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Would this work?

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I've always had probelms w/ my milk coming in. Since I have my babes by scheduled c-birth the hormones just aren't there and it takes 5-6 days for anything to come in. (Waiting to go into labor, for my hormones sake is NOT an option). So I was wondering-what if I started pumping like 6 times a day for a week or 2 BEFORE the baby is scheduled to be born/ Do you think my milk might come in sooner? My last babe was SOOO dehydrated that he began passing crystals in his urine and the pedis were worried and I was a mess so I ended up giving him a bottle and was never able to get him to the breast after that. This is definatley my last babe, so if I don't get this baby to nurse I might die of heartache! This is the 4th baby I've had and I've never ever breastfed!
So, what do you think?
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I'm not an expert on pumping before delivery. I would not think this is a good idea, but maybe another mamma will chime in and give an experienced and educated opinion.

I do know about bf and c-sections. Both of my babies were scheduled c-sections and I bf. My advice is this. You have to be determined to bf. Read everything you can and make a decision that formula is not an option. Do not keep the formula that is sent to your home or what they give you at the hospital. Donate it or throw it out. Believe in your body. You are meant to feed your baby. My very favorite bf book is Dr. William Sears Breatfeeding book.

You can do it! Reach out for support. Talk to a lc before delivery. Go to LLL.
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I PMed you
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why do you think it would be a bad idea? I figured it would be like nursing while pg....
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TreeLove, I think pumping is a great idea so long as you are not at risk for pre matire labor. Why do you need to have the c-secs?
You could also try using a Supplemental Nursing System after the babe is born. There is a bag that has formula or EBM in it that hangs around your neck and small tubes that you tape to yopur breast so as baby nurses(therefor, telling your body to produce milk) he/she is also still getting the nutrition. Even if you do need to supplement, you can use methods other than the bottle.

Please give us more info and maybe we can offer more suggestions with the pumping.
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Could you be more specific about why going into labor is not an option for you, hormone-wise? Are you saying you do not go into labor at all, naturally, given time and a chance? And this also interferes with your milk coming in? Not all women who have surgical births have such a long period before milk comes in. Is there a thyroid problem?

Pumping before the birth will not cause milk to come in sooner. while the baby and placenta are still in utero, your hormone state is such that bfing hormones are prevented from kicking in. Once the placenta is out, everything changes. Pumping before birth, if you are "ripe," (near due date) can stimulate labor to either kick in, or intensify.

Once you do give birth, either naturally or by c-surgery, pumping every hour or two can, of course, help your milk to come in sooner. Esp if the baby is not a vigorous nurser, or not latching on wll.

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first c-birth was a classical at 29 weeks I have a scar straight to the top. 2nd c-birth was a transverse. labor is too scarey. docs are afraid of rupture-I am too. I'm not a good canidate to be a VBAC-Jedi. Not even interested anymore.

First time-although I pumped 10 x a day for 4 months I never got more than 1/2 of an ounce COMBINED. Twins just too preemie and sick with other complications like apnea/braydicardia and heart defect/surgery to nurse. Second time, Abe was full term, born via scheduled c-birth 2 weeks prior to due date. Milk came in 5-6 days later-Abe's latch was all screwey. Met w/ 3 LCs, 3-4 mws, and 2 pedis and countless nurses and they all said he looked "good' but when I pulled him off the breast my nipple was all mashed, white, and bloody and I cried everytime he wanted to feed. He was not tongue tied, but just never got it right. I tried to relactate at 2 weeks, 10 months, and 18 months, and nothing worked. This is my very last chance to get it right. Last time I didn/t worry, I assumed Abe would be a champion nurser and I was devestated when I had to go to bottles.
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Just Pmed you again w/ my home phone#
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I had a c-section with my DD and I noticed that it took about 5 days to get my milk in too. I wonder if all the pain meds that they give you interferes with milk production?

Or, if the fact that you are on a liquid only diet for 3 days at the hospital has something to do with it too?

If I were you, I'd promptly call LLL and have someone meet with you who has experience with section births and breastfeeding. Also, do not offer your baby a bottle if you have to supplement, either offer to finger feed, the SNS system that is what tnrsmom talked about, cup feeding or eyedropper feeding. That way your new little one won't get nipple confusion. And don't offer any pacifiers to suck on. Only offer your breast, that will help.

I don't know if pumping before hand will help or not, but I would think that it would be rather painful!
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Try the SNS!

I just wanted to second the recomendation of using a SNS! I also had a c-section w/ my ds (emergency) and my milk was also slow to come in. I think mine was a combo. of the section and the meds. I was on. So anyways, I had to supplement cuz my ds was loosing too much weight but I was lucky in that the hosptial LC set me up using a 'make-shift' SNS instead of supplementing w/ bottles. Then she had me pump for 15min. after every feeding, whatever milk I was able to get out I added that to the sns for the next feeding. I was lucky, I only had to do this for 2 days before my milk came in full force! Anyways, I def. think its worth a try - that way your baby would still be stimulating your breasts to encourage the milk to come. Also, of course bf as often as possible.
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I didn't get a chance to read the other posts yet. I'm concerned about pumping, just that it might bring on premature labor. What about tea's? Just a thought. (I used Mothers Milk, and others, they helped increase my supply). Good luck!
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Malt (as in malted milk) is supposed to bring in your milk.
You could also take Blessed Thistle--which is safe to take during pregnancy.

(Mother's Milk tea is NOT supposed to be taken during pregnancy.)
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oops! Thanks for the info. Maybe I should've read the package :
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I admire your resolve. Your experience dealing with c-sections should help this time. Remember each baby is different so there's no reason this one will have any latch probs. I read somewhere that pumping before birth doesn't help. I had a c-section and my milk came in on day 3. Best thing you can do is nurse constantly after the birth. Easier said than done after a c-section. When will you be allowed to nurse? straightaway? I didn't see my babl['1y for 5 hours and then she slept for 24 hours straight! Not a great start to BF! Do you have someone to help you position the baby everytime she wants to nurse? I'd also recommend hiring a LC to come to the hospital to work with you from the start. I found hospital LC good but their services are usually strained to the limit. If baby isn't nursing enough the first few days, take advantage of the hospital pumps. I had to supplement at the start and it caused problems but we're still BF. I also found the fenugreek worked well for me - take at least 6g a day. My supply dropped off at the start cause baby didn't nurse well but after a week or two of pumping with a rented Medela Classic pump and taking the fenugreek, I actually had an oversupply and had to stop taking the fenugreek. I did use some formula at the start cause I couldn't pump enough BM at the start (it gets easier and better). What kind of pump did you use? I started out with a little Avent Isis but when you have supply probs, it's not enough.
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I had both dks by c section and breastfeed both dks. I even supplimented with formula so dh could get a middle of the night feeding and I could sleep. If I did it over today I would pump for the daddy bottle.

My dks didn't have problems latching on. I was offered to bf about 4 hrs after birth and declined. I was flat on my back, not allowed to lift my head and had just had a section! Plus my boobs are big and floppy so there wasn't going to be an easy way to hold my babies (babies were big too - 9 lb 5 oz and 9 lb 15 oz) to my breast.

Maybe you need nipple shields if your nipples are extra sensitive? The first day or two the baby only gets colustrum until your milk comes in. I would definately talk to a LLL leader or a LC.

My dks wouldn't take pacifiers but also didn't suffer from nipple confusion between me and the bottle.

Good luck!
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