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Charting with NFP for religious reasons?

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Is anyone using NFP for religious reasons? I'd just like to know if anyone is on the same page as I am. I have read a lot about people still using some form of artifical contraception along with charting.
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Well. I guess that depends. In my "religion" barrier methods are NOT considered sinful or against any structural belief. It depends on how you translate and take the hormonal methods as well. You could technically call mine religious based but again I find barrier methods acceptable forms of contraception. Plus hormonal contraceptions can be pretty rough on a persons body.
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I wouldn't say my religion prohibits BC. My interpretation has led me to believe that it is contrary to what God intended for us. So, from that perspective, NFP allows me to make sense of my body and my cycle, and for my Dh and I to either be intimate or not when there is a chance of pregnancy. In reality, however, we are open to life, so the issue is pretty much moot.

And besides, when you have 3 who like to share your bed, and your schedules are so different, the chances of intimacy drop dramatically! We are often less concerned about the prospect of another child, and more with just enjoying ourselves!
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yes, we do nfp. catholics.


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I'm protestant, and they stopped speaking out against birth control at the beginning of the 20th century. I believe that hormonal birth control is unnacceptable based on its abortifacient property and how harmful it is to the woman's body, therefore not fostering the "your body is a temple" mentality. Barrier methods (for me) don't foster a sense of intimacy between husband and wife. There is nothing but nfp for me!
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I find this topic interesting! Dh and I have been using nfp since dec 03, and I have recently read some interesting info about barrier methods and how they're viewed as "abortive," etc. And I totally agree with that when you're talking about hormonal bc like the pill, shot, etc. My question is would the withdrawl method be considered taboo in a catholic society? I suppose it would since you're preventing the "natural" course of things, and is a behavior that would inhibit pg. But then wouldn't abstinence during your fertile period also be a behavior that inhibits pg? Just a ? on my mind........

Not Catholic, btw...Lutheran
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I understand what you mean Daisy. The Idea of abstinence is coming from the scriptures in the new testament of the Christian bible stating that you can deny yourselves for a time if mutually agreed upon. Generally it is for the sake of getting into the word of the LORD. As long as that is what you do with that abstinence I don't see issue with it. Does this make sense?
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I gotya ! Maybe I should do some scripture reading on the subject .

ETA~Myspace dot com has a really great group that are mostly catholics charting to postpone. Its called "natural family planning" I think. They have forums as well. HTH
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Yep, me! Catholic, NFP-only!
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my understanding is that there are two different methods, NFP, which is used by Catholics, and allows only for abstinence/non-intercourse activity during the "fertile" period, and FAM (fertility awareness method), which is like NFP in that you track your fertility signals, but during the "fertile" times, you can either abstain, OR use a barrier/chemical method.

so, they are similar, but FAM allows you to use "artificial" barrier/chemical methods during the fertile days in order to not conceive, whereas true NFP only allows for abstinence.

Is this right? Do we have any NFP teachers here? Please correct me if i have it wrong.

Anywho...although dh is Catholic, he doesn't agree with the church's take on birth control...in his belief system, he believes it to be a much greater sin to have children you can not provide for than to use birth control (non-abortificent methods ONLY!), so we use more of a FAM than true NFP, but since having my daughter, condoms and spermicide make sex too excruciatingly painful, so we are actually doing NFP right now, since my poor li'l battered hoochie can't take latex or chemicals right now, LOL!
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Yep, you are exactly right. I moderate a NFP board on another site and I constantly have to explain exactly that. NFP doesn't use contraceptives or barrier forms of BC. Abstinence during fertile times is the only acceptable means of avoiding pregnancy. FAM, on the other hand, allows the use of barrier methods during the fertile period. Other than that, the sympto-thermal method of NFP and FAM are virtually identical. The creighton model of NFP only charts cervical signs of fertility whereas the sympto-thermal method uses both basal body temperature and cervical signs. HTH!
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i guess i can say that we do FAM for spiritual reasons. I hope to go completely barrier free in the future, but we're still trying to get our 'legs' on FAM. with all the travel that we did (one month in europe with two different time zones while there), it was really, really difficult to chart, and so i've skpped two months of 'effective' charting (i got my period while there).
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Another Catholic NFP'er here. However I have to admit that I'm a little unsure of my NFP skills since we've never really tried to delay pregnancy up to this point. Between my dd and ds we charted, but there was no serious need to be accurate. Now I find myself in "uncharted" waters, since I don't think I'm ready to care for another baby yet (although we'd love more children in the future).
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Catholic NFPer here. As such we do strict NFP (abstinance during fertile times, no barriers or other forms of ABC).
DH and I also teach the method through the Couple to Couple League.

I love that charting is catching on so much... its so informative and empowering...
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nfpmom - DH and I took our NFP class through Couple to Couple League!
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Catholic NFPer. We took Couple to Couple classes too!
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We're a catholic CCL family too! Good to see other like-minded mamas here!
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We're Catholic NFP'ers too....although I wouldn't say that we follow all the rules. We indulge in 'phase 2 fun' (oral) but definitely no barrier methods and no hormones. After three years of charting to avoid we are finally charting to conceive.

We took the home study course through CCLI and didn't have any problems getting started - it's definitely been the best method for us and we will stick with it. It took DH some time to come around (our marriage prep courses caused him to really doubt the effectiveness - he called it 'propaganda') but after he did his own research on BC in general he realized it was the most effective method and that's when we started using it.
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NFP and we're preggo with number three!

We practice NFP because we're Catholic... but I would like to learn more about it. My younger son was 2.5 and I was jsut thinking that I needed to begin charting better so as to avoid preg. at this time ... and then I found out I was pregnant! But it is great--and strangely it is the exact space between 1 and 2--this baby will be born when son 2 is 2 months shy of three which is the exact distance between him and his older brother. I like the spread...

I'm not so sure about learning from another couple, but I guess this is the best. I thought it would be neat to find an OB/GYN that supported NFP, but this is difficult (there is one on our area, but her office is very unorganized and staff RUDE!)...

I've gotten some good ideas from this thread.
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