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thuja oil??

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My 5yo dd has some molluscum contagiosum on her bod (about 50)...
i was told that thuja oil works to get rid of them - I'm having a hard time finding info about thuja oil (how to use, dilute? how often?)...anyone?
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We do thuja orally. But I suppose I'm not the best to give advice on this since we've been dealing with it for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS!!!!!! I'm a little frustrated, canya tell??

We actually haven't been using it the whole time. We tried the wait it out approach for a long, long time. Then we started with comfrey ointment, then the thuja...and I did notice that they weren't lasting as long. But I often forgot to give them so I went with the aldara : to try and get rid of them before my last was born. Unfortunately we didn't get them all and they are back. We're using the thuja again.

There is a discussion (actually a few) on the health and healing board.
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I don't understand the difference between Thuja and cedarwood/cedarleaf. I suppose it's a different specie.

I have cedarwood oil at home, but I don't think it's the same Latin name, so maybe that's it. Oh, okay, just looked it up. What I have is Juniperus virginiana, nevermind.

Everywhere I've heard of Thuja mentions that it's toxic and causes uterine contractions that promote abortions. It's also hazardous to people with seizure disorders. Perhaps if you could tell me the entire latin name or the full common name, I can help you research a bit more. There are several varieties of Thuja. The toxic one is Thuja occidentalis.



This link has information on dosage.
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The contents say: "Made from fresh THUJA LEAF (Thuja occidentalis) and 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil".....This is the link to the actual product...


I keep reading that it should NEVER be used - but if that is the case why is it recommended by several herbalists I've spoken to, without any type of disclaimer?? I was planning on mixing it with some castor oil or cocnut oil to dilute it...I'm puzzled now....
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I've never heard that it was toxic It was recommended to be by a couple of herbalists and I specifically asked if it was safe to use in my kids...and in me because I was pregnant at the time and even though I wasn't going to use it myself it would have raised some red flags if they'd said no. I know that alot of homeopathic remedies are toxic...but they're in such small doses when you take them they don't do anything harmful. Ihaven't checked out those links yet, though.

I did google it when I first got it too. Hmmm....
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I saw a lot of online shops say "We have banned/discontinued use of this product. For informational purposes, we have posted the link to Thuja."

Many oils, if diluted in carrier oils like olive oil, have toxic effects minimized. It may or may not be suitable for children, and definitely should not be used by pregnant women under any circumstances if there is any hint of toxicity or uterine contractions.

Some aromatherapists are merely massage therapists, some are are herbalists. I would hope that the ones that studied all the oils for their medicinal value would know which ones are harmful to certain types of people and know the contraindications, like: avoid if pregnant, known for photo-toxicity, do not use if you have high blood pressure, do not use if you have seizure disorder, not safe for infants under 12 months, etc. Those are very basic standards, I would say :

Anyway, natural stuff can be potent and isn't safe all the time. I think that's why mainstream products are so widely accepted and there's usually smaller chances of massive side effects or allergies.

I know somebody will blast me for saying that, but it's the reason why mainstream products were created -- for the convenience of use and for general safety.
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I skimmed the sites and it appears they only have issues with the oil. I haven't heard anything negative about thuja except taking the eo internally. I also called today and was told that the eo is toxic...but the pills (or whatever you call the teenytiny balls) are ok.
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