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Originally Posted by moma justice
my sister's pedi told her that
but his nurses were dumb and mean...they told me that we weren't "allowed" to not vax in "america"
and when she had a clogged tear duct/mild eye issue to wash her eyes out with johnson&johnson baby shampoo!

luckily i hung up and came here and moms told me to use breast milk in her eye, i cleared up that night!
actually, when my mother had a broken blood vessel or something along those lines (it was a long time ago, i don't remember clearly), she was told to put johnson and johnson's baby shampoo in it. it helped. she said it really was "no tears" and didn't bother her in the least.
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Originally Posted by moma justice
and when she had a clogged tear duct/mild eye issue to wash her eyes out with johnson&johnson baby shampoo!
OMG ouchies!
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When we found out we were having triplets, the nurse said that I would have to learn to let them cry. Also, every person (dr., nurse, lc, social worker, layperson) says "of course your supplementing" which would be why I got no support to bf my girls from the start.:
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DD1's first pediatrician told me at four months that she had to start eating cereal and that she had to have an iron supplement. When I questioned him on it, he condescendingly told me it was what the AAP recommended. I guess he figured that SAHM's were too stupid to log on to the Internet and check out what the AAP did actually recommend. Man, I wish I'd have written some letters about that jerk.

In the hospital with dd1, the nurses told me to make sure that dd was fully awake for her feedings. Nurse her, and then when she's ready to switch sides - change her diaper, etc. so she's awake. Oh my goodness, I didn't get any sleep for WEEKS! Sheesh.

On the flip side, even though I don't always see eye to eye with our family doc now - she trusts my judgment because she knows that I am an informed, involved mom. I want to take her with me when we move!!!!!
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I didn't think I had anything to contribute to this thread, but I think I might: when I was in the hosp with dd, I was talking to dh and my mom who were staying with me, and I was telling them about what I read in the continuum concept about how babies have no object permanence or sense of time, so if you leave, it's like you just disappeared for eternity- they don't know if you're coming back or not (I was trying to explain to my mother why I didn't want to let dd out of my sight or my arms), and a nurse overheard me and said, "On the flip side, if one minute is like eternity to them, you could leave them for hours, and it would only seem like a minute." I was really weak and out of it from blood loss, but I think I said something along the lines of "yeah, whatever." Can you believe that???
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Originally Posted by TripMom
Do we agree that the "What to Expect" book sucks?

Yep. It also had a crack about how working mothers "make up for their guilt" by co-sleeping. Way to slam working moms AND co-sleeping at the same time!
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I had a friend give my then 5 month old son sugar water : when she babysat him. I asked her what in the world was going on. She said he was hungry, well give him some FORMULA then : . She advised me to give this between feedings, and that sure was some bad advice.
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Our ped (who specializes in allergies, btw), told me at my second child's 4 month appointment "you can start mixing cereal into his formula now". I just looked at him, finally saying "Um, I am still exclusively breastfeeding." He looked shocked and said, "oh, well I guess you could pump some milk and mix the cereal in that."

Um, no, not with the current literature on avoiding allergies recommending we wait until 6 months at a minimum to introduce solids.

Honestly, hearing this sort of incorrect advice really undermines my faith that the doctor knows his job.

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the only thing i can think of is the old one about not picking up the baby--you might spoil them. :
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Originally Posted by Persephone
and a nurse overheard me and said, "On the flip side, if one minute is like eternity to them, you could leave them for hours, and it would only seem like a minute."
Why on Earth would anyone want to leave their newborn for hours? :
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These posts are incredible. Have these docs not looked at a medical journal in 15 years???

My 20 m.o. son had caught this bad flu bug going around; we finally took him to the doc after he'd been throwing up every couple of hours for 2 days. They said: "No dairy products! You must stop nursing immediately!" And then told me to go out and buy a lot of Pedialyte, because this bug lasted a week.

1. Breast milk is not cow's milk. Duh.

2. He wanted to nurse all the time because he felt so horrible. He did throw it up a couple of times, but then he was fine. For god's sake, what could be a better food for a barfing toddler than breast milk?? Takes care of nutrition and dehydration in one step. He only had it for about 3 days, not the 7 days they told me he would have it.

This at a highly-regarded university's health service--not just for students but faculty and staff too. I have been amazed at the stupid breastfeeding advice there--any little reason to stop nursing, they would tell me to do so. And the head of the pediatrics service was totally astounded that I had managed the superhuman feat of...nursing my own baby for 6 months (actually 7) exclusively. Shows what they are used to seeing there.
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A doctor told me it was a fine to wean my dd to cows milk at 6 months.
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The worst advice I got was from my SIL & MIL when my ds was almost 2 and I was pregnant with my dd. At this point I had been rocking him to sleep every night (we both enjoyed it) and they told me I had to stop. How would I be able to take care of a newborn if I still had to rock him to sleep? In my tired pregnancy brain this made sense and I tried it. It was torture for me. I continued to rock him to sleep. My dh took care of dd if she needed something while we were rocking. About 3 months after dd was born ds stopped wanting to be rocked to sleep. He got to big to get comfortable in my lap. I then proceeded to rock my dd to sleep for the next 2 years.
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When dd cut her two bottom teeth at 12 weeks, my MIL told me "Well obviously you need to stop breastfeeding now." WTF? I just looked at her, told her it would all be fine and just ignored her.
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Originally Posted by hajenkatt
When dd cut her two bottom teeth at 12 weeks, my MIL told me "Well obviously you need to stop breastfeeding now." WTF? I just looked at her, told her it would all be fine and just ignored her.
What is it with people thinking teeth mean no more nursing? My dd started teething at 5 weeks, guess I'm a little late in weaning her since she just turned two years old on July 10
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Ok - it's not the WORST advice ever, my Ped is pretty good, BUT:

I was told after the 4 month visit to start cereals, baby foods and solids and so I did. Later, I learned that it's not recommended until at least 6 months. So I asked the Ped why she told me to start solids at 4 mos when the AAP recommends 6. She told me "You're BF - 6 months is fine if you can keep up, but most people can't." mmm - maybe. But the thing is my kid was consistently in the 90th percetile for height and 70th for weight - so we were doing just fine!

Even if she believes 4 months to be the right time - Why would she start with the assumption that I couldn't keep up? Why not look at my baby, our charts, ask how BF was going, etc. Why offer that advice outright.

She also told me at the 2 year check-up that I could start time-outs - 1 minute for each year old. Now, I take this to be her "spanking prevention" program - this is what you do for discipline, not hitting. She didn't actually say that to me, but that's why I think she brought up timeouts. So I told her we don't do timeouts. No timeouts in our house. She asked how I planned to respond to behavoiral situations. And I said - well, I've been reading up on this (Neufeld, Alfie Kohn) and I think those behavioral situations are cries for connection, so I planned to address the situation by connecting - or simply paying attention to my DD. She responded that that was absolutely wonderful (to her credit I didn't detect even an ouce of sarcasm - or just wait, you'll find out). Again - why assume I'm the hitter who needs timeout correction? I'm the connected mom.

anyway - not outrageous examples, but subtle undermining of exceptional parenting!

PS. My LC in the hospital mixed my pumped colostrum with sugar water and we dropper fed DD on the second day. I asked why the sugar water and she said, they don't like the taste of just the colostrum 'cause it's not as sweet as BM. We did it (and she spilled at least 1/3 of it, too, but that's another story, we looked at each other in horror), but I wouldn't do that again. Newborns haven't tasted anything! Of course colostrum would taste just fine. They might not even have developed taste buds for all I know!
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From my ex-ped:

1. On our first post birth visit, when ds was a little underweight due to my milk coming in on the 5th day, "30 percent of infants at the turn of the century died because they did not have formula." "No where in the decscription of 'supermom' does it say you have to breastfeed." "Feed on 10 minutes each side only."

2. When ds was sick with a virus, he told me to give my 6th month old Campbell's soup and mashed up hot dog.

3. He should be sleeping through the night at 3 months, should be night weened.

Also, in hospital, I asked the nurse to help me breast feed. I had read every book, article, etc. so I knew I might need help getting him latched on. After I harrassed her over and over to come help me, she wheeled in a tv with a video about breastfeeding! I said, "Just help me get THIS baby on THIS boob!!"
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There's a few things

*Put rice cereal in his bottle
*you need to stop BFing (my 10 month old)
*you need to circumsize your son, he's going to have infections and be made fun of at school
*let the baby cry, he's just trying to manipulate you
*don't let your baby sleep with you, you will never get him out of the bed
*don't wear your baby, he's too hot, put him in a stroller
*if you don't put you baby down he'll never learn to walk (DS1 walked at 7 months and DS2 at 9 months)
*cloth diapers are unsanitary, they will cause diaper rash and infections
*day care is good for kids
*smack your baby on the hand when he's getting into stuff he's not suppose to

The list goes on and on, and most of it came from my MIL, who I just tell STFU LOL
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When I was in the hospital a nurse said to me, "Oh, no. you don't need to have her security tag adjusted.' Though it was visibily cutting into her heel.

And the same nurse's words of encouragement to me on my breastfeeding after a breast reduction, "I'll just leave this formula here just in case..."

Denise, you know who are (shaking fist!!!)

Excuse me, I digress...
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A "nutritionist" at the WIC office told me I absolutely couldn't raise dd vegetarian because if she didn't get meat protein as an infant, her brain wouldn't grow. And the nutritionist is a vegetarian!!!

This same woman told me I had to wean dd immediately when she found out I was pregnant because I was killing my unborn son. : (For the record, he was 10 pounds 4 ounces at birth! So much for the starvation theory. That one REALLY pissed me off.)

And of course, I couldn't possibly tandem nurse them because newborn milk would be too fattening for a toddler and dd would become obese. Yeah, for all 3 months or so that I'm making newborn milk. . . . We're almost 6 weeks in and so far she's her normal happy, active self. And her clothes still fit.
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