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How young was your baby when he/she started teething?

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My baby will turn 4 months on the 15th, and we've been having some problems nursing. It's getting bad and I need some help!!

Okay, he'll latch and nurse a min or so, then start crying (still latched at first), then start screaming and twisting/wiggling his body/arching his back. The best way I can describe it is like a constipated person (though he's not). Once that starts, he's crying so much, I can't get him to calm down and relatch. His poo is turning green, which tells me he isn't getting hindmilk (I already figured that but it's just confirmation for me).

I looked in his mouth and it looks like he has a FEW teeth coming in! But, I don't know, and he's awful young...Just earlier he really bit down on me (oh, ouch, that hurt bad! Gums or not, that was bad!) hard. Any advice to help him stay latched? My nips are really getting sore from him pulling on them, and from the constant attempts at latching. I can't pump, and I'm worried that my supply is going to start going down.
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Babies can start teething as early as 4 months or much, much later, like a year. My DD just got her first teeth at 7.5 months, which I think is average. I don't BF (I did some, but then she refused so now I pump), so I can't give great advice. I am assuming that this is new behavior? If you think it is teething, have you tried any remedies? Highlands teething tablets are good (get them at health food store). Or you can try teething rings, a cold washcloth, cold spoon. You can also try massaging the gums. Do these things 15 minutes before nursing and see if that helps. Otherwise, are you sure your DC is hungry? Is he distracted? When he bites, you need to teach him that it is not acceptable. Try pushing his face into your breast when he does it. Then take him off and try again. If he keeps doing it, then don't nurse him and try again in 30 minutes (assuming he isn't screaming). Also, why can't you pump? If he isn't eating well, you should try to pump to maintain your supply. Sorry I don't have any other advice. I am sure some more experienced Moms can help.
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Symptoms started around 4.5-5 months, first *teeth* ( bottom two came in at the same time! ) sprouted at 6 months. He is 11 months today and his two top teeth are halfway in, and more are on the way. I don't know if getting teeth in pairs like my son does is common, however. Hmm...
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DD started teething before her four month dr appt, had first tooth pop through at 4.5 months. I have read that nursing can make their gums hurt more. I would give the babe lots of cool/cold things to chew on before nursing, and try the hylands teething tablets as well. Good luck.
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My first son had part of his first tooth break through at 2 1/2 months. My second son woke up the day he turned 3 months with both bottom teeth through.
However, I have friends whose son was just over a year old before his first tooth came in. And I've heard of some babies who are born with a tooth or two. So it really can vary.

- Krista
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Mine starting teething at 2 months, first one came through at 3 1/2, had 8 by 8 months, 12 by 12 months. I had the same thing, she was even gaining weight a bit slower for a while because it was just hurting too much to suck (of course the ped. tried to convince me my milk 'wasn't enough' for her anymore and tried to get me to switch to formula : ). I could see she really wanted to nurse and was really hungry, but after a couple of sucks she would just pull away in pain.
My only advice is to provide plenty of other things to bite, keep offering the breast and know that it won't last forever!
Good luck
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my little one will be 4 months on the 21st and she is showing signs of teething too!:
shes biting my breast at times too and pulling off a lot.

i also have some weird thing with her that she wants to lay down nursing. the bad thing with us is that she is not that great at controling her hands to get things to chomp on.

i also recommend the hylands for teething.

i havent done it yet but i heard that if you soak a wash cloth in camamille tea and then freeze it is very soothing.

also you can put something on your breast....ice, nipple repair, lanosha(something like that)

good luck sister
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Oh, it's so nice to hear everyone's stories!! Researching this, I've learned that at 4 months, they usually go through a growth spurt, this is the age they become more easily distracted, plus he is teething!! My goodness, no wonder things aren't going smoothly, eh? I'm keeping at it. Hyland's does help a little, I'm offering it a little before feeding, hoping it'll help the pain go away before eating.

Thanks so much, mamas, for sharing!
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