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Breastfeeding and Silver Amalgum Fillings

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My baby is 4 1/2 months old. I have a few silver amalgam fillings in my molars; been there since my teens. I read that they should not be replaced while you are breastfeeding due to possibly mercury leaking. However, I think one of them has cracked. For the last 2 - 3 weeks it has been very sensitive in the middle to cold and hot food/fluid. It's one of the first I had and my dentist suggested we ought to replace it soon.

What is worse, replacing it or letting it stay cracked? I imagine it's leaking mercury now, no?

Any insight/advice would be appreciated.

I'm generally a lurker here. Used to lurk all the time on the pregnancy boards to gain courage for my natural birth.

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I would find a holistic dentist that specializes in mercury filling removal and get their input on it. Sorry that is not much help; I have several fillings too, but am going to wait until I am no longer nursing, and am done having children.
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I'm need a few filling replaced too and have an 8 1/2 mos nursling...
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I found a lot of helpful, albeit scary, information on the Health board/Dental. There is an entire loooong thread about it a few pages in. I have found two dentists somewhat nearby who practice mercury-free denstistry and who take many precautions. The general consensus (sp?) is NOT to remove them while BF, however, as mine is either cracked OR I have a new cavity underneathe causing nerve damage, the risk is just as great to leave it. It is either already leaking more mercury or, prolongues nerve exposure could lead to me needing a root canal, which would need it to come out anyway.

I am going to set up a consultation with either one or both of them in the next week. They are BUSY folks. This is in the Nova area, so if anyone needs their names, please let me know.

Thanks again!
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