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Another mastitis question

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Antibiotics seem to be working well ~ at least I'm not feeling sick anymore. But, my breast still has that hard wedge in the outer quadrant. I've nursed round the clock in every position I could think of, tried every compress and poultice I've heard about, but it just isn't moving. I'm sure my milk production on that side is so low because nothing can get through those affected ducts. So my question:

Should the antibiotics clear the giant lump in my breast? Or is it more like a plugged duct that has to work it's way out? Or something else entirely? It's been there an entire week now. I'm ready for this to be over.
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I had mastitis when my son was 3 weeks old. I felt like I had the flu and the antibiotics made me feel better about 3 or 4 days later. As far as the lump and the redness in my breast it was over a week before it went away completly. Just continue to nurse off that side and it will clear up and your milk supply will come back on that side. I found that standing the shower and running hot water ( as hot as is comfortable) over my breast helped the pain as well as get the milk flowing..Good luck...Oh, you also may want to eat some yogurt and possibly take some probiotics to keep from getting a yeast infection or thrush....

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IIRC, mastitis often starts as a plugged duct that becomes infected. Keep massaging the breast before feeding, nurse frequently, drink lots of water, etc. Warm, moist compresses, or massaging while in a hot shower are also good ways to help things move. I second the pp, I always up my proboitic intake while on antibiotics.
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I also suggest the HOT shower, directly on the lump. but I know it's hard to get a long shower with kids. try hot compresses also. massage at the same time. it does need help to become unblocked.
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