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TTC and raspberry leaf tea

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I get organic raspberry leaf tea and drink it at least once a day. I've read some about the benefits to your reproductive organs. Does anyone know how this will effect TTC? Anybody else drink this tea?

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I've been drinking organic rl tea, too, and have heard that it helps fertility (how, I'm not sure...) But recently I read that it has been shown to sometimes cause or increase (sorry I'm not more certain about any of this) uterine contractions, and so to not drink it while you're pregnant. So at the moment I'm rather confused :

But my thinking is that it can't hurt pre-o & I'll either avoid it or cut back a lot during the 2ww. I'd love to hear if anyone knows anything more concrete...

Sorry I'm not more help!
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I drink it.
Yes, it can increase uterine contractions, and is often used to 'naturally' induce labour.
RRL tea also helps with fertility (ie: getting preggers) and helps to avoid miscarriage, at least in the first 12 weeks. The controversy about uterine contractions usually is in reference to the period after 12 weeks, and before 8-9 months.

I have recently added (stinging) nettle leaves to my tea, and am also thinking about adding some red clover too. All also linked to fertility.
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Hi! I found some information about red raspberry in a book by Susun Weed called "The Wise Woman Herbal for The Childbearing Year". She also has a website: http://susunweed.com/. I have been drinking infusions of RRL, nettles and/or red clover on and off for about 4 years. I have one daughter and TTC #2. The months when I drink the infusions regularly, I feel well nourished and have no PMS such as cramping or too moody.
Here is the info for RRL:
"All Rubus species, but most espescially the wild ones, provide leaves which contain an effective uterine tonic and a large amount of calcium. RRL is my third choice as an herbal fertility promoter (#1 is Red Clover, #2 is Nettle). It is most effective when combined with Red Clover. One or more cups of the infusion (prepared by steeping 1/2 oz. RC and 1/2 oz. RRL in a quart of water for four hours) can be taken daily and continued for months. Another way to increase the fertility promoting ability of RRL is to add 5 -15 drops of either DongQuai root tincture or False Unicorn root tincture to each cup of RRL infusion."
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Hi Tara (et all )
I also drink rrl tea. Sporadically before o, and every day afterwards. I'm trying to get better at the daily (and more than one cup daily) thing. I've often heard it called a "toner" for your uterus. Good times. I know that several of the midwives around here recommend it throughout pregnancy, with no concern over miscarriage or other related problems. If you are uncomforatble drinking it, then listen to that and reduce your intake, but I think you are more than likely fine to drink it. I will also add that rrl seems to have helped me a fair bit in terms of cramps with af, which used to debilitate me for a few days and now irritate me for not quite a full day. So, there are advantages to it not related to ttc.
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yes, it has lessened my cramps & bleeding too. Which of course is an added bonus to increased fertility!
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I spoke w/ the midwife I plan on using a couple months ago and told her we're going to ttc and one of the first things she said was for me to get red rasp leaf tea and drink it like crazy. She didn't say anything about discontinuing use after conception or anything. hhhmmmmmm......since I'll be calling her as soon as I'm preggers, maybe I'll just double check w/ her to make sure she still wants me to drink it. Good question!
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