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3Angels -- I have a wedding dress I could send to you -- I wore it non-pregnant but it's empire waisted and roomy -- I think it's a 12 ...if you want a pic let me know. It's sort of medeiveal -- with long sheer sleeves that fall all the way to the ground and a square scoop neck good for cleavage

PM if you are interested. i don't have any pix but will take some if it strikes your fancy.
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What about finding/making/or having someone make a white wrap-around skirt that you could wear under your belly, and wear a light, wispy white top? Seems fitting and romantic for a beach wedding (and it will be cool). I've made a couple of wrap-arounds (very easy) . . . and made one especially for when pg and I love how it looks. You could use some nice light material and sew on some pretty lace on the bottom hem. Are you handy with a sewing machine or know someone who is? (You don't have to be terribly handy, btw. I'm a complete novice.)

And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Such wonderful news! How nice to have two beautiful events so close together, too.
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I found one! I was looking (not really expecting to find anything for myself) with a girlfriend in the women's department at Saks Fifth Avenue (the one actually on Fifth Avenue- how cool is that? I'm such a tourist! ) when I saw a beautiful white empire waisted speghetti strapped white sundress and I thought what the heck and grabbed a size 10 to acommadate my mass (I WAS a size four, probably never again: oh well) and tried it on, and it fit! It's beautiful!! And it was only $200! It's only calf length, but my future MIL is going to add tiers of lace to the bottom for me and take it to the floor. It's a lightweight material and comfy (my two biggest priorities in clothes these days) and I love it! I can't wait until DF sees me in it! I feel so pretty in it, which, I gotta admit, is very hard for me at 33 weeks pregnant, because I've gained at least 35 pounds already (I stopped getting on the scale 2 weeks ago ).
Thanks everyone for all of your advice and support! It means so much to me!! None of my girlfriends or even my mom is here right now so I feel like you are all my best buds!
Now I feel like the wedding's officially on!!
Even though I still need to find a minister, photographer, videographer, florist, ect.....
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Nice!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the wedding!!
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That's great - I'm so glad that you found a dress. My DH and I had a short engagement (also a beach wedding) and finding a dress off the rack isn't easy but it worked out just fine. And yes, you'll be required to post pictures!
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That's great! Your dress sounds really pretty. I want to see pics too!!
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