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#1: I had just gone to bed after some fun with DH, and then got up to go pee. I went back to bed but just felt funny somehow, couldn't get settled. I felt the urge to head to the bathroom, and as soon as my feet hit the tiles I felt and heard a pop and got a little gush. I knew it was my water, so I tried to pee again and headed back to bed hoping I could sleep for a bit before contractions kicked in. But no, they started right away and I had the baby 7 1/2 hours later.

#2: I woke up first thing in the morning with a very strong contraction. I tried to sit up to deal with it and felt a splash. Wasnt quite sure if it was my water or pee but the next contraction made it moot as I knew I was in real labor. Had baby a little over 2 hours later (that was a very intense labor!).

I didnt have further gushing with either one, so I dont know if it was just a forebag break both times or if their heads sealed things off. There was no momentus further break later in either labor, but I was in water so maybe we just didnt notice.

This time I hope it doesnt break to start labor, so that a) I get a little more time, maybe and b) so I get some cushioning!
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With my DS I had the water broken at 8 cms dilation. I had been in labor for 40 hours + and was just stalled on 8 cms with heavy transition contractions that just went on and on without awarding me with progress. So finally I accepted that they break the water - and WHAM - even more excrutiating unbearably painful contractions - for 2 hours - was checked again - and - was still at 8 cms dilation. Next step was pitocin and an epidural. I was mentally broken at that point..

My DD was born at home. I was in labor on and off for several days - then finally friday cx started to pick up a bit. Suddenly I just went from very irregular cx to transition - they just kept coming and coming. Then one VERY powerful cx hit me - I was screaming and yelling through it untill POP - the water broke all over the place. It was a big relief. If felt like some pressure went away and the cx were less painful after that. Very shortly after that I realised that I was pushy so I guess the water broke around full dilation and as the baby started coming down.
She was born maybe 15 minutes later
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I was sleeping! It took me a bit to come to and figure out why everything was wet.
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With my twins, it happened spontaneously right after I got my epidural, and I have no idea how many cm I was dialated, but I felt the urge to push immediately after. So I was probably at 8 or 9. I'd just had an internal and been told I was at 3cm (although now I know my body goes faster than my dialation; I was actually in transition). Baby A was born about 20 minutes later -- would have been sooner but the docs kept telling me NOT to push :. Baby B's water broke 2 minutes after Baby A was born, and B was born 5 minutes later. Or something close -- they are 9 minutes apart.

With #3 I slept right through it. It was my due date and the kids and I were napping. I woke up in a huge puddle of water -- and I still had to pee, badly! So I was pretty sure it was my water. Didn't have any ctx for about 8 hours, until I got on the breast pump. My girl was born 4 hours later.
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My 2 labors started with my water breaking.

My first broke while I was eating lunch at school (I was a teacher). It was a trickle then and ended up breaking again while at the hospital.

My second was a homebirth. My water broke while I was lying in my DD's bed getting her down to bed for the night. I felt this weird tickling sensation "down there," almost felt like baby was tiptoeing inside me to get out and it was a gush. It broke and gushed again in labor at some point and soaked the mw.
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Originally Posted by courtenay_e
Too bad you didn't take that bath, midwives will tell you to TAKE the bath, just not to put anything PHYSICAL up your vagina once the bag has broken(ie: vag exam, monitors, etc). Germs aren't likely to climb WATER up your vvagina, as they are THINGS like fingers, etc. Stats support that, too, by the way...so you know for next time, if there is one!
I know, I know! But I didn't then. Thinking it was improbable for labour to start that way I didn't do enough research, and in the heat of the moment just did what my pregnancy book said. Hopefully there WILL be a next time, and hopefully it WON'T be in a country where midwives don't exist!
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In a hospital bed, arguing with the medwife that I did NOT want AROM. I had been in hard labor for about 4 hours and at the hospital less than 1 hour. Since I was SO overdue (insert sarcasm here .... I was 40w5d with my 1st baby) they said it was important to determine whether there was meconium in the fluid. They finally convinced me, and there was, which led to them flushing me with saline for the entire rest of my labor. I firmly believe that was the initial intervention that ended in an epidural 27 hours later and me very narrowly avoiding a c/s. :
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Originally Posted by seven_lux
I think I would feel like stabbing anyone in the eye who tried it.
: :rofl
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#1 -- I was in labors. It was AROM, it took three tries (whichis all I gave him too), I was 7cm
#2 -- in labor. My water broke, he flipped, and crowned all in one contraction, born five minutes later
#3 -- not sure. it might have broken at onset of labor or when I was in the tub. I really do not know.

Namaste, Tara
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1) Sitting at the computer (shocker!)

2) Pushing in my birth pool

3) Getting up to pee in the middle of the night

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It broke with my first during labor, at about 4 or 5 cm, while I was peeing. With my second, it was 11:30 at night and I was sleeping. The pop sensation was enough to wake me, and I headed quickly into the bathroom. Thankfully it was just a little trickle and not a gush. Contractions started at 5:00 am and she was here by 8:00.
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While pushing with 2 of my babes, while lying in bed watching tv with one of them (prior to labor by about 10-15 minutes), and just after peeing but while still sitting on the toilet (also prior to labor by about 45 min).
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Pushing, both times. My water only broke when I was fully dialated and starting to push.
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I was in bed asleep at one a.m. I had a cramp, nothing major and got up to pee. It took me about fifteen minutes to figure out that it was my water. I was one of those lucky women who leaked urine during the pregnancy and at first I just thought that my dd was pushing on my bladder harder than usual. It wasn't until it kept going and I had a little bloody show that it dawned on me
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First time, I have no idea, I was disconnected from the birth, but I assume it was while I was pushing.

Second time, after I had gone to the bathroom and just gotten back into bed. I heard a "pop" then had a little trickle.

Third, again don't know as I was in the water before pushing, so it might have happened then, and didn't have a lot of fluid with the birth.

Fourth, with a lovely gush while pushing!
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I was laying on a hospital bed while a doctor I had never met in my life fiddled around with an amniohook trying his damndest to break my water. It didn't want to break! I asked him "What are you doing you said this wouldn't hurt" and was rather miffed at the whole thing. But my labor had pretty much stopped at that point and "something needed to be done". I am excited to see what will happen with this baby. We're having a home birth, so no one will be breaking my water or anything like that. I have this fantasy of my water breaking all over the place just as the baby comes out. I have no idea why, but I think that's what will happen.
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#1-AROM at 2cm by an idiotic ob. :

#2-broken during pushing by my midwife to avoid a huge splash in the face (I was on a birthing stool) . I was fine with it at that point.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy
#1-AROM at 2cm by an idiotic ob. :
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#1 - Sitting on the bed watching tv
#2 - AROM
#3 - AROM
#4 - Sitting at the computer
#5 - Born in the Caul
#6 - Laying in bed in the middle of the night
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#1 - I was 37 weeks and 2 days. It was 10 minutes after midnight and I got out of bed because I wondered "why the heck my back keeps hurting every 5 minutes?" (Duh - those are called contractions!!!) and GUSH! I was home alone and just kept saying "Oh! Oh! Oh!" and called DH. (He worked midnight shift then.) Went to the hospital and was 7 cm dilated with a foot hanging out...so off for a c/s I went.

#2 - I was 37 weeks and 2 days. It was 10 minutes after midnight - notice a pattern here? - and thought I may be in early labor and had just asked DH if he had his clothes ready in case we needed to go to the hospital. He said yep and I felt a pop and thought, hmmmm, that was odd, the about 5 seconds later...GUSH - all over my bed. DS# 2 was born 5 hours later-VBAC.

#3 - After 18 hours of nasty, hard ,constant contractions and no dilitation past 3 cm's, I agreed to AROM. (I thought your labors got shorter with each baby? Someone forgot to tell DD that! ) Light meconium. VBAC 9 hours later.
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