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Massive blisters on breast - help

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Hi there
I posted this morning on the extended bfing site... but things have gotten worse. My ds is 17.5 months old and I am 15 weeks pregnant. We have in the process of gently weaning for about two months and most days he nurses only 3-4 times.

But... this weekend he was very sick so he was latched on all weekend - I am not exagerating. My breasts have been extremely sore for over two months, but now I am in agony AND I have two massive blisters on my right breast (and a small one on my left).

Please somebody tell me what I should do. I am in agony and when I called my doctor, I was chastised for still nursing him...


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Poor you! Do you know what's causing the blisters all of a sudden - is your child's latch bad? Is he nursing all the time because your milk supply is down?

Is there any way you can gently limit his nursing time by distracting him or setting a time limit, just for a little while until you can heal?

I am so sorry you are going through this! Please take extra care of yourself.

And a big to your doctor for chastising you. What a jerk.
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Thank you Jane for writing back to me.

He has a good latch, but I think I have developed the blisters because he has been nursing so much (for comfort, the poor little guy), and because my milk supply is just very low. For the past month I only seem to letdown once a day.

I have a freind coming over today - hopefully together, we can both distract him a little.


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I feel for you. I so had sore nipples when pg, that nursing more than twice a day was agony. i didn't get blisters or anything, but would feel like my nips were turning into ground hamburger!

They didn't get any better after the first trimester, but I think most moms do improve after the first 3 mos.

I ended up fully weaning my nurslings while pg with the next one. I felt bad about the first one as she was only 26 mos when I weaned her and she really wasn't ready. The next child was a yr older than that and weaned easily and happily.

Your nursling is quite a bit younger. Do the best you can to take care of yourself and him. Both of your needs are legtimate! Know that even if you fully or almost fully wean now, if you want and he wants, you can let him have full access again once the baby comes.

Read Mothering Your Nursing Toddler and How Weaning Happens for coping ideas.
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Thanks DaryLLL
Today has been a very hard day. I have decided that for the time being I have to stop nursing Mac. I have been crying on and off all day, but I just know that at the moment I just need to heal. I never thought I would stop nursing him right now, but now I am doing it.

I love the little monkey and I have never felt such a bond. I am so scared of hurting him, but I just feel like at the moment I am hurting myself, my baby in the womb and Mac - he needs a happy healthy mummy. I feel like I am almost in mourning.

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Dr. Jack Newman's Nipple Cream

I can relate well to your pain! Try this recipe - my LC gave it to me. It's from Dr Jack Newman's book "The Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding Answers". Sounds awful but I needed to get my nipples healed.

Mix together equal parts of
1. Polysporin ointment (NOT neosporin) OR Mupirocin 2% ointment (not cream)
2. Miconazole Nitrate 2% (ie Monistat or a generic) OR clotrimazole 1% (Lotrimin or a generic)
3. Hydrocortisone 1% (ointment is best) OR Bethmethasone 0.1% ointment (not cream).
Use SPARINGLY on nipples (not areolas) after feedings. No need to remove prior to feedings. Discontinue use when nipples are healed.

Actually I just used 1. and 2. together and it helped heal the blisters and lesions faster. I did dab my breast with a wet cloth before feedings. And I found putting some Lanisoh just on the nipple before a feeding helped protect the skin.
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Thanks Jane - I will try it!

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That was wombat who posted the recipe, not me! But I had some of it made up when I was dealing with thrush. I actually had two versions: one was from a compounding pharmacy (they called it Canadian nipple ointment), the other was a do-it-yourself version from my midwife, which was over-the-counter polysporin, lotrimin, and a prescription steroid (I think).

I can send you the number of the compounding pharmacy I used; they do mail order I think if your doctor/midwife calls the script in. If you can't find a compounding pharmacy in your area let me know.
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Oops Wombat and Jane....

Jane that would be great if you could send me the number of the compounding pharmacy. I live in quite a small remote town so I usually end up having to order anything even remotely 'exotic'.

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It's Cape Apothecary, 410 757 3522 in Annapolis. I hope they can help you out.

This site or your doctor/midwife may know of a compounding pharmacy closer to you.
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