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The longer you keep The Secret of the new wife/family away from ex-w, the bigger a gun you are handing her to blast you with.

If you should happen to wind up in court on ch supp or visitation enforcement issues, this continuing deception is 2.5 strikes against you. If I were the judge my first question would be "what income is he trying to hide?"

Please do not put the responsibility for "developing a relationship" on these children. It's the adult's responsibility 110%. If ex-w is preventing visitation, go to a legal aid clinic and get some accurate damn advice, not what people tell you the law is. Every freaking Tom, Dick, and Harriett has an opinion; you need professional advice. I'm an attorney and I spend a good portion of my day having non-attorneys tell me what they "know" the law is; 12 times out of 10 they couldn't be more wrong.