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Week 7/9 ~ Life w/ Babe

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Elijah is 16 days old today. He's getting sooo strong. He picks his head up alot and actually gives us smiles. And not those half-sleep type smiles either. He focuses so well and I can tell he is starting to see alot more. I just can't believe he has only been Earthside for 16 days. He's been sleeping through the night but last night he was up @ 2, 5, and then at 8 to eat. Nursing is going great. Sometimes my milk comes out too fast for him but once he gets a little bigger he'll be chugging it all down for sure. I can't wait to get a sling!! I'll probably have one in a couple wks. So I'll finally be able to wear my boy! And I'll be posting pics ASAP!

So how's it going w/ all those June Babes out there?!!
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It's going well here... a little crazy with two little ones... I feel bad sometimes that I had another baby so soon. I think my 22 month old is still pretty needy and he's been acting out in subtle ways. We weren't trying to get pg with Anna (actually we were trying to avoid...) but of course we're happy she's here and she is perfect in our family. It's an adjustment, though.

She nurses very well, and she's much more mellow than my DS was. He cried a lot at night, and never slept more than 2 hour stretches for a long time. She's already slept a lot more than that! I wear her in the Nojo sling while at home and in my Moby when we're out. I love the Moby for nursing.

Ecomama -- Where are you heading in the North?
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I guess technically I'm heading northeast. We're going back to Michigan. We only moved to Cali for 6 months and right now we're visiting family in New Mexico. We'll be leaving in a week or so...
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Oh, that's right. I remember you posted about that before. I was thinking maybe you were heading Northwest!
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Phoenix is 5 weeks now and about 12 lbs! He was 7 lbs at his lowest so we're going on 5lb gain in 5 weeks! lol

He sleeps in two hour chunks most of the day with a couple or three alert periods of 2-3 hours each. Most of the times he just nurses and sleeps during the night but for the past week he's chosen to have his alert times AT night. I'm tired.

We're battling thrush and winning so far. He's a dear sweet little man who loves to snuggle and cuddle. He loves his KK fleece pouch and baths with mommy. I'm so in love.
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Ellie is 3wks 2d. She is so awesomely awesome She's a really easy baby so far, very calm and she sleeps well. We had a nursing marathon on Friday/Saturday which was stressful and exhausting for me, but it passed and she was out cold most of Sunday!

She's already chubbing up so well, and my only concern is that it is hard to keep the folds of her skin dry, so she's a little chapped and might even have some yeasty beasties in there. I've been on probiotics since she was born just in case. I had thrush something AWFUL with both boys.

The boys were with their cousins all weekend, now they are home and, man, are they a handful. Think I'll start a different thread for that. Still, I am glad that they are so in love with her, they just want to play with her a little too much and it is overwhelming for her and me, too.

We're finally out and about even tho my back is STILL sore. I've started doing yoga and walking this week. I've already lost a lot of weight, but I can't wait to get back to my pp size (even though I know that will take about a year!).

How are all the mamas?? I remember that I thought the first 6wks of my first's life were the hardest ever, so if there are some of you out there having a tough time, IT DOES GET BETTER! I promise. This time, its better because I just expect it to be tough
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Dh went back to work today.
I'm having some anxiety. I feel bad I can't be there for Juels in the way I want to. Benny still nurses nonstop and its still so painful I can only bear it if I lay down, so I'm pretty much bed ridden. Poor Juels. She was so good through those weeks of bedrest and now I'm stuck in bed again!
I do feel so fortunate I got 16 days of dh home though... when Juels was born my ex went back to work on day 3, the day my milk came in. That was aweful. Dh has been so amazing!
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We're doing so much better once we started treating the thrush. Elliot is back to his smiling self (though he'll still go from 0-60 in a heartbeat when he wants Mama and she's not there! ). He'll be 4 weeks on Wednesday; I can't believe it. I think he's up to about 12 lbs. (he was 9,6 at birth). He also is my only child that I can lay on his tummy while he's still half-awake, pat his back, and get him to sleep like that. (And yes, we are tummy sleepers around here. Maybe it's the magnesium I'm taking. Now that he's feeling better (the thrush made him so darn gassy and fussy), he's back to sleeping about 4 hours at a stretch at night ... falling asleep usually around 8:30 to 9:30 for "bedtime", waking around 12:30 to 1am, and then around 4:30 or so. Most mornings, though, he's an early bird and is up from about 6:30am until about 9am when he starts sleeping again. Considering everyone else in the house is a night-owl, that's been a bit of an adjustment! But, this morning, dh got up with him, and I slept in, which was beautiful.

Dh goes back to teaching nights tonight. Fortunately, he has his days off until the school year begins, but I have 20 evenings of him being gone from about 6pm until about 10pm and am dreading a little bit the possible evening "melt-downs" with my two older ones. But my mom has already told me to pack up the three boys and come spend the evenings with her ... they are more distracted over there and I love the company.
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Mikey is 1 month today He's swinging right now. I've had this swing since dd1 and no one liked it and I always wondered why I kept it around...well, he LOVES it. He is so content in it I almost feel guilty using it...you know like as an AP parent I'm supposed to be against "devices" yk? But as I've been holding him or had him at my side since last night, I guess there's nothing to feel guilty about - he's getting his nine-in/nine-out - but I'm just shocked he's so content in the swing - it's been at least 15-20 minutes!

He's just past 11 pounds now...he was 9lb even at birth so 2 pounds in a month, that's not too shabby...

Not much else to report...lots of smiles around here
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Almost 2 weeks old here, and I am TIRED! My DS is really high energy, and I'm spending all the time I can with him to keep him happy and entertained while DD is sleeping durign the day, so that when she's awake and I have to tend ot her he's more understanding and "filled up". So, I'm crashing at 7:30pm with DD and getting 2- to 3-hour blocks throughout the night...but overall, things are going pretty well. I've had some instances where I've had to be a little more firm with DS than I normally would be, but it's been because I'm nursing and can't get to him right away....I knew that would happen, but it's still a little sad to me. The tiredness is also testing my patience, but overall DS still dotes on his sister, is obsessed with changing her diaper with me , and loves giving her kisses and holding her. It's hard going from 1 to 2, but not as hard as I thought it would be, so far (knock on wood!) I know it will continue to be challenging for new reasons, but so far, so good.........
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Ryker will be 6wks tomorrow. Still going good other than Alex trying to kiss him all the time and trying to wake him up when he's asleep.

Ryker has been spitting up alot though Like last night he somehow ended up with milk starting to come out of his nose. Today he's been spitting up a bunch sometimes before i get a chance to burp him or it will be a little bit after he's burped he will just spit up.
I don't ever remember Alex spiting up as much as he does.

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yeah, i can count on one hand the n umber of times dd spit up all through babyhood... far less than ds does in one day!
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we're at the 1 wk mark here!! i can'y believe its been a week already! he's sleeping really well, around 2-4 hr stretches at night. so he's waking only about 3 times, which is manageable he's nursing like a champ!! no problems here, eventhough i expected some when my milk came in cus i have overactive letdown and could literally spray you across the room!! but he's been great about chugging it down!!

the girls are doing great with him, but a little over exuberant at times. the kisses are a little too much, the hugs a little too tight, and overall just a bit too much in his face!! i feel bad telling them to back off just a bit, cuz they always look so hurt, but we're all still trying to find our niche.
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Gabriel will be six weeks on Wed. and today at my MW check-up he was 12 lbs. 2 oz.!!:
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Ruby will be 3 weeks tomorrow.. and hads entered the colicky phase. oh.. back to work for me
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Originally Posted by chiromama
Ruby will be 3 weeks tomorrow.. and hads entered the colicky phase. oh.. back to work for me
Isn't that terrible how they can "trick" you by being so mellow those first two weeks?!?!? Mikey was sleeping 6 hour stretches at night up to 2 weeks and then the nursing every hour or two at most began...sigh. Good thing they are cute!!

The other thing he does all night is grunt. My dd3 sleeps with me and Mikey and even though she can sleep through dh's snoring, she gets irritated in her sleep with that grunting. It's all night and so annoying...ahh well, like I said. Good thing he's cute!
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Since yesterday it seems like Elijah will only sleep if I'm holding him or laying next to him. Anyone else experiencing this? It's ok but it's been sooo hot here and we're both just totally sticking together. Ugh.

BTW, we got our house! We're leaving NM on Monday to head back to MI. I'm so excited but I wish the drive was shorter! :
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Originally Posted by EcoMama7

BTW, we got our house! We're leaving NM on Monday to head back to MI. I'm so excited but I wish the drive was shorter! :

Which house...wasn't there two possibilites?

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congrats on the house!!
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Congrats on the house
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