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Stash Set-up/ Organized Changing area Pics

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I FINALLY took pics of my set-up & NB stash. Just a tad obsessive. :


From Left to Right:
Baby's Dresser
Left Shelving Unit (houses: NB, SM fitteds, covers, soakers & longies)
Changing Table (houses: SM/MD & MD fitteds, covers, soakers & longies)
With Shelf Above (houses: pins, snappis, bum creams)
Right Shelving Unit (houses: NB/SM flats, prefolds, washcloths, wool wash)

This shelving wall unit/changing table/dresser lines one wall in our master bedroom. The baby will share our room & doesn't have a crib (we co-sleep) so this is the "nursery".
At the bottom of the shelving units there are baby carriers, blankets, changing pads, diaper bag, etc. I have to get more large baskets like the one on the bottom left.
I also have to get or make a Waldorf-y mobile to be hung from the ceiling above the changing table for the baby to look at while being changed.
All MD/LG & LG fitteds, PFs, flats, covers & wool are stored in 2 large Rubbermaid containers in my closet.

That's pretty much it. Took me months of obsessing over to get it perfect. : I'm really happy with it.:

Let's see your stash set up. How are your dipes organized?
It's really helpful for expecting (or new-to-diapering) mamas to see how others have theirs set-up...gives great ideas. I love seeing other people's set-ups & stashes.
So...show us... :
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Oh my word. That is the most gorgeous stash I have ever seen!

I love the setup...bravo!
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That is gorgeous. I will have to get around to posting a picture of mine.
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I am in awe. No words...
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Originally Posted by mjskowalski
I am in awe. No words...

Take a picture AFTER the baby arrives LOL

I just have to ask....all of that is for ONE baby??? HOLY SMOKES!

I also wanted to know where the lines starts to wait for your grand opening of "selling off your stash" when the time comes
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OOH, OOH I want to be in line too!
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Wow! That is an awesome stash! Mine is nowhere NEAR as great of that. I'm totally jealous!!

Love it!
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: I'm almost embarrassed by how much $ I've spent on it all.
But I have rationalized it by this:

#1- I have CDed previous babes without any $ (when we were younger) by buying whatever I could find used locally. And then frugally CDed other babes with simple, mass-produced stashes that were very plain.

#2- When my "baby" (now 3.5yo) was 1 I found WAHM & hyena dipes & had missed having the fun of CDing a NB with sweet stuff.

#3- We were TTC for 2 years & I bought several items in that time for the baby-to-be.

#4- I lost a baby (conceived just after we had seen a dr for infertility!) in December who I had bought items for.

#5- Since this is our 6th baby (and 5th girl!) there is VERY little that we needed to buy. We have clothes, carseats, toys, etc. We don't use a crib or a lot of other "baby gear"...so really the only items I could buy were CDs or baby carriers. (although I did buy some items that were new for this baby...like kimono tees that hadn't been thru several other babes LOL)

#6- We are in a better financial position now than we were with other babes (not rich, by any stretch of the imagination, but not dirt poor as we once were when we had our first babe & were still in school, KWIM?)

#7- We will (God-willing) be able to reuse all of this stuff for a future baby...we're not sure that we can have another baby...but we hope to be able to have the 7th that we'd always planned on having.

#8- I can (can be the operative word ) sell it all when I'm done with it...for all the $ I've spent it's not thrown away as it literally would be with sposies...even if I'd spent say $3000 on CDs...I'd spend that on sposies but they'd have NO resale value (nor could they be reused on a baby sibling). I could sell all of my stash for at least 1/2 of what I've paid for it. Try selling a used sposie for 1/2 of what you'd paid for it.

#9- Since most of my stash is WAHM- I'm helping other mamas stay at home with their families.

#10- Most of the time our baby will wear longies & a tee or dress...so the longies double as clothes. (not just a diapering item)

#11- And please- do note- that in the pics LOTS of the items are pictured several times in different "collections".

So...hmmm...kinda the same arguement I had with DH the other night I would have still CDed with the PFs & flats (that make up 1/2 my stash) and been just as thrilled with it. So...is it frivolous? Yeah...probably...but if you're gonna spend $ on something...what could be cuter? Lots of people have things they collect...right?
Admittedly, though...I spend more $ on CDs than I do new clothes for me. :
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Well I love it! And I couldn't argue with any of your reasons, very well justified! And I think you've set the standard for organization as well and if I had the space I could only dream of something like that! If that was my stash I'd probably frame an 8 x 12 and hang it in my office at work

When I was buying cds I just thanked god that DH wasn't collecting the mail every day

very impressive!
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Wow and double wow!! That is one gorgeous setup and stash! I must admit I'm jealous (of the setup AND stash)!
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Beautiful set up! I love it! I'm going to be setting up a changing area and place to store baby's clothing in our master bedroom for my baby on the way, and your pics are very inspiring! We co-sleep, and our room will also serve as the "nursery" for quite awhile.

I'm hesitant to post pics of our changing areas, but I really love looking at other peoples' changing stations/set ups so I'll do it. I hope others do too! It's like getting a peek into what cloth diapering really looks like in real life.

I just redid our upstairs area, so this pic is recent. My 1yo was having a hay day removing diapers from the bottom shelf of her changing table, and there was a lot of stuff on there that we never used anyway so I simplified big time. I put toys on the bottom and left only a dozen prefolds and a few covers at that area.

We have another changing area downstairs in our laundry room that we use probably 90% of the time. It's no frills, but I love it. So practical to be that close to the washer on wash day, and it keeps me from having to run upstairs for diaper changes several times a day.

I hope others will post pics too!
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My stash is so...inadequate
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I love everything! I love the new KHW T&T diapers. I'll be watching to see photos.

When are you due?
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I love it all! I am completely jealous You've got no need to justify your spending to anybody I'm not about to photograph my insanely large yarn stash I spread it out in different rooms so I don't have to face the enormity of it all at one time
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Wow! I love the color scheme pics. Ok, have to go wipe the drool from my keyboard now.
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Must be nice......

to have room for your diapers.

Very pretty, love it. Like a previous poster at one point in time ds' diapers were in every room we had, his room, our room and the living room and bathrooms. Its was so annoying. Now everything is just stacked on the washer and dryer with random diapers falling off and a huge laundry line for all the wool across from it making it a pain to go to through the hallway. Someday when we move, again, I hope to be able to have my (well the kids) diapers set up to where when I pull out one just one comes out, not the whole stack.

Here is our somewhat current setup pictures (missing about 15 diapers). Set up
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Originally Posted by Piffle

I love everything! I love the new KHW T&T diapers. I'll be watching to see photos.

When are you due?
September I can't wait...I'm SO excited!!!
Hey Jesse...did you get the email I sent you a few days ago?
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Love all the greens, so cute!
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Your collection is so beautiful that I wouldn't even want to put it on my baby. I would just display them every once and awhile and stare in complete awe. I love the way you put the colors together into different "themes".

How in the world did you acquire so many elbees and MMs?

I've never had the pleasure of owning either-not that I've really tried.

I'm just speechless! No matter how sleep-deprived you will be with baby, once you see one of these CDs, it is sure to give you a perk.

I would love to see these pics as sticky's to inspire newbies and maybe convert others to the delight that can be found in the CD world.

Here's my organized stash, minus my new Pattnaps fitteds acquisitions:
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The MMs...I started collecting for the new baby about a year & a half ago when we were TTC. Back then they were impossible to get. So...a lotta stocking & a lotta bidding (on FFA auctions).
Morwenna is by far my favorite knitting WAHM...she does an amazing job & always completes items on time...I have never had a single problem with her & has done some gorgeous customs for my older DD that we will prob never be able to part with. DD still wears her longies to bed even though she long ago PLed.

The Elbees...the plain ones & NB purple one are all used (some purchased on Ebay for far more than I should have paid : )
The print ones & dyed OV were part of my custom order. I think I may have had one of the last #s that came up in Jan 05 (a # that I'd gotten the previous April I think) when Laura was doing what I think (now) was one of the last rounds of customs. I waited until spring of this year for some of it...but Laura was super sweet & asked me if I wanted a refund (when she had delays...pregnancy problems, fussy baby then moving across country) but I preferred to wait since I knew it could take a bit for my next # to come up. (and because the dipes I'd ordered were for a baby-to-be, KWIM?) The red OV NB one was a gift from her for patiently waiting.
I have other #s too...but now that she has been diagnosed with cancer I don't think she'll be working on diapers again anytime soon.
Poor Laura...I feel awful for her...she really is the sweetest WAHM...honest & just wonderful. Her little baby, Poppy is only 1 & Finn is only 4. I can't even imagine what she's going thru right now.
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