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Is it too early for ligament pain?

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During the third trimester of my pregnancy with DS, I had horrible, horrible pain in my left hip. The dr. told me that it was ligament pain. Well, I'm only a few weeks pg and the hip pain seems to be coming back. IT's not unbearable yet, just slightly uncomfortable--enough to make me wonder if something is wrong. Had anyone else had this? Should I get it checked out? I am so scared of having an ectopic pregnancy, and I know I read somewhere that pains in the legs could be a symptom. This pain is in my hip and not my leg, but I'm still worried.
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I've been getting ligament pain too. I think its normal in early pregnancy.
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I don't know if what you are describing and what I am experiencing are the same thing...however, I *know* I am having round ligament pain when I move a certain way or with sudden movements. I remember the pain all too well from my last pregnancy, it's just started very early this time.

Round ligament pain is a sharp pain that only lasts a few seconds due to the uterine muscle being stretched.

This kind of pain is completely normal any time in pregnancy, just more common later in pregnancy. If the pain lasts for longer periods of time, then there may be reason for concern.
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Round ligament pain is, in my opinion, one of the deep secrets of pregnancy that nobody ever warns you about. All the books talked about it as this mild annoyance. They never said that it actually really HURTS.

I wouldn't have thought it could happen so early, but I guess it does since it's happening to me to. Mostly at this point it's when I sneeze-- the pain "catches" suddenly on one side of my groin or the other. I didn't have it until well into the 2nd trimester with DD, but here it is.

Round ligament pain is that sharp pain, but it can also be a dull ache, especially after you've been on your feet all day.

A warm bath is the only thing that ever helped it for me. The water takes the weight of the uterus off those poor ligaments and lets them rest a little. Swimming's even better, actually.
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I had it towards the end with 1st pregnancy, pretty early on with the 2nd. It was bad because I would go to stand quickly to get my running toddler and WHAM! double over in pain. My midwife then told me to do lunges. It helped a little. But mostly it was remembering to move slowly and get my toddler to come to me. I haven't had them yet, but I am sure they will start soon.
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Maybe going to a chriopractor would help???
I plan on trying to get in to see my chiro next week so I can start out in good alignment

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Thanks mamas! I feel much better now. It sounds like it probably is round ligament pain, and I was lucky enough in my last pregnancy to not have to deal with it until the end.
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