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The twins are here - Page 4

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Sheri, they are beautiful! I hope you have enough help at home while you recover from surgery.

The pics are great, I think I'll keep looking at them so maybe my labor will start up!
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So cute! I too love the ones where they are swaddled together. God bless you and your new family!
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Originally Posted by Azreial
Amber, they're faternal. At least we think so. DH keeps pointing out that they are looking more and more alike as Dominic loses some of his "preemie look" They do look more alike but still quite diffrent. The nurse who did our nst's also works in the nicu and was surprised that they weren't idenital because they heart rates were always within 2-3beats of each other. She said that sometimes identicals don't always look a like at birth
That's really interesting! Thanks for the info
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