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Should I offer both breasts?

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I'm wondering about this. Ds is 3 1/2 months old. He wants to nurse every 2 hours or sometimes more. When he nurses, he keeps sucking even though nothing is coming out (or not much anyway). Is it common for a baby to empty both breasts? I'm wondering if I should let him take both. Maybe the feedings will space out a little more since he'll be more full? I just always thought they only needed one side per feeding?
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Every baby is different: some prefer both breasts at a feeding, some like just one. You can certainly try burping and then offering the other breast, but don't sweat it either way. As long as he does nurse on both breasts fairly equally throughout the day (for your own comfort), it should be fine.

But don't assume that he'll go longer between feedings if you offer both breasts, because it won't necessarily happen. The breasts continually make more milk as the baby is nursing, so if he keeps sucking on one breast, he will keep getting milk. Offering the other will probably give him a faster flow, but otherwise he'll be getting the same amount either way. It sounds like he just prefers one breast per feeding, and there's nothing wrong with that. Basically, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

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My dd seems to want both breasts all the sudden she was only taking one and then I would offer her the other once she was done and pulled off well now I have had to start reoffering the same side bc once it quits coming out
fast she doesn't want to eat on that side anymore even though she hasn't
even got through 1 let down yet. Eventually she will eat more and then I
will offer the other side.
But it is whatever works for you and your babe.
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My kids (3 so far) never nursed on both sides in one feeding. They would stay on one side the whole time, then next time on the other. But you'll have to do what seems right for your baby. My babies alway nurse every 1 1/2 - 2 hours for the first several months, and really you wouldn't want to space it out much more than that. It's better for them and you to nurse more often (even though sometimes it seems like that's ALL you ever do! ) There really is no "right" answer to your question, you'll just have to try things out & see how it goes. If nursing on both sides helps - great, if not, just don't do it anymore. It won't hurt anything to try.
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Both my kiddos have been 2-breasts-per-feeding nursers, but all kids are different -- and of course their needs change from feeding to feeding (and as they grow). I make a habit of offering both breasts every time, just to make sure DD has gotten all she wants.
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I always offered both, but my kids were opposite. dd completely drained one and then completely drained the second in one feeding (and nursed every 4 hrs.- I swear you could've set your watch to her getting hungry! plus, I've never heard of a nursing baby going that long in between feedings!). ds drank only his fill off one and that was it. He wanted nothing to do with nursing until the next feeding. (which was less then 2 hrs later).
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