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Amanda, I'm glad you're getting some answers. I hope the heat, etc. can give you the relief you need to nurse comfortably.

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not CDing at the moment. DD outgrew her Kissaluv size 0s and I don't have anything in the next larger size. I'm afraid to bite the bullet and get something, so I've been using sposies . I get really anxious about spending money, so making the investment needed (although it will be WAY less than the cumulative cost of disposables) really gives me hives. Ugh....

Vaxing is another issue that's making me very anxious. The Air Force switched us to a new ped (old one, who was awesome, moved to a new assignement). The new guy is kind of a jerk. He was NOT pleased that DD was born at home, so I'm sure his stance on selective/delayed vaxing will also be extremely negative. My other two were delayed and selective, but it was a fight.

Also, check out the wrap that I made (http://www.momswithmoxie.com/members/Kristina/Wrap.JPG)!!!!! I found some cheap lightweight fabric, sewed up the edges and Kirsten LOVES it!
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dharmama...thanks for your post. It was incredibly helpful.

taimarie...thanks for the info about the B6. The LC I saw said I shouldn't use B6 at all, because of potential supply issues, but I'm going to check out Newman's site and revisit the possibility (Nifedipine *is* the wonder cure that I can't take, BTW).

JayGee...we're still in sposies, too. Trying to build up enough PayPal to afford dipes in the next size up!
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That's awesome Sydnee!

Marylizah there's no kind of exemps you guys could use in France? I know that here they tell us that they're mandatory for attending school as well and in different states there's different exemptions you can file. We hope to HS so that the schooling isn't an issue for us in the future but if we do end up having DS in PS then an exemption is the road we're going.

Kristina that wrap is cutie patootie! I hope you guys don't have to fight too hard.

Oh, and good news that you finally got an answer as to what's been up Amanda!

OK, family nap time...
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sorry, I had to celebrate somehow... I THINK I have DH well on his way to only VERY selective vaxing DD!!!!!!!! we DEFINITELY won't be vaxing at the 2 mth appt, and I have his support too, so we'll go in there united!!! We'll see how the Ped reacts... i'm not excited to think that if she reacts badly, i have to go hunt for another ped that's taking patients!!

good to hear that Bf'ing is looking like it might get easier for many of us in the near future.

also, to the mamas that are in sposies b/c of the next size up in CD's, i'm here to encourage you to get some prefolds and a cover... heck, i'll send you some covers, we have too many!! i've been looking at what I want to keep for babe #2 and what I should sell... it's hard to let go of those NB dipes isn't it!??!?!?
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uhg..i have mastitis AGAIN....

that is all for now!!!!!!!
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all is good here---but I do have a question-who has yet to DTD? we haven't and I am getting a little nervous about the whole thoght of it. My IUD was put in and I started bleeding again-lightly but enough to make me wait a little longer-but the longer I wait the more out of practice I think I will be-maybe not out of practice but sorta shy KWIM?
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Originally Posted by NYCVeg
taimarie...thanks for the info about the B6. The LC I saw said I shouldn't use B6 at all, because of potential supply issues, but I'm going to check out Newman's site and revisit the possibility (Nifedipine *is* the wonder cure that I can't take, BTW).
I looked at Newman's site and just wanted to mention what he says about supply issues in the book that he doesn't say on the site: he says that he was leery of B6 because high doses reduce supply, but that he has found it to work at the dose mentioned in most women most of the time. He says these are high doses, but not high enough to decrease milk supply.

I hope that's helpful to you- supply issues are big, so I know it must be a hard decision- maybe the other stuff you're trying will work without the risk? But it might be worth a try if you need another route... either way, good luck to you mama!
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andiflipp...im SOOOO sorry about your mastitis : and send lots of love your way for a quick recovery!!!!!!

Bamboo....if you really want to get rid of some covers, pm me, i'd like to buy some off of you.... as i am embarking in this cding journey

gotta go ds is beckoning with his hunger cry
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gnutter we have not yet DTD and I don't want to. I think my body looks horrid and I am embarrassed to be seen neked yet.

Oh girls. I am seriously considering modified sleep training for my little guy. His sleep habits are KILLING me. I can't take it - it's not just the now that's hard but I see him forming the same exact habits his sister had and it nearly drove me insane. I cannot and will not be the human pacifier again. I just can't. #1 it's not fair to DD and #2 in all honesty I do not want to be one again. Ugh. I hated it the first time around.

DS hates napping and is a VERY light cat napper - and will ONLY nap in the sling. I bought him a swing which he does like but he will only nap in there for maybe 20 minutes. Nighttime is another battle, because NOW he is SO tired that he can't sleep and it takes us 2 hours to get him soundly sleeping. he dozes off but wants to be held from 6 to 8. This is the time I need to bathe DD, read her books, yada yada yada. DH helps, but he travels so much that the nights he's gone it just SUCKS.: I have tried all of us hopping into bed together but I CANNOT sleep with him. He already wants to nurse ALL NIGHT long if he's next to me (DD wasn't like that til like 7 months...) and if I get up after he falls asleep - you guessed it. WIDE awake AGAIN.

I hate this whole sleep thing. I really do.

So is it terrible to let him cry himself to sleep with me there? I am not looking forward to doing it, but honestly, at this point one week of that is better than 2 more years of not sleeping. My days now are filled with growing resentment at having to hold him while he sleeps and not enough sleep at night (due in part to DD) so I am a grouch.

I don't want to cosleep again because I can't get my DD out of our bed and I can't stand sleeping with her. she tosses and turns and kicks me all night and it's just ridiculous considering we have a HUGE king size bed!:

OK. Whew. This turned out to be a big long vent - but I needed to talk to mommas who undestand. My mainstream friends just don't have these issues and if I shared would get "told you so's" all around, and "just leave him to cry". I know that this too shall pass. Between the kids always wanting meall day long and no sleep - I am just so. burned. out.

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BambooMama that's great!

*andflipping* oh no mama! : Sending you healthy vibes for a quick recovery.

gnutter we've DTD a couple of times and the first time PP it was a bit "Now what are we doing again?" at first : but then it was great. Different than before and during PG. I'm not all exta sensitive in my girly parts from PG anymore so now DH has to put some work into it again!

Awww, hugs Cheryl. I haven't BTDT so I don't have any advice really, just here for support. The sleep situation does sound pretty hard. I hope things can get better and settle down for you soon.

Oh yeah Marylizah, forgot to wish you good luck with the ILs!

Boy, I really need to get some sleep. I thought we'd have some family nap time today but it just didn't happen. I'm going to go get the laundry and crash! :yawning:
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I just popped in for a quick scan. My FIL's surprise visit caused a rash of desprate, quick housecleaning, frantic trips to the store for groceries and a fan for the spare bedroom and kept me away from MDC for a whole DAY!

Hugs and healing to all the mamas with health issues...geez, what is the deal with mastitis? It seems to be running rampant!

Things here are normal, Ro-Po weighed in at 13lb. 10 oz at my 6 week apt today. No wonder wearing her in the Moby is hurting my belly incision!

Take good care!
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Hugs to the mastitis gals, and a hug to NCYVeg (I think I forgot you in my shout-out to all the mamas with bfing issues! My IQ has dropped 50 points since the baby, what can I say??)

Mamacatsbaby, there are no exemptions for the 4 mandatory vaxes. I've spent a lot of time looking for loopholes/ ways out and unfortunately the only one I've found involves moving. And thanks for the thought re: the inlaws! Their visa hasn't come through yet so their trip is delayed until next week.

Luckylady just wanted to send you a hug and recommend that you buy or check out from your library "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. She has some great tips on getting kids into sleep routines that work for everyone and she's super respectful of all types of parenting. There isn't too much you can do before your child is 4 mos old, but she does have some tips for newborns, too. I bought the book because George is a terrible napper. We're working on establishing a routine (not a schedule, his nursing is too erratic for that, but a nice routine). I've seen some improvements already.

gnutter, I was gonna post the same question today! I frankly have NO DESIRE whatsoever to DTD-- now that I know what it can lead to, ! Poor DH, though. I'm freaked out to try it, afraid it'll hurt or feel weird, plus I hate the way my body looks. Can't wait to start exercising again. Strange question, but does anyone already sort of feel like things "down there" feel different/funny since baby? It just doesnt feel the same to me...
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Hey May Mamas. I have been reading the posts daily, but haven't had much time to post. With summer vacation and the 4 little ones at home, I could change my name to BusyBusyMomma2! We are doing really well. Babe has finally started pooping again - hooray! And I have figured out that she definately gets uncomfortable when I eat onions - won't sleep unless held, very gassy, VERY fussy. And we had a great time at the circus. Babe was quite content in my hotsling the whole time.

Let's see if I can actually get through some personals before someone needs me:
MaryLizah - 4 months with the in laws??!! Are they staying w/you? All I can say is And about your question, "does it feel different down there" - oh ya, very much so, but in time things should all get back to normal. Keep kegaling!

JayGee - that is a beautiful wrap! I am impressed.

LuckyLady - I think you are right to look at your sleep situation, and make adjustments so that you are ALL happy. There is not just one right way to do things and it looks like you had a good learning experience w/your dd. I read something somewhere about parenting, that if something makes you resentful, change it. Or you could say, "If mama ain't happy, no one's happy!" I second the Elizabeth Pantley suggestion. Her book is really good.

gnutter - no deeds done here yet either! Dh just had the big V, so now we are waiting for HIM to recover - that's a change! And the pressure is actually on to DTD, because he has to clear out all the swimmers that are left before the V. is effective.

andiflipping - oh no, mastitis again! Here are some get well soon vibes for you

Well, I made it further than I thought, gotta run now. Have a great day everyone.
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luckylady im with you on the sleep think William nursed every 2 hours last night for the 4th night in a row OH MY GOODNESS i am sleepd deprived to the max....at this age (9weeks) my dd was sleeping throught the night man she spoiled me rotten, oh well I will get through this right!?!

We have not yet dtd, and Im not sure when we will i just havent really felt ready and dh hasnt tried to so i thnk hes just giving me my space

I found out yesterday that i get to take a little mini vacation next week, leaving on thursday to drive up North to San Luis obispo to visit my friend and her daughter....im a little nervous for the 5 and a half hour drive with my 2.2 year old and 2 month old, but it will work right?! at least i get away for a few days (thursday through sunday) .....

ok well i hear dd getting into something i better go check what lol....
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Hugs to you mamas dealing with sleep issues. I feel guilty, as I've never had sleep issues with any of mine. Alayna has been sleeping thru the night for over a week now, and the other two did at about the same age too. I hope you all can get it figured out, hugs to you!!

About DTD, we started about 4.5 weeks PP, and it's ok, but sex is NOT the same when I'm breastfeeding, it's not very enjoyable. But I still love the closeness with DH. It's not painful, I just have NO libido right now.

Mom2Nat&Will- Enjoy your little vacation!! How fun! We will be gone the first weekend in August WITHOUT (ACK!!) kids, Friday thru Sunday. I'm nervous...

Max- I hear ya on the busy summer! I can't believe it's the middle of July already!!

Marylizah- That sucks that you can't find a loophole, how frustrating!

Momatheart- A whole day away from MDC?? That's like mommy torture!!

Mamcatsbaby- A family nap, what a great idea!! Enjoy it!!

Luckylady- Hugs, mama, I have no advice, just know that we're here to listen!!

*andiflippin*- Hugs to you too, mama. Hope that mastitis clears up SOON!!

Yesterday was our anniversary, but DH was gone for the last two days. But he sent me 8 roses for the 8 years we've been married!! It's so nice to get flowers from him, because he rarely does it! Tomorrow night we are going out for a nice supper, just the 2 of us
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Oh man Marylizah, that just plain sucks. It really gets me riled up that those with power and money think they should have the right to play with our health. Ugh...

Erika enjoy your mini vacation!

Awww... Sydnee how sweet of your DH! : You guys have fun!

Speaking of BBM, Michelle where'd ya go?

Sayon's been fuss, fuss, fussing all day (he's now finally asleep and has been for over two, count 'em two hours in the wrap ) and nurse, nurse, nursing all day and night for the past four or five days. Hmmm, me thinks another growth spurt is around the corner. Goodness, he's already in six month clothes for certain things. At this rate he'll be wearing DH's clothes pretty soon.
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HELLO!!!!I'm still here!of coure,nak...I've been running around like a headless chicken!We put our 815 sq. ft. house on the market, so I have too keep it clean and cute!And not smelly!Or furry,or cluttered,or too personalized....etc...!CRAZY!!

In the midst of all that,our puppy died! She was just 18 mo. old.)We could not figure out what happened-she looked like she was comfy and asleep,totally relaxed,and she was her normal hyper self just hours before.It turns out,she was a lucky liver anyway,and held out for a long time!She was the runt and only girl of the litter,and was not developed enough to develope to adulthood. Most only gender of a litter runts are stillborn,aparently.It's been very sad.We do have our other totally calm dog to help us out, though.She's a sweetie.Poor girl lost her BEST friend!
Of course,when it rains,it pours...: All our hermit crabs died too-well,2 are vanished,but we sifted the whole cage,and all 5 we found are dead!Our first one included,we've had for over a year.(We got him when Snidely,our dog was just a couple months old...)WAYYY TOOOO SAAAD!!!There is an extra pang of sadness that Eli will not remember any of them

Speaking of Eli,he's doing great!chubbing right up,and really fun.My only regret,is that he is like a 3 mo. old!He just turned 6 weeks last night!Where is my sweet little swaddled infant?He's huge,and strong and active and alert.He is SO with the program!Not easy with 3 older siblings,but that could be why he is so all of the above-There'a a lot going on and he's holding his ground.Sleeping is not great,but not horrible.Nursing is pretty good.-My deepest sympathies to all with nursing issues right now!-I'm suspicious of a dairy issue-He's always gassy,and has acne a lot.
He holds his head 98%,starting to reach for stuff,and found his voice this week,he babbles and coo's back and he's more smiley by the week!

I am SO anxious to get back in some jeans!!!!I can't get any past my thighs,nevermind my hips!(I can tuck the flab in,if I could just get them up!)I'm still mostly in maternity clothes.I look like I'm dressed for "I Love Lucy"!Leggings and a big button-up shirt....I even have red hair... No sex here,not even thinking of it(other than some weird dreams)I'm not a big fan of the whole sex world for the first year of nursing-my supply gets in the way,and my libido is just out of town......poor DH.I'll humor him at some point,but not as great as it could be...
Eli has leaked thru his diaper,and Dd2 wants a drink.Later.
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KRS, that's so sad about your puppy and hermit crabs.

The only pair of jeans that fit me are my maternity ones with the stretchy panel. :
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Oh, and good luck with the house selling! It's nice to see that things are going well for you guys.
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incase you all wondered what dd was into earlier?????? here's the story

I quickly put down ds, peeked out my door and she had carried the step stool (Maybe pushed it?) over to the changing table (UH OH #1) She had found the vaseline (UH OH #2) managed to open the vaseline *uhoh#3) and was covered in it, i mean her arms hair the changing table, so i snuck back in my room without her noticing snapped a couple of pics and then she saw me and began bawling ....i assured her it was okay but not the best idea to play w/ vaseline lol....man my creative 2 yearold...well just thought id update you all

oh and sydnee gl on the vacation w/out kids, i dont think i could do it yet...i mean i could w/out dd, but not ds yet....
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