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Teen SD and SS

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I have a "friend" who has a teen stepson and stepdaughter. Her stepdaughter is very "active" and her stepson constantly is peeping on her. Any suggestions.

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He's "peeping" on her? So she is their step-mom, and they are biological brother and sister? And I am assuming that step-mom is married to their bioligcal father? I would tell your friend to address that immediately with her SO. Some might say that is normal behavior for a boy, but I think it's more indictive of a possible future peeping tom, especially if he is spying on his own sister. Is there factors in his life that might possibly be affecting him?
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I agree with the pp. She should let their father know if he doesn't already. He probably should be the one handle the situation.

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peeping stepson and too-free stepdaughter

no, her stepson is peeping on her, barging in on her, etc. not peeping on his sister that she knows of. problem is that she's only 10 years older than her stepdaughter and her stepdaughter uses her biodad as an example of being able to have a open sex life.
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I don't know if this is the same "friend" from your other post that I responded to. I will assume so.

If the SD's behavior is acceptable to the dad, then there really isn't much one can do to change it. The parents can make house rules that they will both enforce, though. (Like no sneaking out or sleep overs.)

As for the SS's behavior, that is a different matter as it DIRECTLY affects and harms the stepmom. If it were me, I would clearly and in no uncertain terms tell SS that behavior was unacceptable. And if I told my DH and he took no action whatsoever, I would consider separating until the kids were out of the house.

Sounds like a lot of immaturity in one household. Sometimes the only way to stop the cycle is to get off the merrygoround, ya know?
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Why can't she lock doors like a normal person? Fool me once you know?

I keep all doors locked when I am even considering undressing at my house when the skids are here. They have never come in but I feel that is an appropriate boundary.

I also dress in the am before coming out- I put a bra on and I wear pjs that are very modest. If there is a fire I don't want to have to run out in a tiny thing.

I think that having unrelated people in the house means you should be more modest than you might around family. Esp if they are in fact crossing those lines.
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