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My birth Story of Amie 6/04/06

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Amie’s Birth

At 2 am Sunday morning, I awoke with the nightly contractions that came with a full bladder. Every night for weeks, I was up between 2 and 5 in the morning. But this morning was different. At 6, the contractions didn’t go away. By 8 am I was in the bathtub. My back was killing me. I seriously doubted this was the real thing.

My husband, Jason, took the girls to church. I remained in the bathtub. Between church and vision team meeting, he came to check on me. Nothing new… I tried napping in the tub and in bed. But the contractions came and went… but I was feeling SOMETHING every 3-5 mins.

Around 4:30 I realized things drastically changed. I could no longer think during a contraction. My husband had to sing. I always need someone to distract me with something repetitive and aprox 45-60 seconds long. Jason called our friends to come get the girls because the contractions were double peaking.

After 8 or 10 double peaked contractions… I asked my husband to check and see if he could feel the baby. It felt good to lay on my back and get that kid off my cervix for a minute. But… when I stood back up!!! WOW! That was just enough to finish off my cervix.

I jumped up and ran to the bathtub. One more double peaked contraction and I felt the need to push. The next contraction broke my water. At this point I was sitting at the far end of the bathtub, away from the water, which was getting cold… I turned on the hot water only and turned around and squat on the water spigot side. I wanted the hot water on my bum.

I was squatting and pushing for a few moments (Who really knows how long) and reached down and felt the top of the baby’s head. I started pushing and shaking… and screaming. After the baby crowned my husband reached down and said something about a nose. I thought he said, “I see a nose!” But he said, “I feel a nose!” He was doing “something” and as soon as her head was out, she spiraled into the water. Jason picked her up and handed her to me… not knowing how long her tether was. The phone rang… it was 5:20pm… we were too busy to answer.

Then we realized we didn’t know “what” she was. The cord was in the way! We moved it aside… It’s a girl… another girl! I have 3 little women. I got on my robe and we walked to the bedroom. The cord wasn’t long enough to comfortably nurse… so we cut it. But she had no interest in nursing. So I sent Jason into the living room with the baby to call family.

About half an hour later, the placenta made a dramatic exit… quite quickly. I wasn’t quite prepared. It appeared whole and we were very excited to have that over with. I didn’t tear or have any other problems. Amie nursed some that evening but really wanted to enjoy some quiet alert time.

At around 8 pm our friends brought the older girls back. They were SO excited to have a new baby sister.

The following day, we made a nurse visit at our local clinic. They new I had planned on a homebirth and that I wanted to come in and get a weight and length check. She was 9lbs. 5 oz. She was only 22 hours old. They had never seen such a “fresh” baby in their clinic before.
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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story.
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Welcome Amie!!!
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Congrats on the lovely birth and your sweet baby girl!
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Congratulations and welcome to Mothering!
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Welcome to the world little Amie!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay for the beautiful entrance of Amie!

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Is that a dancing broccoli? I think it scares me! ;-)
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