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COngrats on the birth of your sons! Wishing you a speedy recovery physically & emotionally from a different birth than you would have liked. So glad to hear Dominic is doing so well & I hope Aaron's breathing & heartrate stabilize soon- it must be very difficult not to be able to spend more time w/ him
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Congratulations Azreial! Welcome Dominic : and Aaron : !!

What great sizes they are! Best wishes for both babies to be home with you soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
I was just mentioning to dh today that I was wondering who would go first.

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Yipeee!!!! Your're are first!! Congrats... don't worry, the c-sec recovery will be much better in a couple of weeks. My advice to help nursing/caring for the babies: take the pain meds!

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Oh, my, congratulations on the boys!

Beautiful names.

And wishing you as fast and easy a recovery as can be.
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Big, big congratulations to you and your family. Sounds like they are making good progress and that they will be home with you soon!
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YAAAYYY!!! CONGRATS MOMMA!!! I can't wait to see some pics of your lovely boys!!! Wishing you a very speedy recovery!
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Fun! I'm so excited that I actually clapped and got all tingley. I hope that they do well and get to come home soon!
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Welcome to the world, Dominic and Aaron!!

So sorry you had to go through a c-section, but it sounds as if the boys are doing well. I hope your recovery is quick and that both boys are home with you soon.

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Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes. I'm home now and the c/s recovery is going much much better

Dominic is doing wonderfully he can as much as he wants now, though sometimes its hard to get him to eat since he's so sleepy. He's still under the billi lights but that it. He's even keeping his temp regulated well now too

Aaron has had a really good day and a half. He's off the iv, taking food by mouth and the feeding tube has been unsued and will most likly be taken out tomorrow H'es still on O2 but its 50% less. He's getting better at keeping his temp and he's also still under the billi lights.

The nurse said she thinks they'll both be home within a week. Hopefully she's right. Also they'l most likely come out from under the bili lights tomorrow. They're nursing fairly well too.

I do have pictures but I['m way too tired to get the uploaded tonight. I will post a link once I get them up. They're so amazing
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Yea! I'm glad you're feeling better at home! And the boys sound like they are making wonderful progress!
healing dust!

I can't WAIT to see pics of our first DDC babies!!
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Congratulations! It's wonderful that the babies are doing so well. Can't wait to see the pics!
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Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better. It's good to hear Dominic and Aaron will be home soon.
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they are absolutely gorgeous!!! You and DH look soooo happy!!! Congrats momma and glad to hear that all is well and you're recovering nicely!!!
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Thanks for sharing the photos of your new little boys!! So precious!
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Beautiful babies!! I am getting so anxious to hold my baby!

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Oh, they are adorable!! You both look so happy too! I'm officially jealous, lol.
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They look so tiny!!! And are beautiful boys. What a happy family you all make. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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