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Tonight for us was blackbean burgers, brown rice cooked in water w/Better Than Bullion and steamed veggies.
Tommorrow is my quick and easy meal. Two boxes of Annies pasta, then I steam a few different veggies, mix it together and...voila! Pasta Primavera
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what is the better than bullion? does it taste similar to chicken bullion or is it more like veg bullion? I have this omg to die for potato soup I make every winter but haven't made it this winter since it calls for chicken bullion and veg just isn't the same flavor.
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Tonight Dd had bean and cheese burrritos and I had homemade enchiladas.
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Last night I had a simple orzo with asparagus, olive oil and garlic but man it was yummy.

Tonight me and DH are going out to dinner on a gift certificate that someone gave my MIL but she doesn't want - I'm totally psyched because this place has two vegan entrees that I've been eyeing for awhile but we haven't been able to go there because it's too expensive. He called last night to make the reservation and they said, "We'll see you tommorrow for your two hour luxury meal experience." Cool!
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HelloKitty - Sounds like fun!

Last night, I made Thai-Style Basil, Tofu, and Asparagus. The asparagus was so perfect. Spring is here at last!

I'm not sure what I'm making tonight yet. There are two Mexican dinners, one more Thai recipe, and a remaining Moroccan dinner from last week. One of the Mexican dinners will take some work; it consists of a black bean fajita and salsa (both from Sundays at Moosewood), quinoa tortillas (The Pleasures of Whole Grain Breads), and almond sour cream (The Raw Food Gourmet). Clearly, I'm going to have to make some of that ahead of time. I don't think I'm up to it today, so I'll probably go with the kettle stew (Sundays at Moosewood) for tonight.
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Tonight it's grilled eggplant with an olive dressing with a side spinach and avacado salad.
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Steamed brown rice, chickpeas & homemade miso gravy. It was kind of a "beige" supper, but yummy

Oh, and broccoli gave it a hit of colour, I guess!
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OMG I am soooooooooooooo stuffed! I had a yummy salad to start and some delicious rosemary infused bread with olive oil, the main entree was a vegetarian risotto which was cooked with artichokes, baby carrots, some delicious tiny root vegetables included some baby parsnips and baby pale pink beets, julliened different veggies and capers and such - oh it was delicious. I couldn't finish all of it so I have more for lunch tommorrow - yippee!! And for desert a cup of tea and some delicious lemon sorbet.
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That sounds so yummy and filling!

Tonight I made veggie soup and served it with olive bread and a green salad with seeds and nuts.

Mostly I'm looking forward to Sat night's dinner because we're having mashed potatoes with brown gravy. It sure doesn't take a lot to please me .
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I'm so with you Nicole lisa. I love potatoes just about any way you can make them!
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Last night (ack, it's after midnight!! Make that "Friday night") I had curried field roast salad (like curried vegetarian chicken salad), a big green salad with cucumber, jicima, radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower, and some mixed berries.

Tonight/Saturday night I was at an Indian restaurant. Thali dinner with papadums, a really yummy vegetable soup, eggplant curry, dal, a mixed vegetable curry, and a salt lassi to drink. The owner offered us a chai on the house, so that made a nice dessert!
(I didn't cook it, but it gives me ideas for future meals at home!)
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Last night we had wild rice, garlicky roasted beets with goat cheese, and lemony red chard with chick peas. Yummy enough to satisfy my non-veg parents and aunt!

I used the left over wild rice to make spicy kidney bean burgers. Bonus!!
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Last night was horseradish mashed potatoes with brown gravy, green beans, salad with peach dressing and stuffing. Yum!

Tonight we're having carrot and lentil soup 9can smell it on the stove now!), bread and salad.

I just picked up Vive le Vegan! so I'm going to go through it tonight and pick something for tomorrow night.
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Lentil loaf & steamed asparagus tonight
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Tonight I had a dish from Meditaranean (sp?) Vegan - it was sauteed onions mixed with bread crumbs, garlic, sliced olives and olive oil layered with artichoke hearts and cooked like a casserole. Yummy!

Tommorrow I think we will have the leftovers over pasta maybe with some lemon.
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Having Baked Pesto Polenta with saute`ed Portabello slices (Vegan Planet) and baked garlic baby potatoes (fam is having a roast, blech!). Can't decide if I'll throw in some steamed veggies or not, but I think I feel too lazy for it
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Last night I made stuffed peppers, which I just realized I make A LOT! It's such an easy thing to do when I have a bunch of veggies and don't know quite what to do with them. Yesterday I had eggplant, zucchini, and grape tomatoes, which I sauteed with garlic and thyme. I added more leftover wild rice from a couple nights ago, stuffed it into some red peppers, and baked with a little parmesan on top. DH, who isn't difficult to please, said they were the best stuffed peppers he'd ever had! I think it was the eggplant--it made them creamy and delicious!
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I think I might do black bean burgers tonight. There's a potato gratin recipe I've been meaning to try, but I might do that tomorrow.
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DH is out of town this week, so this week's dinner meals have been easy and early; he made me promise I wouldn't just feed DD almond butter sandwiches.

sesame soba noodles (Feeding the Whole Family)
cinnamon maple pecan milk (Raw Food/Real World)

rosemary and sage seitan sandwiches [on ezekial] (Feeding the Whole Family)
baked acorn squash

Also, we had a bit of dessert: crispy brown rice treats from Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics.
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last night, we had bean and tofu burritos b/c kids eat free burritos from moe's.

tonight, we had indian lentil soup with ciabata bread, sun-dried polenta with sun-dried tomatoes, and yummy marinated artichoke hearts. later, dh had a bowl of cereal, a chocolate chip cookie and some tortilla chips with avocados.

dd ate the bread, bites of polenta, chunks of avocado, one chip and lots of mama's milk.
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