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Hi All,

My stash includes mainly ME Sandy's, Fuzzibunz and Wonderoos. We use Allens detergent and have front load washer. At night we use a ME with a hemp insert and a stay dry liner. Recently I've noticed that my poor boy has had occasional blisters in the diaper area. The first one was a few months ago. It was near the tip of his penis and I assumed it was because he yanks on the poor thing as soon as it's exposed. Recently I've disovered another one on his testicles. Now I'm wondering if it's because of the diapers.

Has anyone else had a problem with blisters on their children's genitals? His diaper does smell pretty strong in the mornings or if he has been in one too long but on the whole they are'nt too stinky so I don't think this is a huge detergent build up problem.

Any suggestsion would be great! Please!

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I am not sure if this is his problem but when my dd got exposed to hand foot and mouth she only showed blisters on her diaper area....she was exposed 3 times (must have been different strains) and all 3 times she got the blisters only in her diaper area. The ped diagnosed it every time as hmf.
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We have experienced that before...in our case it was polyester. It could very well be poly in your case since that is what you seem to be using mostly. Try only using 100% cotton (preferably organic) for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

It could also be that you need to strip your dipes. Try washing them in REALLY hot water repeatedly (like 3-4 cycles one after another) without detergent.
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Heat Rash?

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to look into stripping my diapers even more before I run to the Dr. (Not to diss the first reply, but stripping seems to be the step one solution for most diaper problems). I have to admit I"m starting to suspect heat rash too because I noticed that the area in general has been blotchy. Hopefully that's all it is...
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I would also try putting some lotramin or the generic on, DS #2 had this when he got a bit of thrush/yeast in his diaper area
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My ds would get really yucky rashes everytime he ate anything citrus like Apples or orange juice! Also could your baby be teething?
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Sounds like it could be a polyester fleece/suedcloth sensitivity.Just by the fact you said blisters.I've heard of children doing fine with it and then all of a sudden having problems.
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I would guess

build up burn
poly allergy
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My son got a horrific red rash with blisters when he was small. I was told that it was ammonia burn. I had been so fearful of using too much soap that I wasn't using enough. I put him in a dd long enough for him to heal and for me to wash all the diapers with sportwash and it never happened again.
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sounds like you have some great suggestions, I don't have anything to add but wanted to say taht I hope you get things cleared up soon, poor little guy
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Are they blisters that scab over? Do they seem to be itchy?

Just me personally, but blisters on the genitals for any reason scare me and I would get one cultured to see if it is nothing or something...
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