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I'm OFFICIALLY proclaiming myself...

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Until I'm ready to date men again!

They just don't take the hint when you tell them that you're not ready to deal with men/relationships... They ask anyway!

And I get so flustered to have to turn them down... How EXACTLY do you say it nicely??

So, now, how do I give off that "lesbian vibe"??


Either they just don't have brains, or they think that WE don't have brains!!!

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Hey, cool, we're happy to have you.

Just don't tell anyone or you'll really confuse the men! They already think we don't date men because we don't like them when in reality we don't date men becuase we love women! There IS a difference, lol!

Just say, "Thank you, I'm flattered (if you are), but I'm not interested." You don't owe anyone an explaination. If they persist, say it AGAIN, LOUDER until you see it register.

Good luck.

Sorry, we really don't send toasters. Or, if we do, I didn't get one. Damn.
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you know, that is the truth. i have 11 children and my husband left me and i am amazed that my trail is still hot. what is the problem with this? i like having male friends but they really don't get the hint. be mean , i guess, how else do you tell them.
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i don't know if proclaiming yourself a lesbian will help with this problem. i have found that the same men who are clueless enough to make unwanted passes, not pick up on signals, or take "no" for an answer, are the same men who will get turned on if you say you are a lesbian and/or decide they will be the one to make you switch sides. so, it may backfire on you.

luckily i do not have this problem. no one is after me. either i have the "BACK OFF!" vibe honed to perfection, or i am really really unattractive!

hmm...ever since dd was born, i have not been able to take regular showers, get haircuts or buy clothes...this may be my secret for success...


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Carol you must be hot because HOLY COW eleven kids (do you really have 11 children????) would be a lot for most men to deal with...heck, most men can barely handle one or two!!

I'm newly single and am actually looking forward to dating again- and frankly, I don't care if it's a man or woman. After years of shitty men, I'm open to whatever fun, truly kind person is interesting enough to spend some time with.
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yes, i really have 11 children,by choice. i wanted 12 but the last pregnancy was terrible and i just have to stop. plus my husband is suddenly overwhelmed by our decision. now he wants to bale out. i can't even imagine anyone even remotely interested in my kind. so i am quite happy with the celebate life.
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Start making out with your same sex neighbor outside in front of the entire neighborhood?

Worked for me!
People here are convinced my neighbor and I are lovers. COuldn't be further from the truth. She loves hetero sex too much to settle for "little ol' me"

I think I'm probalby borderline bi... i don't know...

But you're right.. when men think that you are lesbian, they are either turned on by the possibility of seeing two women going at it.. or they think want to "turn you around".. either way, it don't always work..

I find when I go out, I simply do not look people in the eye, I just go on about my business and pretend I'm all alone.. with three children...

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I tried proclaiming myself as a lesbian when I was 14, due to some traumatic moments with men, but it didn't work. Probably because I had no sexual interest in women.

So if it works, great, but I know I can't force myself to be what I'm not.
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Be strong and tell them the truth. Guys that are that persistent won't care if you are a lesbian anyway. : It would probably make them MORE interested. :
Feeble minded fools. :
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A friend of mine who didn't want to complicate her life with dating got an inexpensive ring that would pass as an engagement ring. We were stationed on a ship overseas, and she said her fiance was back in the states. Maybe if you got a ring, you could tell people you were engaged to a sailor or soldier stationed overseas.
Probably easier to convince someone of that in passing that that you're a lesbian, and eliminates the possibility of a woman making a pass at you.
Hey, it could happen. ;-)
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That's a good idea about the ring. I never even thought of that.
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I tried that with the ring after I was divorced and it never worked!! I was so let down cause I thought I'd get some kind of use out of it. (it's still sitting in my jewelry box, collecting dust, anyone want to buy a wedding ring ) The guys always said things like "That's ok baby, I can take care of whatever he's not doing", etc. etc.
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Oh man, I just hate guys like that.: We need a little puke smiley for those guys
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So where are all these guys willing to hit on married women? I haven't been hit on in years!!
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