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TMI question

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I heard someone mention this on another strand..."familiar feeling in your privates" as a sign they think they will go early...this brings up a question I had but I don't think anyone read it on that strand so I am moving it to its own page.
Is it normal to feel tingly in your outer genitalia? I swear I feel like swollen and kind of tingly all the time now down there. Any ideas? Is this a sign of impending labor or not? Also, I swear sex with dh becomes increasingly difficult not because of positioning (although there is definately that ) but because I seem to be getting tighter by the minute. Shouldn't things start LOOSENING not tightening cause if he can't get IN easily I have a hard time believing she will be able to come OUT!
What's the deal?:
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I haven't had the tingly feeling, but definitely the swollen feeling down there. It could be feeling "tighter" down there too because of the swelling. And, maybe the tingly feeling is from the pressure of your babe's head?

How far along are you? Does your midwife ever do checks? It could just be that your babe is well into the birth canal.
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i kind of know how you feel when my fiance visited a couple of weeks ago i didn't want to have sex because it felr awkward- like he was going too far or something. maybe because the cervix is lowering in preparation for birth?
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My midwife doesn't do internal exams unless I ask and I really have no reason to be worried. I was just curious.
But your ideas make sense. I am probably just swollen. But why do you swell?
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You swell because of the pressure of babe's head in your pelvis. :
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