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I was scared that our OB wouldn't be supportive of our natural birth plans, but everything seems to have worked out great so far.

As far as fears - stillbirth has to be at the top of list, next birth defects, and then a c-section. But the thing is, I can't control any of these really, so I choose not to dwell on them and focus on the things I can - my nutrition, hiring a doula, sharing my thoughts with my DH, trusting in God to help me handle whatever does come.
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oh, i've been kept awake with fear these last few nights, fear, and pelvic pain. this is my first homebirth, as my previous pregnancies ended up with a premature delivery at 33 1/2 weeks, and a high risk pregnancy due to meningitis, so i'm not used to birthing without fear. i'm 35 weeks now, so i'm in the clear for a homebirth, but i still worry about needing a transfer and the hospital being unsympathetic to my needs (i had great hospital births with my other two, because i had a birth plan and was birthing in a really great, low-intervention, pro-mama/baby hospital) but i don't even know where i'd go if i needed a transfer. i'm also afraid of the pain, even though i've done it before, i'm nervous about making a mess of my house and embarrassing myself in front of my midwives, who are also friends. oh, all these issues!
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