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Ideas for a baby celebration?

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Hi Mamas,

I've just decided I want to throw a small celebration for the new baby that will soon be joining our family, but I'm stuck for interesting ideas. We DON'T want to do a traditional baby shower-- we don't need any more stuff!-- just a time for everyone we're close to to come together and share in the joy of the baby.

I would love to incorporate some sort of specific thing that everyone can bring to contribute to-- ie if I was a quilter everyone could bring a square of fabric for a baby quilt, or everyone could bring a bead for a necklace, etc etc. I'm super stuck on a great idea for that, however.

Has anyone else panned something like this? What did you do to make it really special and meaningful and not just an ordinary party?

Thanks for the ideas!
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i'm looking for ideas too.

You could ask everyone bring a scrapbooking page that you can just add pics to.

You could ask everyone to bring an inexpensive book instead of a card.

sorry I am not more help!
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I really like the book idea, kind of a "bring your favorite childhood book" party. It would be really fun to see what you got.

Or have everyone come with one wish for this child - have them write it down and add those wishes to a scrapbook.
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You could have everyone bring a "recipe", such as recipes for "Family Game Night", "Our Favorite Popcorn Balls", "An Indoor Campout", etc. Or favorite food recipes. Or favorite quotes. Or you could do the party at one of those "paint your own pottery" places, and buy a big platter and have everyone decorate it together, maybe dividing it into squares.

Sounds like fun!
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IN the past, I have thrown "showers" for friends where everyone brought a casserole of some kind and the mama-to-be- got to bring home the leftovers for the freezer. If people bring lasagna, soups, stews and freezable stuff it can be a really nice way to have some portioned out food for after the baby comes. Plus the host only has to spend time/money on drinks, desserts and tupperware
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I'd like to have some sort of welcome party too. We aren't having a shower and we don't really need anything either, but I feel bad that his birth will just get glanced over. How long after the baby are you going to wait? Will you have it at your house or someone else's? I like some of these theme ideas, especially the book one (I made my dh build me a little room in the basement just for my books, lol).
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We had a shower but one thing they did really touched me. My friend had everyone write down a bit of parenting advice on a piece of pretty paper and she made a "treasure box" to keep them in. You could also do a wish to the baby like a previous poster suggested.

I've thought of having a "meet the baby" party but have no clue how to do it without having it look like we want gifts.
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We're having a meet the baby party.
I would guess about 3-4 weeks after baby comes ( so i can be more comfortable with bfing) and it is NOT going to be at my house.
I dont want to have to be dealing with a newborn, a toddler and getting my house clean! MY MIL offered to have it there.

Keep the ideas coming!

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Ah, I should have stated ours is going to be before the baby comes. I couldn't imagine trying to plan a party with a newborn and a toddler to take care of

These are great ideas!
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