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IUD vs. tubal ligation

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I am almost positive that my family is complete and I do not want to have anymore babies. I am not currently on any birth control other than condoms. Dh is allergic to spermicide and I am nursing and cannot tolerate hormonal birth controls so most options are out. Dh will not have a vasectomy and even if he were willing he would not be able to get the time off of work. I am trying to decide if I should have an IUD inserted or just go ahead and have a tubal. I would lean towards the IUD but I love my mooncup so much and have heard that some people have problems with it dislodging the IUD. I do know that if I still felt I didn't want anymore children when it was time to go ahead and have the tubal. I'm just interested in hearing the experiences of those of you that have been in the same situation as me, what you chose and how you feel about it now.
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I'm not a voice of experience (we aren't quite ready to do anything long-term yet) but I'm having this IUD vs. TL debate in my head too! I don't know if my thought process will help you at all...

The IUD would be my first choice because it is less invasive. However, I have had one before and personally I have a mixed opinion of them. (Loved the worry-free feeling, hated all the spotting and heavy periods which started to interfere with my sex life, therefore defeating the whole purpose LOL.) There is also the problem with using IUDs and keepers/mooncups/diva cups. If we're in our late 40s or early 50s before our fertility is gone... well, that's a long time to deal with these issues, and even minor issues don't seem so minor in the long run.

The TL is more expensive and invasive but it still seemed like a good choice until I did more research about it. I read that TL cuts the blood supply to your ovaries and they die slowly, causing you to go into menopause earlier. Maybe it's rare but it made me wary. I don't want to risk messing with my body's hormones or natural menopausal process so I think a TL will not be a good choice for me.

I still go round in circles though, and I am frustrated there's not a better choice! : Good luck to you in your decision making. I hope some other mamas weigh in!
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I personally love my IUD. My periods aren't any heavier, no spotting, and my cycle is actually regular for the first time in my life (and I'm 38!)! I don't have any problems with cramps either, in fact I don't have cramps at all anymore. Overall, I would have an IUD just for the convienience of the regular cycles and no cramps, even if it didn't prevent pregnancy, lol. I have the Paraguard copper IUD, not the more common Mirena, which uses hormones. You generally have to ask for the Paraguard, I've heard that the Mirena is generally used as the "standard". Also, I decided against the TL because every woman I've ever known who's had one has ended up with severe bleeding problems sometime in the future, and the research I've done has shown that, although many doctors deny it, there is just too much evidence of future bleeding problems among women who've had a TL for it to just be coincidental.
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Just a suggestion. Why not try Natural Family Planning? It is incredibly effective... there are only a few days out of the month that you have to abstain. Alos, you aren't putting anything unatural or doing anything unatural to your body.
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From another board I have heard many woman say that they wish they had never had the tubal-- VERY, VERY heavy periods after and lots of cramping and pain.
I have the Mirena-- I have no periods at all to speak of. Occasional spotting at most. I love it. And the bonus is your fertility returns as soon as you have it removed- so if you changed your mind down the road you wouldn't have a problem. But it does have Progesterone-- so if hormones are an issue for you then Mirena may not be for you.
Honestly- IMO I would go IUD before I did a tubal.
Wanted to add as well that you can use Mirena while BF'ing- I did and it didn't affect my milk supply at all,.
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We have decided to go with the IUD, along with continuing to pay attention to fertile signs and use barrier methods at the those times. I absolutely cannot get pregnant due to some health issues. : But neither of us want to do anything permanent.
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My sister had a tubal and now has Tubal Ligation Syndrome. It is aweful her ovaries are dying, she is having menopause at 31 years old. She will go months with no period and then have one for 6 weeks. She said it is sooooo not worth it
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I had a Tubal done and now am regretting getting it. I have awful cramping and the bleeding is very heavy. Now I wish that I never had it done.
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