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Anyone else feel like it's going to be soon?

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I'm dialated, I've been having crazy contractions on and off, the baby is huge already, I'm huge, baby has dropped, my privates have had that familiar ache, I'm leaking all sorts of stuff (sorry), plus my mom says it's going to be anytime now. All in all, I don't think I'm making it to August. My due date is August 12th, but I just think I might have a baby much sooner than that. I guess you all might be laughing at me though when September rolls around and I'm still pregnant. Anyone else feel "ready" to go?
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I was just thinking I hope I'm not the only one. The only thing that worries me is the fact that i'm not "due" until the last week of August!! I just really don't see this little babe staying in that long. The pelvic pressure is almost enough to keep me in bed all day! I haven't figured out how to check myself so i'm not too sure about dialation, but this baby is low low low and my mom and DH both think I'm going to pop at any moment!!! I hope to make it at least another month!! Maybe our dates are off?!?
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My dates could be off. August 12th really made a lot of sense, but I could have concieved anytime (I was still nursing and didn't have periods yet). Last time, my baby was over two weeks late. So I try not to get my hopes up, but I still think it might be sooner rather than later. The adoptive mom got here yesterday. So now I feel really comfortable with going into labor.
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Yeah, I sure hope I'm not eating my words come September, but I highly doubt I'll make it past the beginning of August even though my due date isn't until the 20th. I just KNEW I'd be slightly overdue the first time, and I was absolutely sure I wouldn't make it anywhere near my official due date with #2, and both times I was right. But maybe I'm just complaining too much this time, I don't know. But I don't see how I could possibly live until September being pregnant. I've never been so uncomfortable before.
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I will be SHOCKED if this baby makes it until our due date. I'd be okay with it, just totally shocked! I just want to make it to July 31st, and then I'll relax. Actually, right now I just want to make it to Friday night when dh gets home from San Francisco - then we'll shoot for July 31st.
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Melaya, you sound just like me! Oh my aching crotch. I'm due Aug 9th and I know that's accurate because was an artificial insemination. I have my son's birthday party scheduled for July 29th so just let me get through that.
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I'm officially due August 5th but I have been having painful contractions on and off for a couple of weeks. The past twenty-four hours I have been having pain and pressure in my rear and pelvis, and I just feel different. Like I've gone more internal and I'm snappish. I've been having to stop and breathe through my contractions. I always have long prodromal phases but this feels more serious if you KWIM. I still figure it could be tonight or it could be four weeks from now.
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I WISH I felt like it was going to be soon, but I have until Aug 29th to wait for the due date and then I have a feeling he'll wait even longer...
..belly's... ..so.. ..big.... ..can.. ..barely... ..breathe..
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ugh. i say yeah i have 8 weeks....oh god i have 8 WEEKS left. EDD is sept. 1....went 6 days OVER edd (11 days over if you count from when he was actually concieved). i honestly don't think I will make it but man that will be my luck. when i squat or sit certain ways I feel like everything is going to fall our of my vagina cause it feels like its bulging. back ache.....not sleeping well but tired all the time. i am HOPING for a middle of august....not to soon to have to go to the hospital and not so late that i am uncomfotable and bitchy.
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Originally Posted by NaomiLorelie
I still figure it could be tonight or it could be four weeks from now.

Sigh.......I hear ya Tomorrow night is the full moon though, maybe some of us will see some action then?
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Well I am not anxious but I will be surprised if she waits till the 15th...just a feeling. She is a mover. I don't see her staying in there another 5 weeks although she better at LEAST give me another 2 weeks!
This brings up another question though. Melaya you mentioned the "familiar feeling in your privates"...I have been meaning to ask someone, is it normal to feel tingly in your outer genitalia? I swear I feel like swollen and kind of tingly all the time now down there. Any ideas?
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Well, I made it to my goal of 35 wks and my bp is staying stable, so I'm happy about that. I'm doing another protein test tomorrow. So my new goal is 37 wks. I'm really paranoid about going too early since dd was. But as of tonight, I'll be more pg than I was with her. I have had a feeling about July 27 or 30 ever since the beginning. My friend told me today that she's been praying every day that I make it to Aug 1st. I'm just getting tired of not being on bed rest but yet not being able to do anything either. Our town just had their annual summer celebration with lots of cool free kids stuff and I couldn't take dd. The zoo about an hour away has a special exhibit until Sept 4th that I'm dying to see and take dd to and I can't. My friend offered to take her but I want to be there with her. I feel good for the most part, so it is so hard to just stay home.
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Originally Posted by rbeaufoy
Sigh.......I hear ya Tomorrow night is the full moon though, maybe some of us will see some action then?
I was thinking the same thing looking at moon the other night. We'll see! Maybe someone will post some exciting news!
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Ugh, I'm with you, thinking it's going to happen early (my due date is at the end of August). Things hurts, I've felt full term pregnant for weeks now but watch, she stays in until September
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I am due on the 11th, but as long as the baby waits until next week, I am happy. Then, s/he can come at any point. I'd rather be going home NOT pg than still pg at the end of July!
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I am due the 11th also, and am sure this babe will not be early . . . or if he is then it will be sometime in that week before the 11th, not an earlier than that. I was induced the last two times at 39 weeks, and never went into labor before that time. So I can't imagine I'll go into labor before 39 weeks this time either.

I also can't believe I still have 4 weeks to get to my due date! I am so uncomfortable . . . so much more than the last two times. Yikes!! But I'm excited about actually going into labor this time . . . a first for me. And I have no idea what to expect!!
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