, what are signs of a true cow's milk sensitivity? Is it gassiness? Blood in the stools? Something else? And how do you know it's a sensitivity and not a stage the baby is going through? That's what I'm confused about.
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Unfortunately allergies can have different symptoms in different people. Gassiness can certainly be caused by an allergy and in an infant dairy is the most common culprit, but allergies can be to anything. It coul also be an intolerance and something that will be outgrown soon.

The most reliable way to tell is eliminate dairy for three weeks. If your baby's symptoms don't change then that wasn't it and you can have dairy again. If your baby seems to feel better within three weeks then try dairy again and see if the symptoms come back. If they do, then you know something.

Elimination diets are really hard, but if they make your baby feel better they are SO worth it. And if you decide to stick with it, it gets much much easier. I know what I'm talking about because I've been nursing an allergic baby for 21 months now and I thought I might go nuts for awhile, but things have gotton much better.

Good Luck, I hope your dd feels better!

Edited to ask: how do you know she has a viral infection and the congestion isn't an allergic symptom?

Pauli and Kelsey (nursing with allergies to egg, milk, wheat, rice, beef, pork, potato, pear and tomato and also no nuts or seafood)
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I guess I'm just assuming it's a viral infection because DH and DD1 both have viral infections right now, and this came on at the same time as both of their infections. It certainly could be an allergic reaction, but I am still thinking it's probably viral because of the timing of the symptoms. (((sigh))) I guess I'll give up dairy for 3 weeks to see for sure.
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hi. My ds is allergic to dairy and has blood in his poop as well as congestion in a eat any trace of a diary product. He is 6months now but his symptoms started when he was around a month old. Good luck. Hopefully it will be viral since giving up diary would be hard for you. But after your 3 weeks trial you find it is dairy, it is doable (after the first month I found other foods you enjoy that make up for what you might miss)
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