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Bad reaction to pizza?

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DS has had pizza all of 3 times and every time he has started screaming about 90 minutes later and is inconsolable, rubbing his belly, refusing to lay down. The first time we didn't put anything together (figured it was teething). Second time I had a hunch but DH didn't believe me. Third time, DH thinks I may be right. I feel like a crappy mom for letting him have pizza a 3rd time (even though it was the only way DH was going to get on board).

Anyway...I'm trying to figure out what it is that we need to avoid. The only thing I imagine in it is the tomato sauce that he doesn't eat regularly with no reaction.

He eats wheat bread, not white, would that be something? He also eats pasta, normally organic whole wheat pasta, but he has had other pastas when we've been out with no reaction.

He has been given fresh tomatoes but doesn't like them. I only use olive oil and parmesan if he eats pasta, so he actually hasn't had tomato sauce before. So tomato is high on my suspicion list.

He drinks whole milk, goat milk, and eats cheese without any issues.

Would tomato be the most likely culprit for a sensitivity or allergy with pizza?
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My dd is 11...and pizza makes her soooooo sick! We found out that she had reflux (at age 11 yrs...no family history or childhood history of this) and the pizza is the WORST culprit. Some pizza places worse than others. Because of her "I KNOW IT ALL" age, she will still eat it against my parental caution!

We also have found orange juice and grapefruits give her a very sour stomach as well!!!!!!!!

Also, my daughter gets the stomach pains and feels like the food is lingering in her throat (similar to your son not wanting to lay down), she won't lay down because it feels like she is going to vomit up the food

Hope your kiddo is feeling better and you can get to the bottom of his troubles!
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It sounds to me like your rationale is good.....dairy and wheat are more common allergens, but if he's had them without trouble then I'd be suspicious of tomatos also.
It could be that they are acidic and he's intolerant of that, or it could be an allergy. You might just avoid them for a few more months and then try them alone so you'll if he reacts to them.
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With my own personal experience, since he has had all of those things... I wonder if it's not just inability to digest so much of them at a time. I wouldn't be thinking in terms of allergy here.

Greasy food is hard to digest and pizza crust is quite dense, probably has more flour than a piece of bread for example. Rubbing his belly is clear indication of pain.

What's his poop like? If it tends to be loose or really smelly those are other indications.
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Thanks I suspect we'll just avoid pizza for a while. It's not a common food for us, so it won't be too difficult, although we'll have to make sure grandma and grandpa know.

His poops are normal most of the time, but more runny after these types of incidents.

He has inherited some environmental allergies from his dad, but thusfar food has been totally tolerable for him. I'm guessing this is just an intolerance to an ingredient in the pizza or some combination of ingredients.

While I'd tend to think it's the grease, DH and DS have a "daddy and Simon" breakfast tradition every Sunday, which I try to stay out of and I know, despite my desires they end up at places like McD's and IHOP, so unfortunately, he's tolerated greasy food before. Maybe pizza is just worse?
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Maybe or it's just catching up with him? Runny stool like this usually means gut flora upset since bacteria makes up half of the stool contents.

I would sincerely suggest cutting out the junk food and sugar if there is any possiblity of digestive issues here. You do not want them to get wose, trust me I know how hard it is!

And personally I've gotten rid of environmental allergies that way myself, with diet. 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
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Was it a commercial pizza?

Some of them use peanut oil. Not sure if he has had peanuts or other nuts without issue but this could be a concern.
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