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need help please!!!

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My 11 week old baby has decided to stop nursing today. SHe was fine this morning but I tried 2x this afternoon and see just screamed bloody murder when I put her near the breast. She has had a cold for the past few days but has been nursing fine. Prior to that she sometimes cried if the letdown was to slow but she always kept sucking between cries. Now she won't even put her mouth on the boob. She has had about 3 bottles in her life. She has used a pacifer since about week 4 with no problem. She recently found her fist and thumb though so we have been cutting way back on pacifer use. Her dad just came home and I pumped a bottle and she took that. What could this be? Is it nipple confusion, a nursing strike, none of the above?



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have you considered an ear infection/ache? maybe laying down makes the cold/conjestion worse? makes her ear hurt? Eating from a bottle may be "easier". has there been a fever? I wouldn't begin to tell you how to deal with this in an itty bitty baby. but it could be whats up.
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I would find the number for your local La Leche League leader and call her immediately for help. And/or call an IBCLC certified lactation consultant, again for immediate help.

Keep offering, get in bed with both of you undressed (her in a diaper) for lots of skin to skin contact, snuggle a lot, be calm about offering. Or maybe try walking around, singing and talking calmly, and offer her the breast while walking.

But I would definitely get professional help ASAP.

Hang in there!
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i second getting prof help ASAP !!!

also try every position you can think of... football, lying on side, tummy to tummy, in the sling, and any other position you can think of
good luck
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I had the same problem when dd was 3 months and again at 4 months. Keep offering the breast and pump to relieve your engorgment. Sounds like a strike. It's hard to nurse when babe has a stuffy nose. Big Hug!!!!
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Amy, hope things are better. Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance.
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things are improving. georgia nursed fine all night mon and all day tues. we had the same problem tues eve but again fine all night and all day yesterday. last night was fine. i really think it is related to this cold. calling the ped today to see if her can see her just to look in her ears. she is arching her back alot and throwing her head back. i think she has flem and can't figure out how to get rid of it

thanks for all you suggestions and support!

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occasionally my dd gets herself so worked up that she can't calm down to nurse -- it always helps to get in the tub with her. the skin to skin contact helps, as does the water i think.
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The bath will also help her clear her nose. I use a Lact-aid to supplement dd diet (I'm only producing a partial supply of milk for her). It prevents nipple confusion/preference for something other than you.
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