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Have I mentioned how much I love my OB? He doesn't even weigh you at your 1week postnatal appt! But I was curious, so I asked them to weigh me.

At my one week postnatal appt, I was 10kg (~22lbs) less than my 41 week appt. I've got about 7kg (~15.5lbs) to go...
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Down 20lbs. at 2 weeks pp. 7-12 left to go. Tandem nursing rocks!
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nak! (so probably lost another # as we speak!)

6 days past c-section and down 20 lbs. Thats purely nursing because I'm not moving around much. My belly is nearly back to flat and I love my bellybutton. So much cuter than before! I think I might get it pierced in celebration!
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I haven't got a scale at home, and my 6-week postpartum checkup isn't for another couple of weeks, so I don't know for sure how much I've lost. I gained a total of 32 lbs with the pregnancy, and I'm willing to bet that I've lost most of the weight already. My belly is mostly flat...not back to how it was before, but still, it looks decent, I suppose. It's flatter than the bellies of many women who have NOT just given birth, so I probably should not complain. So I think I'm fairly close to being at my prepregnancy weight.
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I'm 9 days postpartum (I guess I should probably post a thread saying that I had the baby, huh ) and I've gone from 149 to 130. I was 131 when I got out of the hospital so I'm holding steady, but any loss I've had is counter balanced by the boobs I've gained. My waistline has gone from just under 42 inches around to 33 inches as of this morning. I was just under 28 inches when I got pregnant so I've got a few inches to go.

Funny little story here. They weighed me when I first got to the hospital and I was at 149. I was at 9 cm so the broke my water. A bit later I got up and walked around and I don't know why I stepped back on the scale, but I did and I was down to 142. I had changed from my clothing into a gown, but that could only be a pound at the most. That means that I lost about 6 or 7 pounds just from having my water broken. I seemed so much smaller after they broke it, and after stepping on the scale it was obvious why.
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Beth ~ Holly cow!! that's a lot of water!!
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Down 16 lbs as of this morning. Haven't had much appetite even though R is nursing tons. Weird because I regularly ate 2 dinners when nursing DD1
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it's amazing reading these posts
you know I haven't even bothered weighing myself yet - because I know I will find it depressing - none of my old clothes anywhere near fit yet and I'm sure they won't for some time ...........
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I'm 5 days PP and weigh 9 lbs less than I did right before she was born. I just don't understand the math - deliver a 10 lb baby and the placenta and only weigh 9 lbs less? Go figure.
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I actually gained weight immediately after the the birth ... probably thanks to the many, many bags of IV fluid I got during and after birth. : I was unbelievably swollen for about 10 days afterwards.

Now, 3.5 weeks later, I'm down about 20 pounds out of about 30 gained. My belly is nowhere near flat, though!
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So 3 days PP and I've only lost 11lb Nothing like iwth my DS#1 I lost 20lb just from the birth!!! Now I have to lose 40lb to get to pre-pregnancy weight! Ouch! : I have a feeling it's not gonna be as easy as it was with DS #1.
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I gained a total of 30lbs, lost all of it in the week following the birth (due to stress, bubs was in the NICU for 2 weeks) but put it all (yes all!!!) back in the months following.

Ds is 7 1/2 m/o and Ive got 10lbs to go until my pre-preg weight. Pretty good really when I didnt lift a finger towards losing any.
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22 lbs. down at 13 days -- 23 left to go!

I agree that tandem nursing ROCKS!
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I'm back at pre-pg weight. I am 4 1/2 weeks pp. I got pregnant 2 1/2 months after Bailee passed away. I have another 25lbs to lose. I'm able to wear normal pants just can't button the top comfortably. Talk about forcing them on!! I still wear my maternity jeans because they are comfy. I'm going to get into an exercising routine soon. That should help!
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I got weight yesterday and i only had 3lbs left to be at the same weight as when i went in for the first visit with this dr. Then i have about 30-40lbs left to lose from just being overweight. *sign* Hopefully i won't be too hungry and eating all the time to be able to lose it with just bf and healthy eating.
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I gained 13 lbs with this pg and it's all off now at 1 week 2 days pp. : I am hoping to lose about 17lbs more to get back to my 'ideal' weight. I was surprised that I am still what I was when I got married 2 yrs ago!
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I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight (2.5w PP)... but I'm tandem nursing, so I'm sure that's burning a ton of calories!

(BTW, please note that I said pre-pregnancy weight NOT shape. My boobs are like watermelons and I still have a squishy belly!)
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Down 25 at 3 weeks pp (134) without moving my behind at all in this awful heat. I have another 5-10 to go. Did I mention that I tandem nursing!?
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Down 22 lbs at 13 days PP. 8 more to go for pre-preg weight though realistically I keep 5 lbs extra when I'm nursing.

Shorts still don't fit though... I can button them but they're tight and my belly hangs over the top : My hips are definitely wider this time around. I think they are shrinking back - my bones have been really achy this week. I'm hoping that gets me back into my wardrobe... DH is getting irritated with me stealing his shorts!
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I got into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans today (my biggest pair but still... : ). It took me 6+ months last time!
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