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Originally Posted by GooeyRN
Also, if you bring the carrier in the house in the summer, you wont have to worry about the buckles burning your baby if they accidently touch the metal. It wont be hot from baking in the sun all day.
Aha! This might be an important point for us as we live in florida and man it is sooooooo hot here almost year round! OTOH with a november babe it wouldn't be as hot in those early months when we'd use the bucket.
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Well even though we had a bucket we almost never used it out of the house. She would NOT tolerate sitting/lying in it out of the car if she was at all awake (and she wasn't a sleepy baby) so we didn't get any of that kind of use out of it.

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I would think that wearing a baby in a sling is a heck of a lot easier on a person's back than lugging around a bucket.

My seat does not have metal buckles, I mean, what seat does?

And how do I use the sling all the time? Frankly my baby wanted to be close to me, so putting him in a corner somewhere wasn't an option. He slept better with me, than on any device. I lived the AP principles with my baby and kept him close to me, whether in my arms, in a sling, or nursing. If my partner was with me, sure he would go with her part of the time as well. Honestly the time that a baby can sit in a car seat bucket is SO very limited anyway, its not like we are talking some really long period of time. What do people do when their babies aren't in buckets? They hold them mostly Later they can let them explore of course, but you still end up holding them. I mean half the time I have to nurse the baby and one can't do that in a bucket anyway, which is why I preferrred the sling, less stuff (also certainly less bulky), I could just nurse him in a sling.
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Some seats have metal where the buckle clasps. Its not an issue once clasped, but until clasped, it can burn a baby. Just b/c someone has a bucket does not mean that baby is set into a corner somewhere by themselves.
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The bucket is good if you want to let your baby sleep if she falls alseep in the car. You can easily carry the baby out and let her finish her nap. I also reccomend the Graco Snugride. COnvertible seats are SOO big. Little newborns just drown in them. They also tend to sit more upright, which I don't like for newborn babes.

I say spend the extra money on both an infant seat.
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convertible is great! britax marathon!

i never liked the idea of babies being lugged around in a carseat.....so artificial. (see mothering last issue)

so i went with a convertible that goes to 65 lbs. it was $250 but if i were to buy a bucket, regular and booster seats it would have cost me 2-3 times as much.

to be honest sometimes i wished i had a bucket because i hated to wake dd up....but that phase goes by SOOO quickly and personally i think i would have become more lazy and complacent with my parenting. i was against even buying a swing or bouncer seat but thats just me.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by poetesss
OT: Those who do rely on the sling, how the heck do you do it? Like if you are at a dinner at someone's house for a few hours do you just keep the baby with you all the time, or trade with your partner, or what? I'd really like to just stay simple and not worry about all these carriers and whatnot but I don't know how I'd do it!
I seriously wear her all the time, even at home. My dh does not sling. I take her out of the sling and put her into the carseat. I take her out of the carseat and put her into the sling. We have a double stroller but I am not ready to put her down yet!
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*duplicate post*
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the idea of using the sling all the time is great,but some babes dont like it........my ds was one of them, and for us, the bucket (when he was younger) and stroller are the only other things he will go in and be happy in other than our arms.

Plus, the bucket was a godsend for us since he was born at the start of winter in IL and it prevent the seat from being extremely cold for him, and when it was really windy and snow was whipping around, i could carry him inside without moving him and having him tottaly covered from it all, and he wouldnt even wake up.
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Love the bucket, especially for winter so I can buckle in DS easily and have his car seat nice and warm for him. New buckets go to 30 lbs too, so easier to have baby fit in for much of the first year.

I had to switch DS1 to a convertible at 5 mo b/c he outgrew his infant seat, and I found it harder to get him in and out since he was just barely sitting up when I switched him. Once he got older and stronger it was easier, but I can't imagine my new guy at 13 lbs fitting well into the big convertible seat.

Also it is a big plus when you are out and about and baby is sleeping in the car seat. I barely need to bother him if he is snoozing.
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Originally Posted by Jwebbal
Infant seats are not safer for babies than convertibles, They are both the same as long as they fall within the weight limits for convertibles, more than five pounds.
Remember babies have to fit height wise too. I know Britax speicifies their convertible can't be used if the straps are more than an inch above the baby's shoulders. The lowest slots on the Britax seats are 10", from looking at pics, the boys were about 7.5" so couldn't use a Britax dispite being over 5#. There are some w/ lower slots like the Cosco Scenera that actually fit a nb really well.

I loved the convenience of my infant seat. We have the new Graco Safeseat for this baby and Evan still fits in it at 19 mos! He's almost too tall though now. Evan was a winter baby so it was important for us to be able to keep him warm and it was easy to do w/ the infant seat as opposed to clothing and slings and blankets etc. We're having another winter baby so it's again something that will help us.

Carseats do get hot! Plastic gets hots, it's not just metal. Most carseat buckles are metal, even if they are not shiny, most are black which are worse. In summer kids don't wear as much clothing and the chance of getting burned is greater. I've burned myself on Evan's carseat, it's not fun. We have a solar cover for his seat since it's black and rfing and seems to get the hottest. We have no problems w/ AJ's seat.
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I like having the bucket too!! Especially in the winter, now that it's summer we're switching to a convertible. I'm a combo mom, I like to sling her when she's awake, but I don't like to wake her, not so much a problem now as she is getting older she doesn't sleep as much in the car. SHe dosen't always liked to be in the sling either! It all depends on her mood.

Good luck making your choice!
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We sling our babe all the time and I have pretty bad scoliosis and back pain. I have to sit down sometimes but that's it. My little guy weighs 18.5 lbs. now (at 6 mos) and my big guy weighs 36 lbs.- they still both use my pouch and my mei tai.
I did use a bucket in the car for the first 3-4 mos. with both of them as I got one at a gift at my oldest's baby shower. We carried it in places a couple times (cold or rainy out) but carrying that thing was 100 times harder than carrying the baby in a sling.
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