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Spitting up!

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Hi everyone! My dd (3 wks tomorrow) spits up what seems to me quite often. My dd #1 never spit up (I swear!), my ds did some, but how much is normal? or too much? She has plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I know that means she is getting enough, right? She is a very big sucker--could suck on me all day long. I've been having to give her my finger (which she will suck on) because when I put her to the breast she comes off as soon as milk comes in or spits it up. I've got just about the blandest diet you can imagine so I don't think that is it. I was taking fenugreek and I am going to quit taking that in case that is bothering her. Any ideas? It just doesn't seem normal for a bf baby to spit up so much. Btw, she is really gassy--constantly farting, don't know if that would be relevant at all.
Thanks a bunch!
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My ds spit up a lot as in it was all over every shirt I wore, our floor burp cloths, etc. I did find taking dairy out of my diet helped a little, but I think some babies are just more spitty then others. Both of my babies like to suck pretty much all the time, I think some of ds'1's spitting up was just an overfull tummy. Ds2 won't have anything to do wiith sucking on my breast when he is full. He takes a paci at that point. I hope you two have less laundry soon! It sounds like he is fine if he is having enough wet/poopy dipes. Oh and it completely stopped for us at 6mos, not sure why?
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dd had this problem too, also resolved itself by about 3 mo. She ended up gaining weight really slowly and we ended up just being really careful not to jar her at all for about 1/2 hour after nursing. This helped a lot. Elimination diet didn't seem to make any difference. After dd started putting on weight faster we didn't worry about it so much. She'd still spit up but I was making milk like crazy and she was normally excreting.

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My ds used to nurse eagerly, pop off for a moment, go "blap" and be ready to nurse again! Needless to say, I was quite distressed, especially at night on clean sheets... I was told that it had something to do with development and growth of part of the stomach or esophagus that keeps the food down.

Keeping him upright helped, and as time passed, things got better. He's a big boy now. There's hope!
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The info I've seen says that fenugreek can over-increase the milk supply, esp foremilk, which is high in lactose and can cause gas. Why were you taking it? does it seem your supply is good now? most moms only take one bottle of it, but if you havne't completed the bottle, but supply seems fine, try going off it.

I second the idea of keeping her upright for abt 1/2 hr after a feed. Either in arms/sling (kangaroo hold, upright between breasts) or in semi-reclining seat or swing, if you have to put her down.
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I feel like the queen o refux here! (For some reason, almost all the posts I've done recently had to do with little spitters!!) My ds and dd have reflux (my ds had it BAD for a while) and so I've been there!

There was a great thread under Parenting/Life with Babe about spitting up. I put in a lot of suggestions to and links about other ways to lessen sping up. A lot of people shared their ideas and tricks.

I'll try to find it. Not sure if you can do a search for it??
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OK. Here is the link. (Hope this works. If not, it's under Life with Babe around page 4 called "Help with Barfing!!")


Good luck!!
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DD spits up a lot, too. She's 4 months now and it has lessened over time. Her weight gain has been fine. She's quite the eater and latcher. I have found that while nursing lying down she takes in less air.
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When ds 1 was an newborn we had a lot of spitting up to.. Not a little enough to fill the bottom of his infant carrier 1 1/2 inches deep along the whole thing.. So pretty much everything he had just eaten.. Very frustrating... We removed dairy from my diet and he still spit up some, but then it was just spitting up , not emptying his stomach...

you might try eliminating all dairy from you diet and see if that helps any.. It can take up to 14 days to see any improvement, and even then it's only a couple of days at a time and it does take a while until you see a real noticable improvement...


Warm Squishy Feelings...

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