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Lay it on me-reasons to not shop at Wal-Mart

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So far the only ones I know of (I think) are:

Not good to their employees(could somebody please elaborate)

Not enviromentally friendly??

I know there must be a million more, someone help me out, TY
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WE've had a zillion threads on this - if only the search function were working (wait until after the server change!)

THIS should do it for you in the meantime!
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Thanks, I figured that. I do some looking around when the search engine works again
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How about they put locally run shops out of business. I reccomend the documentary Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price. It was very sad.
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I second the one from Jazzmin, they run local shops out of business. Our tiny town just lost 200+ manufacturing jobs due to China, and now, a few months later, we lost one of our two locally owned grocery stores, thanks to Walmart. Now we have another 30 people looking for work. Walmart tries to boost its image by telling you how many jobs they create, how they have such low prices, how they give so much to community. What they don't tell you is how many businesses have had to close because of them, the reasons they have such low prices is because they are screwing a farmer somewhere, and they really don't give back that much considering how much they make.

One final thought: Our four year old just learned the word Communist. Guess what? He heard it when my dh and I were talking about Walmart. That says it all.
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I'd love some unbiased information on this as well - I know of Walmartwatch or something like that, but any information I have all comes from biased places. I try not to shop at Walmart, but when you are trying to support a family but not spend any more time away from your son than necessary - it really saves a lot by getting some basics there. And I don't know that Target is any better, so why spend more to go there. I would need to know that my not shopping there is making one hell of a difference in order to spend the extra time and money going a hundred different places to get necessities. I'm certainly not a fan of Walmart, but I'm a huge fan of saving money.
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OK this is the single best reason not to shop at Walmart: THEY DON'T SAVE YOU MONEY.

On a trip there and to Target this past weekend:

Crayola crayons, 24 pack:
Walmart - $.25
Target - $.10

Notebooks, 70 page wide-rule craptastic quality:
Walmart - $.10
Target - $.05

SnoBowl toilet cleaner
Walmart - $2.45
Target - $.98 (NOT ON SALE...WTF?)

Scouring stick
Walmart - $2.48
Target - $1.98

Swimsuits, regular price stocked circular separates:
Walmart - $17/piece
Target - $15/piece

Average price I've paid for clearance clothing:
Walmart - $6/piece
Target - $4/piece

It comes down to....WHAT THE F.....

I was very, very surprised about that. I've avoided Walmart for a year just because I hate the FEEL of the store, but comparing item-for-item like that convinced me to never, everever go back. I had always assumed that Walmart saves you money, and I am sure that there are items that you can get cheaper at Walmart than you can at Target; they just aren't items that I buy. What it comes down to is that without exception, there is someplace cheaper than Walmart for anything I need. My grocery store sells baking soda in bulk for cheaper than Walmart's per-pound price. Sells toilet paper and paper towels cheaper too. I just don't get it. I'm all for shopping cheap, which is exactly why I'll continue to avoid Walmart.
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biased information about walmart, LOL

Like the judgement against them in the class action lawsuit for discrimination of their female employees?

The biased information about Walmart comes from Walmart itsself
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Walmart is a monopoly. I like the comparison between Target and Walmart, but how is Target any better otherwise? (just curious)
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Intresting info... I am going to research it some more, thanks everyone
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Originally Posted by Panthira
Walmart is a monopoly. I like the comparison between Target and Walmart, but how is Target any better otherwise? (just curious)
I don't know a whole ton about this, but there are several reasons that make me think Target is a ton better:

- they tend to anchor malls and support satellite shops, at least around here, rather than stocking the same products and running them down

- they provide ample worker benefits, including those to same-sex couples even in states where they don't have to

- the workers just SEEM happier

- the stores are cleaner, better organized, and better stocked

- the items carried are typically better quality, although you still have to pick and choose. Target also carries a quite-natural essential-oil fragranced laundry detergent that satisfies superstinky husband and supersensitive-skinned me, which will keep me going back every couple of months; bonus, yeah, the little tiny bottle lasts me several months

- they don't fart around with clearance - if it goes on clearance it gets cheaper until it's gone

- they don't engage in obvious rebuttal advertising campaigns (example - Walmart doesn't pay a working wage - commercial appears with employees saying how happy they are with their earnings)

- they don't engage in such obvious evil as going to the optometrist down the street, stocking all the same frames at 10% lower prices, and extending their open hours to half an hour before and after his.

- they don't broker deals whereby makers of clothing, etc, make lower-quality products for them. Walmart does this. A Hanes shirt you buy at Walmart may be made on the cheap the way it isn't anywhere else. This scares me.

- they don't post things like "customers are free to price compare but employees of other establishments who are found to be in Walmart for the purpose of price comparison will be charged with trespassing" :

There are tons more reasons why I am so much more pissed at Walmart than at Target. I know in many ways they are more of the same but honestly, I cannot afford mom-and-pop (I mean this seriously, I live below the poverty line and would much prefer to buy all our clothes at Hanna but it just isn't happening) and I feel comfortable with shopping at Target.
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WalMart is ruining the environment. It has huge factories in China, spewing pollution. China has one of the biggest pollution problems, uses loads of fossil fuel (the coal demand there is very high, so they are damaging the landscape to get it... just like years ago here in the US) and is the second biggest contributer to green house gasses. If WalMart would change even a little bit of the way they have things made, the impact would be huge and other companies would follow suit.

Where I live, WalMart has had a more personal effect. THere are big factories that closed when WM bought them; after the tax breaks ran out they closed and moved to (where else?) China. Hundreds of people were/are out of jobs. They got a law passed that says they can force a homeowner to sell "for progress" to build a WM after a farmer refused to sell his land to them. There is a huge WM going in down the road from us. We fought it, but the economy here is pretty bad since all the factories closed.
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A couple thoughts from a former corporate Target employee...

Target doesn't treat their employees any better than Walmart. They may have a better public image of doing so but the truth behind the scenes is not any different.

Target buys and imports from the same exact type (and sometimes the same exact company) of suppliers that Walmart does - just in a slightly smaller quantity. They also do the whole "you must meet this price or we won't buy from you" routine that Walmart does. They even do blind auctions where suppliers must blindly submit a quote for products. The lowest quote is selected. Seems a very unfair way to do business.

Environmentally Walmart does "Acres for America" where they've donated money to permanently preserve an acre of wildlife land for every acre currently developed and planned to be developed over the next 10 years.

I'm not defending either one - just saying that from the inside they aren't very different, Walmart's just bigger and Target stores look cleaner. And have no doubt that Target's goal is to be as big as Walmart.
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Originally Posted by Panthira
Walmart is a monopoly. I like the comparison between Target and Walmart, but how is Target any better otherwise? (just curious)
Well, in many respects, it is not any better. Starting wages are about the same, as well as benefit packages. Targets may look a bit better (but that is often not the case too), but are often more difficult to qualify for. Target has sweatshop connections, which is a huge strike for me (see my sig).

The CEO of WalMart is the highest paid CEO in retail, but guess who is #2.

Target is a bit better on the environmental and charitable side. They participate in the WasteWise program of the EPA, and they give a lot to the community.

So, you have to weigh what is important to you. I do shop at Target, I have choices of there, Walmart and Kmart for the things that I need to save on and they are the lesser of the evils. That does not mean that I buy everything there, or that I stick my head in the sand with their unethical practices, with the "I have no other choice but to shop there" cop-out. I understand that, but you can shop there out of necessity AND work for change too.
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Just FYI, this was discussed in the last issue of CAQ, which is where my information came from. They cite Responsible Shopper for theirs, if anyone wants to check.
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Originally Posted by Panthira
Walmart is a monopoly. I like the comparison between Target and Walmart, but how is Target any better otherwise? (just curious)
At least Target has cute things!
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I love Target. Just nobody tell me they're owned by Satan... : Also wishing I'd caught the .10 crayons at Target...
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I stopped shopping at Walmart in 1997 when they stopped stocking emergency contraception in their pharmacies as a company policy. As of March, they now ARE stocking it (at least for now; Massachussetts recently won a lawsuit forcing them to carry it) but the pharmacists have the option of refusing to fill a prescription. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I still don't shop there for the other reasons listed.
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