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what to do about my BF 14 m old refusing to eat?

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Summer is almost 15 months old. I cannot get her to eat solid foods on a regular basis. The only thing she will eat for breakfast is an egg. And thats like twice a week! I have tried EVERYTHING. Lunch and dinner is SO hard. She like noodles and zuchinni. Thats about it. She begs for cheese, but just likes to smoosh it. She begs for apples too, but bites it and spits it out ( she will demolish a whole apple that way!) The only fruit she will actually eat is a nectarine. She dislikes bread, but does eat crackers.

She never did like baby food and refused to eat it. She is 22 pounds and my smallest baby. Should I be worried about her lack of interest in solids? She nurses about 4 times a day, and several times at night. I dont know how many exactly since it is an open bar at night LOL. I have had her iron levels checked and they are fine. She is healthy.

Any creative ideas on how to get her to eat? Is this normal for a breastfed baby? Thanks so much for any advise you can give me!
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My 13 month old dd just became interested in solids. She also weighs 22 lbs., still nurses all the time too. She prefers to eat from our plates. She doesn't like sitting in her high chair with food that we cut up for her. She likes to take bites from big pieces of our food. Strange, I know. I don't think she would eat solids at all if we didn't do this. If your babe seems healthy in other ways, I wouldn't worry too much about it, just keep trying and I'm sure she'll come around. I definately think this is normal for a bf baby.
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Yeah, I'd try not to worry about it too much, though I know it's hard advice to follow. And it must be challenging to tryo to avoid compaaring all of your children- but your "smallest" baby is about the size hat my only one was at that age. He didn't start to like more than a few select foods until he was closer to 2. He still doesn't have the most versatile of tastes, we usually rotate amongst the same 5 or 6 meals for lunches and dinners (grilled cheese, mac n' cheese, noodles and olive oil, scrambled eggs and toast, chicken nuggets, with plenty of fruits and veggies, which he will eat), and he eats the same breakfast (yogurt and an organic toaster waffle) six mornings a week (we go out to the bagel shop on Sundays!) He is still nursing 2X a day at 2.5 years old, and I really have stopped worrying as I've seen his continued growth and development. If you read these boards a lot, you will notice yours is a rather common concern, which should help you feel a little better about it!
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DD is also sometimes mildly interesting in solids at 14.5 months. Some days she amazes me how much (in comparison to other days) she eats. Most days, she does not eat that much, sometimes refusing anything after one bite. I try to offer a variety, try to give her what I am eating, or take her out of her chair and hold her while I am eating my food. This sometimes works. Other times I let her walk around and feed her on the run, so to speak. I definitely think that she is sometimes more willing to eat this way. My mother told me that I was setting myself up for bad habits, but I can't think that it is that bad, at least for sometimes?

Maybe some of these things work, maybe not, but if she seems healthy, I would just continue to offer her healthy options and eventually she will eat.
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I posted a lot about the same issue when my ds was 12-16 months and was just not into eating at all. I tried to not worry, but it is really unnerving, I know.

He JUST started showing interest in eating at 18 months - this was when his molars came in, and I'm convinced it's connected to his interest in food. I can't believe it, he is REALLY eating now.

He has always been tiny, too. He's still not even 22 pounds (almost 19 months), so I wouldn't worry if I were you! At 15 months, he was about 19.5 pounds.

The time will come, she will surely show an interest in food when SHE is ready. In the meantime, just give her what she'll take and don't make an issue out of it in front of her.
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I agree with letting your baby eat "on the run" as a solution. My son had no patience whatsoever for sitting in a high chair, and he would take only one or two bites bfore wiggling and squirming to get free. Sometimes the issue seemed to be that he didn't want to sit, not that he didn't want to eat. If I brought his unfinished plate of food into the living room where he wanted to play, he would often eat a few more bites while playing.

The other thing I'm remembering is that until a few months ago, he would eat ONLY IF I was reading books to him, or drawing pictures for him, or letting him play with stickers at the same time. It was as if eating itself didn't provide him with enough stimulation- he got bored. So, we needed to be doing something else, even if it was a sedentary activtiy, during the meal time. And no, I don't think we established bad habits because he is 2.5 and has already outgrown those needs.
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Re: what to do about my BF 14 m old refusing to eat?

The norm for our species is to consume only breastmilk for the first year, and then mostly breastmilk for the second year, with solids making up a minority of the diet. If she's healthy and growing, don't worry about it! Just keep breastfeeding her, keep feeding her the foods that she does like, and every once in a while offer her something new. The most important thing to establishing good dietary habits is to make sure you keep mealtimes positive, pleasureable experiences. My SIL used to force-feed my nephew, and I wanted to scream! Keep giving her apple to chew on and spit out -- she's probably absorbing some of it. Have you ever tried Organic baby food? I wouldn't want to eat most jarred baby foods, either -- yuck!
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Thanks for the replies. I guess I will just stop worrying about it and relax. As long as she is happy and healthy, I am okay with it
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