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I have been inspired to declutter and organize! Check it out.

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I have been lurking around this forum for a while now just taking in all the info you all have to offer. This weekend I finally went on a mission to do some decluttering and organizing. It was so much work, but I got several rooms completed including my bedroom, my son's room, the spare bedroom, my craft room (craft room started anyway). I also included some pics of my living room, dining room, basement and bathroom. I am hoping to get the rest of the house organized too. It is so hard in an old house as there is not much storage, but you have all inspired me to get going. Thanks!


Hopefully this link works. This it the first time I have included a link so here goes nothing!!!
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your home is so beautiful!!!! i love your bathroom, so serene =)
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Congratulations! you must feel fantastic for having declutter your home.

You rock!
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I love the built in shelves.
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WOW!!! That's impressive. What a lovely home.
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You have a nice looking home. I love the colors.
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Lovely! I adore the mix of woods in your house, very striking!
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Your home is beautiful!

I love the wood trim. Did you do the faux finishing yourself?
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Thanks for all the comments. We have worked so hard restoring our house. It was built in 1919 and was in need when we bought it. We have replaced the roof, are in the process of painting the exterior, finished the basement, painted, put in new floor (except the hardwood), etc.

Yes, I did the faux finishing myself. I used the plastic bag technique. First you paint the wall the solid color that you want and then you take a bit darker (or lighter if you wanted) paint and you dab a crumpled plastic grocery bag in the paint. Then you just dab it on the wall. You can put as much or as little on the wall as you want. It is really fast and simple. In my bedroom, I used a gold glaze over a light tan and that really turned out nice. In the living room, it is a light gold with a darker mustard over the top.

I also love wallpaper. My son's room is wallpaper and the dining room is wallpaper. The kitchen is half wallpaper (like a chair rail). It is checkered red and tan and then I have old retro diner signs all over the kitchen. I will include pics sometime.
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Holy gorgeous, Batman!

I, too, love all the built-in woodwork. Your house looks perfect, like it was staged for a tv show or to sell, as if you don't even live in it...except for the pictures with your son in them, that is.
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Wow! What did it look like before? Were you really cluttered before?! Looks great!
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Very nice home. I noticed that you have the Ralph Rapson book. Are you in Minnesota or interested in architecture? He was Dean my first year in school, yes, this was a long time ago.
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magpie mamma,

My husband is an architect (or will be in the next year after he takes his tests) so that I why we have the book. We do live in North Dakota though. Do you live in Minnesota?
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what a wonderful home! you have inspired me!
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Beautiful! It looks very peaceful. Great job!!!
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Great job! Your home looks beautiful!
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Thanks for sharing! Job well-done!!
I'm so impressed with your organization on the shelfs, etc.
I'm now inspired to tackle the rest of my decluttering.
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hopeelise, I am in Minnesota. Good luck to your husband on the tests. Rapson is a bit of a legend here, unfortunately, his buildings keep getting torn down, a Church was lost just a couple months ago and the fate of the Guithre is still unknown, but if you are in the twin cities there is still much to see.
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wow! good job!
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