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11 week old feeding every 45 minutes and fussy

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Lately, my 11 week old has been feeding about every 45 minutes for about 10 minutes at a time. My husband says that when I am away, he drinks about 2 oz of pumped milk every 45 minutes. Also, while he is feeding, he seems really fussy and active. In addition, he has become much fussier than normal all week and I can't seem to get him to nap for more than 10-30 minutes at a time. Has anyone else experienced this?
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yikes. sounds like the 3 month growth spurt. also, by nursing frequently, he's going to get your milk supply up to where he needs it.

I bet it won't last much longer. just try and hold out, as long as you don't see any other symptoms, just assume it's the growth spurt and roll with the punches.
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I agree with bri276.
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Sounds a lot like my ds who is the same age. My concern is that he starts to fuss and gives what I think are hunger cues (head-butting, rooting), but then he won't nurse! Usually it turns out that he needs a nap. I think his feeding patterns are changing but I just can't figure them out yet. Sometimes he wants to nurse every hour but only for 5-10 minutes--sometimes he'll go for 3 hours in between feedings. He is way fussier than normal, too! I have been carrying him in the sling a lot to help him calm down. Good to know that this could be a growth spurt.
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i have to second the 12 week growth spurt....definitely let him nurse as often and long as he wants...this will be a huge step towards getting your milk supply regulated..

Also, it sounds like you have a "snacker" baby.
My dd was like this.
She would eat and sleep in "tiny little packets"
instead of feeding, say., every two hours and then sleeping two hours, she did everything in tiny little amounts...nurse 20 minutes, sleep 10, nurse 30 more minuites, sleep 15, nurse 20, up 20, nurse 15, sleep30...etc..ALL day long
About drove me BONKERS
But, it is just the natural biorhythm that some babies have.

If you can accomodate, I would try...if you feel like you can't/won't, then you probably need to look into some type of gentle routine modification techniques.
Also, could your supply be on the low side? After the 12 week spurt, i started making more milk, and noticed a significant time in between feedings.. (like a whole hour instead of 15-30 minutes, not a huge spacing, but still....)

The 12 weeks mark tends to be difficult for some babies..depending on what you believe, some would say that babies are "supposed" to be born right around then, at about the 12 month mark of gestation, which is why so many changes hapopen between 12 and 16 weeks......babies younger than 12 weeks are possibly not really meant to be outside the womb yet, and their little bodies go through so much around the time they "should" be getting born.
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Is there a history of reflux with your baby? Sometimes they will feed more if they are uncomfortable, trying to soothe the heartburn with breastmilk. Or sometimes the refluxers refuse to eat at all. It could also be a growth spurt like the others said, but I just wanted to ask about a possibly history of reflux.
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