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GBS - thoughts?

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Hi all-

I just started reading a bit about the GBS test...can any BTDT moms (or folks who have been researching it) tell me anything about it? Do most people get this test? And what happens if you test positive? I'm having a home birth, so how would antibiotics during labor work? I'm confused!! :

Also (OT), didn't there used to be a search option for this board? Mine seems to have gone away, sorry if this question has been asked and answered before...

TIA for your thoughts

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I've never been tested for either of my homebirths. But I actually intended to get tested (first time midwife's testing supplies were backordered, second time I gave birth before the homevisit when we planned to do it). Now I don't think I'm going to bother, because I WILL NOT go to the hospital if I test positive. I'd take oral antibiotics or via injection if I thought it would help, but honestly my last birth was so fast (and they usually do antibiotics during labor), that I don't think I'd have time anyway.
So I just watch for signs of anything amiss during that first week, as does my midwife at the 24 hours and 3 day postpartum visit, and we usually take baby to the pediatrician between days 3-5 for a newborn check.

It's a big decision though. But interestingly it's not routine to test for GBS in many other countries.

- Krista
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I've been thinking about this too. I'm supposed to have mine checked Thursday. Last pg my water broke before the test so they treated me as if I had it and I had IV antibiotics for my entire labor/delivery. Looking back it seems a bit over kill, but I had both premature rupture of membranes and prolonged r.o.m. so maybe not. But I'm really wondering how neccessary it really is. I'll be watching to see what others have to say.
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here is my rationale for being tested, based on my experiences as a rn and midwife - if, god forbid, something should happen to your baby and you have to go to the hospital, they will do all sorts of crazy bloodwork and septic work ups if your gbs status is unknown. if you have documentation you're negative, it could save your baby ALOT of unnecessary testing. the same goes for peds...i've seen alot of peds flip out about our mom's not getting tested and want all this bloodwork done on the baby, even in a healthy normal newborn. lots of first time moms don't think about asking their pedi this before they give birth, so they end up being surprised and obviously traumatized. of course, if you have a great pediatrician, half your worries are eliminated! but they are far and few between. so my thoughts on getting tested is, i'd rather do a simple swab than risk having my newborn get stuck for bloodwork. luckily i was neg with my dd, and hope to be this time, although i doubt i'd treat it anyway, unless i developed a fever in labor, etc etc.
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here's what my midwives told me (i'm having a homebirth):

if you test positive, they do iv antibiotics at home before the birth.

it's possible they can do the iv antibiotics at home because my midwives are naturopathic doctors as well as certified nurse midwives.
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My MW gave me some info on natural stuff you can do to lessen the risk of your baby having probs from GBS. So I would want to get tested. But keep in mind that only a small percentage of babies actually get GBS from the mama. Most GBS positive mamas will not have sick babies.

I don't have the info handy (on natural ways to combat GBS) but will try to post when I do. Or you could Google it.
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You have the option (having a homebirth) to have IV antibiotics or not... no matter the results.

I was tested each time - first time negative, second time positive, this time I don't know yet but plan on testing. First time obviously didn't matter, second time I did some hibiclense wash and was re-swabbed but didn't get the results back before I had my son... I had to choose to get or not get the antibiotics before knowing - and I chose NOT to get them. Turned out that my GBS was not gone and in fact the same - but he was not sick. It helped that my water broke all of about 15 min. before he was born (maybe, if that long ).

((Note, if you DO have GBS, you have to treat both you and your partner with whatever non-antibiotic thing you do (hibiclense, garlic, coloidial silver, etc.) to get rid of it... and I didn't realize that, hence me still having GBS when I re-tested)).

This time if I have GBS again I will do natural methods again to take care of it (along with DH doing them) but will not do antibiotics in labor.

If you DO have GBS and DO decide to do antibiotics just be aware that there is no gaurantee that they will cause your baby to not catch GBS... not a lot of people are aware that it's not a 100% safety net...

That's not to persuade you either way - go with what your gut tells you.
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I will reply to myself with this helpful link!

It's a good article on mothering.com dealing with GBS/antibiotics issue.

Still not sure what I'll do, probably talk to my midwife at next appt.
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Ok, one thing that I don't understand, the article says that if your water breaks before 37 wks you are at a greater risk of the baby getting GBS infection. Why is that? Is it just because they are smaller/weaker? I don't get it.
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