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Sushi is a big craving for me. Not the raw kind, but the maki rolls/ california rolls... mmmmm....
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Cinnamonamon - I store the bacon fat in a ceramic custard cup in the fridge.

Here's the rest of today's eating:

Curry made of chick peas, spinach, and tomatoes
Sweet yam fries
(bought these from the local coop deli counter 2 days ago)

Snacks throughout the day:
Cherry tomatoes
dried mangoes (low sugar)
shelled pistachios (don't like to do the shelling myself because I broke a tooth on one of these a few years back. I'm to tempted to bite them with my teeth and suck on the salty shell)

Later tonight, I'll dig into the chocolate ice cream. I have to eat ice cream once a day in the summer. It counts as a meal if it is chocolate peanut butter.
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cereal at night before bed.
so far I have been able to ear what I want and haven't really craved anything. I can usually do all fruit while pregnant but other food is usually questionable. of course, my first pg i craved everything that was bad for me, hamburgers and especially milk shakes. last pg I had one aversion to chinesefood and so far I am eating as I normally wood.
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oh my goddess... milkshakes...

OK, I'm SO having DP stop on the way home at Burgerville for walla walla onion rings, a milkshake, and quite possibly a tillamook cheeseburger!

Yea, I eat great....


I'm telling you, Burgerville is my downfall! I had COMPLETELY weaned off fastfood until I moved back here and rediscovered the bliss that is Burgerville!
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Hey, there are worse things in the world than sushi rolls! Do you know how many cool minerals nori has??
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All I want is mayonnaise. I never, ever, ever eat it normally, but I keep having these daydreams about chicken salad and potato salad and turkey with mayonnaise and tomatoes... That, and wicked processed-meat cravings. I think it's a fat thing. I've managed to steer clear of the processed meat (thank goodness) but I don't know how long I'm going to be able to hold out. I went and bought some whole milk and a nice steak so maybe that'll satisfy my urges for fat. I tried an egg, but I could only choke down about half a bite and then the rest went to the cat.

The only thing I ate all day yesterday was Grape Nut flakes. DD and I went through an entire box in one day. Oh, and half a dozen fresh peaches between the two of us. Poor DD- I can't stomach cooking, so she's living on my whacked-out pregnancy-craving diet.
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Llyra -- my kids love the snackies type thing though, so we're good here. I just had a HUGE salad a while ago -- field greens & romaine, fresh mushrooms, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, shredded (leftover) cold chicken, & sprouts. Mmmmmmm... Then I had a tiny bit of Amaretto. I'm in the "alcohol should be used VERY cautiously -- especially in the first trimester" camp. I think (we) Americans are kinda psycho about it, though.

Re: the processed meat -- I found some "Hormel" branded lunch meat that claims to be "natural." The ham has no nitrates/nitites in it. When I have a craving, I go that route. In Florida, the health food store had organic lunchmeat...it was awesome!

I'm thinking about boiling a dozen eggs for tomorrow (not breakfast, though!)
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Llyra - how 'bout egg salad?
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mmmm...egg salad. Drat! All out of eggs. What will I do for breakfast?

Re: me eating healthy - you must have missed the cookie from Burger King!!

Oh, and I will eat ice cream every chance i get - I figure I gestated one AMAZING child on a steady diet of mint chocolate chip, I can do it again.

I had leftover schezwan noodles with shrimp and brocolli (I deveined it, and i bought it fresh off the boat) But could only eat a little bit at the time. now I'm in need of a late night snack. Especially b/c I don't like to eat when I wake up (before I run) so I can't wake up starving or I can't get the workout in.

I'm amazed at my lack of m/s so far - just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I love the Olive onesie story!
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Grr, I'm struggling to keep my morning oatmeal down right now. I hope this doesn't persist too long.

Last pregnancy I practically bought shares in Nesquik. I'd have a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast and then another one before bed. I even devised a plan to have it while I was on hospital bed rest.

I also ate a LOT of vanilla ice-cream with choc sauce.

I feel the same cravings coming on this time too. Guess what I had before bed last night.

I'm also craving apple juice for some reason.
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I made the boys cheese & chix quesadillas this morning, & 10 minutes later was able to choke a slice down myself. I ended up making myself one -- and no morning sickness today! Just some UNREAL fatigue. That may be more to do with Aiden waking up at 4:23 this morning & staying up until 1/4 to 7...then we got to take an hour nap. DH had the audacity to be grouchy this morning -- he *gasp* had to wake up at 4, then at 7 for a couple minutes to help. God forbid we interrupt his highnesses sleep. : Grrrr
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Originally Posted by Arwyn
Llyra - how 'bout egg salad?
I'm not sure whether to or :Puke . Probably what would happen is I'd decide I wanted it, go to all the trouble of making it, and then once I had it in front of me I wouldn't be able to eat it. That happens a lot to me lately...
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That actually sounds good to me -- now... I think I was seriously lacking in veggies yesterday, because I went salad crazy...I tend to eat a lot of dairy & forget veggies, so I'm going to try to be more balanced. Although I had that quesadilla for breakfast, and am having a bagel w/ cc & jam for lunch... Maybe I'll munch on some fresh green beans after -- or another cucumber...mmmmmm
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I feel a veggie aversion coming on. I was walking through the salad section at the grocery store and was so grossed out by it. Then I had a glass of OJ and was totally unimpressed - I usually LOVE it.
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I think I have a problem with carmelized onions. Do they have a 12 step program for that?

I have seriously gone through two boxes of butter and a bag of onions this week alone. :
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Mavournin, reading your post is hard for me--ooh, no, onion.

Funny thing is that not 45 mins ago, I was devouring a pizza with roasted garlic, sundried tomatos, and...carmelized onions. I was dreaming about this pizza for lunch. I was so happy to get it. I ate 3 pieces!

And now...I would like to curl up on the floor. I hate to puke, and I am wondering if it would be better to throw up. And all I can taste in my mouth is onion.

D**n me and my goofy cravings.
Wonder if some olives would help?
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Elizabeth - the curse of m/s is that you feel no better after puking. When you have a stomach virus, I can stand to puke b/c you know you'll feel better at least for a while. But with m/s, puke and you'll still feel like puking. There's no payoff.

Try the olives
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Mav - There was a feature on the Food Network this week on caramelizing shallots. Who did it...I think it was the Barefoot COntessa...mmm
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I just had a yummy pork stirfry (I'm learning to cook! gasp) with onions. YUM! I had to pick through it to get more mushrooms & onions after I was full... I think I might make up more mushrooms with the same spices in a few hours (once I have more space! )

I'll have to try that carmalized onion thing... sounds yummy. dh almost never eats onions.

I think the olives might help, too. Just think of that nice sharp & salty bite. Dang, now I have to go fit a few olives in!
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ewww....no onions!!! actually, I can do onions when not pg.

i ate alot of pears today, some apple bread (yuumy), cinnamon raisin bage, a little coke....sure tates good, it is hot here today and some turkey and gravey, bread, more pears and more apple bread. for dinner we had burgers, fries (yukon golds...yummy) and nectarines

starting to feel like an eating machine. I am eating every 2hrs
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