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Will I know when Baby 'drops'?

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The thread title pretty much sums it up. I've read that first time moms should expect baby to drop sooner than moms who have already had one or more. Will it be obvious to me when this happens? Is it a very gradual thing?

I haven't had any real discomfort or difficulty taking deep breaths, so I'm worried that I won't notice any difference. I just really don't know what to expect and it's a milestone that I want to note, you know?

So, if it's happened to you, tell me about it! I feel in need of personal accounts because this book learnin' isn't relieving my stress!
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I'd been wondering the same thing. I've been carrying "high" the whole pregnancy... until about a week or so ago, and the baby dropped a little. Not much. Now, instead of looking really high, I look "normal." It's nice to breathe easier, but now the head is down in my pelvis. I think it's a gradual thing -- at least for me it is.
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Maybe. Maybe not.
I couldn't tell with my first, though people told me it looked like I had.
They say you often don't drop until labor with successive babies. But I never felt any different with my second baby. And I swear I dropped a couple of weeks ago with this one.
Maybe someone else has a more scientific answer.

- Krista
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I could never tell with my first, some of our friends made comments like "did you drop" etc, but I could never tell.

This time around, I still have no idea.
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I never looked (or felt) like I dropped with #1. It's just not something that happens to every woman, so don't worry too much if it isn't something you can pinpoint!
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I couldn't tell exactly when it happened with my first but by 32 weeks I knew that it had. I was having less problems being short of breath and saw this picture of myself:

which was way lower than I had been!
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I was wondering too. Baby was way up in my ribs yesterday, today he is lower. I'm not sure if he'll bounce back up or not. He's done that a couple times, lol. Guess I'll know if he stays low.
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IMO, it's not generally a sudden thing, it's gradual. For my first, it happened over the course of the last few weeks. The baby doesn't just suddeenly drop into the pelvis. *lol*
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I just joined this discussion group, heard about it through a co-worker... My first baby, a girl, is due August 29. I hope she does drop, because she's way up high in my ribs and I've had such problems breathing! It would be nice to breathe a little easier soon!
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