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spontaneous wedding

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My fiance and I decided that in two weeks when he comes to pick me up, we're getting married on the beach. I realized that the reasons I wanted to wait were superficial (I wanted to be skinny and pick out a pretty dress and go through all those elaborate wedding details) but now I don't care about all that, I just want to be married to the man I love (which is how he's felt about the whole thing since the beginning, I was just being a silly girl about the whole situation).
So, now I have to put together a small family-only wedding in a couple of weeks. And I have to find a pretty maternity wedding dress, which is proving to be more of a task than I can handle. Anyone know where I can find one? I am excited, but so overwhelmed at this point.
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Congratulations! Good for you for following your heart!
No advice on the dress, But I'm sure you will look stunning in whatever you find that works for your special day!
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I'm so very excited for you!!! This is such a special time and having a beach wedding with just family is THE BEST WAY TO GO. DH and I did the same thing at the end of March and we wouldn't have changed it for the world!!! I'll try and post some pics from our ceremony... and I found a website that you might want to check out.. nicolematernity.com my link isn't working...hmmm
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I'd look on ebayif you do that sort of thing. Also alot of wedding dresses nowdays are ones with an empire ( higher) waist and if you just get one that is 3 sizes larger than you ususally wear, it will probably fit fine with maybe a few alterations. I still get clothes that are about 2-4 sizes larger than usual and I can wear them at alomst 36 weeks. (Just high waisted dresses)
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Congrats mama - no advice on the dress, but I hope you find something fabulous!
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Congrats girl!!!!! I have no advice about a dress....but yeah, try the few sizes bigger thing, that works for me even now, and I can even wear some of my old clothes!!!!
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Wow! Cool! A beach wedding will be so beautiful!!
I have no advice about the dress. I got married while pregnant with our first baby (even though we'd sent out invitations before finding out we were pregnant), but we wore our Star Trek uniforms, : so I didn't have to worry about looking too pretty!
Can't wait to see wedding pictures!

- Krista
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Beach weddings ROCK! Congrats to you!
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How exciting! It sounds absolutely beautiful. As for the dress, I don't know. What about a flowing summery dress instead of a "wedding dress"? I'm picturing something light maybe with flowers and a crown of flowers in your hair. Whatever you decide, it will be great and perfect and we want to hear all about it! lol
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I was married this year when I had a little belly...my dress was a maternity one that was made to accomodate even 8-9 month-ers like us. Let me see if I can find you the link to it.
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Here's the link: http://www.marysbridal.com/bridal/6306.htm...I had the sleeves taken off of mine, because it really wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for with them still on.
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congratulations!! no advice on where to find a dress, but try not to get too stressed out planning the wedding. have fun and enjoy this time. i'm sure whatever you find to wear and however the plans go you will be beautiful and so will the wedding.
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Congratulations!! If you don't find a dress you like I would love to sew one for you. Sounds like it will be a lovely wedding!

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good luck with the planning!

I just did a google search for "maternity wedding dress" and there are A LOT!

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So, I've scoured Manhattan, and have only found 1 ugly maternity wedding dress in the whole city! I'm scared to order one, because if it doesn't come in in time or comes in too late to make last minute alterations I'm out of luck! :
But besides that, this is still so exciting! Thanks so much for all the congrats! It may be the hormones talking, but even if I have to get married in a trash bag with a ribbon around it I am still so excited to become my fiance's wife!:
Chumani, thanks so much for the offer! If I don't find something in the next few days I just might take you up on that!
Jesamin, you wore a beautiful dress! I think it may be too hot for the beach, though! I'll already probably be sweating like a garden hose with all of my extra body mass!
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Wow, I'm SO happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing the context... it's interesting that your DF was happy to get married any time, but that you had reasons (that changed for wanting to wait.

I have a friend who had a spontaneous wedding in May when she was 38 weeks (first baby) & has no regrets.

Good luck putting this together so quick, finding a dress, etc.

On what beach will you do the deed?
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Originally Posted by veganf
I got married while pregnant with our first baby (even though we'd sent out invitations before finding out we were pregnant), but we wore our Star Trek uniforms, :
- Krista
No way!!! : I think I remember you saying that you're not big on sharing photos online... but I would PAY MONEY to see that!

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Congratulations!!!! That is such exciting news!
You can get some beautiful maternity wedding dresses here.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy
Congratulations!!!! That is such exciting news!
You can get some beautiful maternity wedding dresses here.
There are some great dresses there!!!
I'm so excited for you!!!! That's so cool that you guys are doing the small wedding thing. I feel that it means so much more when it's not the huge extravegent thing with 200 of your "closest" friends and family.

Have you checked out destination maternity? they have a few and there is a store in NYC.

I also just wanted to throw out that my town in having a couple of concerts this weekend, if you were interested in getting out of the city for a while....
check this out: www.warwickarts.org

Hope you're feeling great!!!
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Congratulations! I'm so excited for you.
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