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BFP--really early!

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Hi, mamas! I think I'll be joining you.

I've been charting since my DS was born, and here's a link to my chart:


If anyone is an experienced charter, or whoever wants to look, I'd appreciate it! This cycle was really wacky and I had no ewcm like I usually do. According to my chart I'm only 7 days past ovulation, but I tested today and got a really quick, really dark, bfp with an ept test. I'm wondering if maybe I'm 10 days past O instead.

Anyway, I think we'll be waiting a while to tell our families. I had an early m/c back in March (that I wouldn't have even realized had I not been charting), so I'm a bit nervous. Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers!

According to my calculations: EDD March 27!

I look forward to taking this journey with you all!
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Congratulations and welcome Lindsey!

I'm not as good with reading the Ovusoft charts, but I would guess that 7DPO is right. 10DPO would be possible but your temps should have stayed higher and the bd timing isn't as good as it is a few days later. Your bean must have implanted right away and really started pumping out that hCG! :
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It sure looks like it got the O day right.

Wow, THAT is an early BFP! Twins, maybe?
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Yep looks about right... congrats! That is so early to get a strong bfp!
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Congrads! I hope that you and your little one enjoy the next 9 months!
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