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August Mamas!

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Hey all.

I had my ultrasound level two today and all looks good. When I went in with my age of 40 statistics say 1 in 90 babies born are downs but now that this went well it changes the numbers to 1 in 180 so I feel better and my sugar test was normal. So I am ready to celebrate Cha Cha tomorrow.
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KJ - I'm so glad your visit went well! That is awesome. By the way I did get your PM and I will try to call you this week. I love to cook, so would love to share with you. I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier but was out of town.
Hope everyone is well. I will go for my US on 3/27. I think we've decided to be suprised and not learn the sex of our babe! Gotta work.......

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Thanks for starting this thread, Kathy Jo! I meant to after that post, but then got distracted by work...imagine that! Work?!?
And congratulations on your u/s! That is great news!

I had mine today, and the wee one looks great! So happy and relieved! Plus, we did find out...we're having a girl! It was soooo cute to see dh watching the baby on the u/s screen...he was amazed! The whole experience was fabulous. And we have pictures of her cute little nose to boot!
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Thanks for starting this thread, Kathy Jo! I meant to after that post, but then got distracted by work...imagine that. Work?!?
And congratulations on your u/s, that is great news!

I had mine today, and the wee one looks great! So happy and relieved. Plus, we did find out...we're having a girl! It was soooo cute to see dh watching the baby on the u/s screen...he was amazed. The whole experience was fabulous. And we have pictures of her cute little nose to boot!

Good luck next week, Nikki!
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Oops, I messed up Sorry
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Greetings, everybody! So good to hear how well folks are doing. I'm not due until late August, so I'm a few weeks behind a bunch of you, but overall I'm feeling really good, too!

The big thing I've been struggling with (both physically and worry-wise) has been pelvic and lower back pain, but after starting a prenatal yoga class and seeing a great physical therapist yesterday, I'm so much more optimistic about managing it.

We don't have a U/S until 4/9. Still haven't decided about whether to learn the baby's gender or not. DH wants to this time (we didn't with DS), but I just go back and forth. Agh! At this moment I'm leaning toward not finding out, but who knows where I'll be in three weeks.

Anybody else having trouble sleeping? I wake up 35 times a night and then take forever to get back to sleep -- no matter how exhausted I am. OK, so I'm exaggering a BIT. But still!

Peace to one and all,
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Darcy, I feel the same way. I swear I don't sleep longer than 20 minutes at a stretch. I took a 2 hour nap today though. I think we are all coming down with something.

we have our us on monday. We are gonna wait and be suprised about the sex
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I see the Dr again tomorrow and hope to find out the baby's sex. So far, things with the pregnancy seem to be going okay still. The Dr checks every time I see him to make sure that the loss of Mica isn't negatively impacting Sam, and so far, Sam has been doing fine... hopefully it will stay that way!!!

I only wake up 3x a night to go pee these days (much better than before!) I do have trouble getting comfortable every couple of nights -- like I am SO tired that I just can't get to sleep. I still need 8-10 hours of sleep a night to function during the day, but in the first trimester, I was needing 12-14 hours of sleep + naps to survive.... it was nuts...

My DP is still unemployed (2 months now) and $ is getting tighter and tighter -- we really thought she'd be able to find a job by now.... It is getting really discouraging. I changed from her health insurance (it was GREAT) to my pitiful company insurance -- and I just got accepted for Medicaid as a secondary insurance to help cover our out of pocket expenses. DP still is with out insurance and so is DS who is 19 now. Kinda scary them being without insurance.... especially DP because she has asthma, arthritis and diabetes.

I have been looking for great deals on cloth diapers on ebay and the trading post.... I figured I would get some now while we still has SOME money -- since I didn't know how much worse it would get until it got better. We are at the point of DP looking for work outside of Tulsa (if it's in her field) and here in Tulsa, she is looking outside of her field at other types of positions and STILL NO LUCK!!!!

I am 19 weeks this week -- can't believe we are almost 1/2 way!!! Anyone else finding that hard to believe???

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I just had my ultrasound today. Didn't want one, dh did, soo, I caved. But we did not/will not find out sex. It was very reassuring to know that the placenta is up nice and high, nowhere near cervix or scar. One less obstacle. My hospital doesn't want to do vbacs anymore. After all, ACOG says you should have 24 hour anesthesia present. Ugh. Well, I'll show them when I give birth in the foyer. Halfway there. Yay. It's really getting to the fun stuff now, isn't it? I love those little kicks
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Wow, it's ultrasound week I guess!! Glad they all went well! I didn't have one w/ dd and don't plan to this time unless something comes up. So hopefully I won't need too!

I've been feeling pretty good too! It's great to finally have that m/s gone and a tiny bit more energy. Still taking naps most days though.

Anyone else having name dilemas? I can't find any that I like. Or else a friend or family member used the name I like for their kids!
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Hello all!

Annais, congratulations on your little girl! I won't be finding out the gender! I do have an ultrasound scheduled April 1st, because the first one I had (to see if I was carrying twins) showed my placenta laying low, so my midwife just wants to make sure it corrected itself! Otherwise, I wouldn't be having this u/s!

I'm feeling much better than I was ,I really want to start working out again. I'm gaining weight where i should not be, I was doing so well pre-pg, with my work outs and feeling healthy, I want to feel that way again.

I've also been feeling the baby more regularly now, it's great! So Annais, were are now 19 wks, is that right? (we have the same due date!)

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Thanks, mamasoleil!!!!!

I will officially be 19 weeks on Sunday, so I guess I'm 18 1/2 weeks. I didn't realize that we had the same due date!!! How exciting! The u/s tech said that our baby was measuring at 19 weeks, and I think I usually ovulate around day 11 or 12, so I could officially be 19 weeks. It's kind of funny, 'cause dh didn't want to find out the gender, and now he's so glad he knows; I think it helps him bond with her more. But it would also be fun to find out on the babe's birthday, too!

Good luck with your u/s, mamasoleil. I'm sure that placenta has moved right on out of the way!
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I'm feeling the baby squirm SO much now. It's so amazing (but a little strange to get used to!)!!

We had a little vacation last week and I slept horribly while gone, but I'm sleeping better than ever now that we're back home! I'm crossing my fingers that this trend keeps up. I still wake up to pee about 2x each night, but at least I can easily fall asleep again.

We're also skipping the ultra sound unless the midwife decides there's a good reason. It amazes me how many funny responses I've gotten from people when they ask. It seems that "EVERYONE" get an ultrasound these days and it's SO strange not to. No one knows what to say.

We're having a terrible time with boy names. Smeta, I'm having the same problem as you. Don't like any names or the ones I do like have recently been used by a close friend. DH doesn't seem to think that's a problem and we should just pick a name we like. But I have mixed feelings about most of the names that we sort of agree on! I'm convinced the baby will be born and we still won't have a name. I guess worse things could happen....

Happy almost 1/2 way point everyone!!! I can't believe it!
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We have solved the name dilemma. After 4 kids we finally figured it out.

We just don't talk about it til they are born. That is what we did with Sarah and it worked great.
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congrats on all the good news mamas. My ultrasound (my one and only) is Monday morning. I'm 20 weeks tomorrow.

We're hoping that if theres a fibroid its not anywhere near my cervix hindering vbac chances... and of course we're really hopin theres no fibroid at all.

I also will hope that baby will cooperate so we can find out gender. We have decided we need time if it is a boy to make plans and decisions, so we do want to know. Tho i have to say i'm so SURE its a third girl. lol

lots of movement now, and braxton hicks like crazy. Anyone else extremely congested or is it just me in arizona after the rain? actually i've been congested since december! I wake up every 2-3 hours all night to use the restroom and blow my nose lol

as for names... i don't think we'll decide till baby comes. I really want to name a girl for my mom, she passed 11 years ago. Her name was Anita Eve and i want to use Eve or Eva. So i like
Eva Saige alot right now. Dh isn't so sure tho.

anyway.. will post on Monday after my u/s. But looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing!
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Re: wow

Originally posted by Colorful~Mama
I'm 20 weeks tomorrow.

Me too! How funny is that. I am having my U/S next week. I heard of people putting a sign on their forehead "Don't tell me the Gender"

I must say I haven't felt much kicking yet, nor too tired. Just lately I'm getting menstrual-type backaches. Of course the vivid dreams and waking up at least once a night.

Has anyone else on their 1st pregnancy felt nothing too out of the ordinary yet? I'm just beginning to fit into maternity clothes (and I'm not that small when not pg!)
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I am in my first pregnancy and haven't really felt movement yet -- One reason we know this is the case for me is that the placenta is on the front of the uterus and when the baby kicks and moves, it hits that placenta -- the Dr and Midwife have both said that it will take until the uterus stretches more and the baby can land some blows that DON'T hit the placenta for me to feel movement -- maybe it is the same for you, who knows!?

I am also edd 8/15/03 -- guess there was alot of activity around and about Nov 20th ;-)

My dr appt got rescheduled until tomorrow (monday), so hopefully I will learn the sex tomorrow -- if the baby cooperates this time! If not, then hey it will just continue to be mystery baby!

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I am 20 wks, 1 day now! More than halfway there, esp because I'm carrying twins...

I had my very first (ever) BH contraction yesterday. I didn't have any, or rather, didn't feel any with my daughter, and I think that becaus my uterus is fuller than that pregnancy, I'll be feeling much more.

I can't remember if I posted in this thread about our US... we had one March 11 and found out that we are expecting a boy and a girl. There are also a few "problems" that have arrisen-- Baby Boy has a SUA and no abnormalities have been found, but I have an echocardiogram scheduled for next week sometime to check more closely. My perinatologist thinks I may have an underlying kidney problem that has never been diagnosed that is causing elevated blood pressure and protein loss. We won't know anything until after I deliver, but for now, we'll have to treat this like it was a plain ole case of preeclampsia (I had it the first time around, too). I also only have one uterine artery that is functioning properly. Oh, joy. It basically all means that I have to rest more than I normally would and more doctors' visits between now and when I deliver, with an induction or c-section more likely than before (if something goes wrong, they will deliver right away). It's hard to imagine that my babies might be here in 3 months or so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for August, though.

The babies are squirming around like crazy, and even at this early stage, it gets uncomfortable at times... something that didn't happen until I was 30+ weeks along with dd! I guess everything is different when you're expecting twins.

So far the only complaints I have are the incredible back aches (I seriously look like I am 8 months pregnant) and the overall tiredness. I'm guessing both of those are only going to get worse, though... I guess I should get used to it!

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another August 15th due date here- geez, must have been something in the air that day!!!! I'm doing well now that the MS has passed- not too tired or achey. I haven't found out the sex yet, but have an U/S in a couple of weeks, so will then.
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just thinking it is cool that we have four of us due in August from Minneapolis on this thread, nostrow, seagan, smeta and me. You are all cool though.

My ds turned two on Wednesday and he has not weaned sense. I was hoping he would wean by his second birthday and he did. I am happy about it.

I am about 20 weeks and have not felt any movement yet. I heard you always feel movement earlier with number two. I don't remember when it started for number one.
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