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Yay! Congratulations on your sweet babies! Hope they can come home really soon!
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Wow, I missed this announcement before MDC went down...congrats on your sweet babies, hope they are home soon!
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They are so ADORABLE! YIPPEE! I am out of my mind with anticipation to hold little Croissant! Congrats again!
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They're wonderful! Congratulations. I'm starting to get very excited! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm sorry you didn't end up with the birth you wanted.
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They are so cute Thanks for sharing mama

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Sorry I kinda dropped off. NICU is very stressful : and I felt odd with everyone waiting to deliver while I was dealing with the nicu and c/s recovery

Aaron came home the 21st (last Friday) and Dominic came home today

Here's some more picture
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Those are the most beautiful little boys I've seen yet! Congratulations!! I especially like the pictures of the two of them swaddled together. Are they identical twins?

I hope you've been recovering well, by the way. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you.
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Two little puddin's! Great job growing those georgeous boys, Mama.
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Wow, Azreial I can't imagine what a roller coaster you've been on for the last couple of weeks. I hope everything's going well now that they're home!
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I was just thinking about you and your little guys. Glad to hear your family is all at home now. They are soooo cute! Makes me want my little guy even more.
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Welcome home babies!!! They really are soo gorgeous!
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awww too cute and great news they are both home now!!!!!

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thanks for the photos. so glad they are both home. congratulations.
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So glad the whole family's home now!! That's great news! What cuties.
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Yea, I know you're glad to get both of them home! I've been wondering how you guys were doing. They're so cute. I'm getting very excited to hold mine!
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Aw, thanks for sharing the pictures, they are so cute! Glad to hear you are all home
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Oh, they are so perfect! congrats on having them both home!
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Beautiful photos! What gorgeous little boys!
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thanks everyone. Its been interesting, adjusting to having both guys at home :

Amber, they're faternal. At least we think so. DH keeps pointing out that they are looking more and more alike as Dominic loses some of his "preemie look" They do look more alike but still quite diffrent. The nurse who did our nst's also works in the nicu and was surprised that they weren't idenital because they heart rates were always within 2-3beats of each other. She said that sometimes identicals don't always look a like at birth
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Aww! That is so adorable!! Look how tiny tiney they are in that baby chair and so cute!!!
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