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HELP! Pumping4adopted baby!Not mine though

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Ok my mom is getting a baby tommorow and I have decided to try and pump to supplement him. My own baby is almost 3 mths. I figured to start I would pump after my baby eats. But how often? What should I expect? Any tips?
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The only experience I have is when I pumped to build a stash...I pumped at the same time my baby ate. It was the only time I had letdown, and he only eats one side at a feeding. If you have an easy time with the pump, you may try pumping right after your baby eats, the opposite breast from the one she ate at. I think it's wonderful what you're doing!! Good luck!!
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Pump 15 minutes after your baby finishes nursing every single time, for at least 10 minutes on each side. You should get a good increase in milk supply in about a week. You of course want to feed your own baby first and foremost, but after you get a good supply you should in theory be able to nurse one side and pump on the other side at the same time.Good luck!
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I agree with PP- and additionally, make sure you have a really good, sturdy, strong double pump. You need something that will help build your supply and keep it up. I would also maybe supplement with herbs, make sure your water intake is good, boost your caloric intake. In other words, I would act as if this baby was mine, and take all necessary steps to provide the most milk you can for it. Then once you get your supply to where it could sustain both your baby and your mom's new baby, there shouldn't be any concern about not having enough.
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Thanks for all the tips. I've tried since last night, of course Im not getting much but dd is having a hard time today, she has almost doubled her nursing times, and is not satisfied. Is this going to be as easy as I thought? Is it possible that it just won't work. I always drink about a cup of mothers milk tea anyway, so I've upped that and have been drinking more water. I don't want to comprimise dds supply. What else can I do?
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Does your DD switch sides in one feeding or stick to one? How often is she nursing now that she has doubled up?

I personally pumped the opposite breast while DD nursed on the other one. I did this when she was nursing every 3-ish hours. The next time she'd nurse, she got the breast that I last pumped, and I then pumped the breast she nursed off of last. I think it takes 3-5+ days for your body to begin realizing you are feeding twins (well, it will think something along those lines - with you pumping and feeding, kwim?). Don't quote me on that though.

Good luck, Mama!!
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She started nursing about every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs again and she always nurses off both breast for a feed. I always feel like I'm working a balancing act with my milk. I never get that full or engorged feeling, even when my milk first comes in, and I never leak, never had to wear breat pads. Does that mean anything? I just thought the more you pump the more you make. Its hard having a not satisfied baby while I'm chasing the other toddlers around. Is there some kind of hebs I can take other than mother milk tea that will boost my supply?
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I fed ds on one side & pumped on the other side to donate to a few adoptive mamas! But my ds has always only eaten on one side except when growing/increasing milk supply! It is true the more they suck (& you pump), the more you make... but the sucking is best to increase the supply from what I've heard...

I would suggest you feed your babe til full, then right after that double pump... Do you have a pump in style? If not, check with your insurance (or your mom's) to see if they will cover one or try second hand (boil the peices or purchase new peices at a med supply shop)... you can purchase a bra that the pieces hook to for hands free pumping, which might releave some of the stress of all this...

How exciting to help your mom & baby sister/brother with such an awesome gift!! Best of luck to you! I can't wait to hear updates! Don't be discouraged by the amount you can pump, it takes time to increase the supply & an ounce of breatmilk for this babe will be better then none!!
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Yes I have a pump in style. My biggest problem is that when I pump after she feeds, by the next feedinhg she is totally unsatisfied and fusses and sucks while not much seems to be coming out. I want to know if this is normal and I just need to get through a few days with a crabby baby.
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I wouldn't say she's not satisfied just based on her nursing that often, it could easily be that she's going through a growth spurt. And if she just started nursing much more often then your body will have to adjust. I have to say my kids always nursed very often for short periods of time even into toddlerhood. I think 1.5 hours is a good long time to go between eating so unless other things are going on I wouldn't assume it's a problem.

I don't have advice to give you on the pumping except to do it diligently for a while before deciding it isn't working. For what it's worth with my second and third child I never leaked and didn't get engorged because I was always nursing my child on demand so she was always there to nurse before I got that way. I also didn't figure out what people meant by the letdown feeling until my third child. Just have faith your body will provide what she needs and she will know how often to nurse to get it.

I think it's a great idea, good luck!

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