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Pelvic pressure

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Hi. Starting yesterday, I began to feel these strange low pelvic pressures. Is anyone else experience this? Does this mean the baby dropped? Does it mean anything?
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I don't konw what it means, but I've been having pain/pressure down there for about 2 months now. And now when I squat down on the floor to play with my daughter, it's almost unbearable. Ugh.
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i have a lot of pressure. kinda. it feels like my hips need to be wider. i wish i could pull them apart. when i squat and feel around the bones it feels tender.
is that kinda how it feels?

this started off an on about 2ish months ago and has gotten increasingly more painful in the last few weeks. i think its mostly extra blood, pressure from growing heads (or butts or extra kicks in the bladder/cervix.) i don't remember ds dropping at all until labor so i am a little unfamiliar with this is as well BUT i don't think my dd has dropped permanently or at the moment (some days shes lower).
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I started feeling the pressure about two weeks ago (at 34wks), and it's been getting worse. It's like my hips are spreading. It feels very uncomfortable when I walk, mostly. Squats and rolling/bouncing on my labor ball have been helpful. I guess it means we're getting ready, right?
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Hmm, I'm having pelvic "pain/discomfort" that I get when I squat or when I sleep getting increasingly worse over the last 2 months. But I wopuldn't describe it as pressure... baby's head is down & has begun to engage, but not fully, & I don't feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs or anything.

So I'm chalking the pelvic pain up to the softening of my joints due to progesterone & relaxin & hoping that means I'll have a nice big passage for baby.
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