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ec'ing a 15 mo old?

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hi there! I am new to the ec world but am very intruiged and wondering if you knowledgable ladies know if this would be at all successful. my ds is 15 months and LOVES to be naked. I took his diapers off the other day and purely by cooincidence he peed in the potty. (i just put him on to see if he would) he ended up going about 4 hours naked and dry, no pees on the floor! amazing! I got a baby bjorn little potty yest and we played with it but no pees. Today, i sat him on it after nursing and i stepped around the corner - he peed and got off all by himself!!!! I am excited by this but i'm wondering if it will really pan out into ec'ing or have i just been extrodinarily lucky? he is cloth diapered but the less diapers, the better, KWIM? Anyway, anyone have any thoughts or usefull tips? has anyone known a baby of this age to successfully ec? thanks for your feedback!
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Hi and welcome to our little corner! I don't know much about EC'ing older babies, I started with my ds when he was a week old. There was a thread a bit back about this, though. I'll bump it for you
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Well, my dd will be 9 months next week, and we started when she was 6 months, so I consider her an "older" ECing baby.

Yay for you for catching a couple of pees so far!

My biggest tip is twofold: don't force your ds and don't be hard on yourself. Your ds is becoming aware that he can pee on the potty instead of his diaper, that he can let you know that he needs to eliminate and that you will respond. That's great!.

I find that if I'm obsessed with catching dd's pees, she's less likely to go on the potty. When I'm relaxed, she's more likely to signal me that she has to go.

Lately, we've been having lots of misses, because dd is pulling herself up all over the place, and really wants to start cruising. But she has been letting me know as soon as she is wet. This a big improvement since before we started ECing, she never seemed bothered at all by a wet diaper.

Small steps, and the goal is "progress, not perfection" (to borrow a phrase from Raising Your Spirited Child). Good luck!

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