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How does Co-Sleeping Work During the Day?

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Hi all, this is my first post ever on any online forum, so please bear with me!
I'm expecting my first baby, and I'm very excited! I am very much interested in natural parenting options, especially co-sleeping. I do have one question that I haven't really gotten a clear answer on. This may sound like a silly question, and I feel like I should have the answer to this, but all theinformation I've read refers to nighttime sleeping, and I'm curious about where the baby sleeps during the day? Is it alright for the baby to sleep in the bed during the day without their parents, or is a crib used during the day, or do you use a playpen... Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to Mothering I'm happy to see a Canadian on here, too (I'm just moved to Ottawa from Toronto!).

To answer your question, it depends For us, our dd napped in the sling on me for the first four months, she napped either in her crib (the only time she every spent there - not a great investment for us : ) or in our bed (we built a pillow fort on the one side that was open) for the next 14 months or so. Then, when we moved, she got her own room complete with a queen size bed that we put on the floor so now she naps and starts the night out there.

Even when we were using the crib for naps she usually fell asleep in the sling and then we put her in the crib. Since about 14 months, I've been nursing her in bed and she falls asleep there

So, that's our solution!
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That's a good question and it's good that you're already thinking about it!!! Napping (and nighttime) has never been a problem for us. We ended up putting our mattress on the floor and teaching dd how to crawl off (hand-first at first, then feet-first) without injury. Some parents, I know, think that taking your bed apart for your baby is pretty extreme, but it depends on how commited your are to co-sleeping. For us it was the right solution and it has worked for us for a year now. For naps, I would lay down with dd until I was sure she knew how to get down off of the mattress by herself. Since then (about 8 months old) I've not worried about her solo-sleeping in our bed (sans pillows, etc.). I DO check on her frequently, though. If you can get your baby to nap in a crib, it may be more safe than unsupervised napping in an adult bed, but it really depends on your situation... is your bed in a corner (possible suffocation hazard)... is your bed up high (possible fall hazard)... etc. ? Good luck!!
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liam mostly napped in our bed after being nursed to sleep - even when he was using the crib at night, he never used it during the day. we have our matress on the floor.
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Hi--Another Canadian here

Our ds slept on my lap, in a bouncy chair, in a snuggly and sometimes in his crib for the first four months or so. He now sleeps on our bed, with pillows on either side. (he is almost 8 months old now) It so happens he likes to be swadled, *still*!!, and stays snug as a bug--though he can easily get out of that blanket. He is a very non-moving creature when he is really out, plus I do have a moniter, (and check on him too). It will take getting to know your baby and where s/he sleeps best.

Co-sleeping is really great, glad you are choosing that route! All the best
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daytime co-sleeping

I am an avid co-sleeper with all 3 of my babies. Love them!!!

With my 1st I just napped when she did for the first couple of months - it was a great and easy recovery.

With my 2nd my 1st was so used to it - she napped with us a couple times a day or he slept in a cradle no cribs for us. When he outgrew the cradle I built a pillow fort for him.

#3 has used the crib more than any. More for his own protection than anything else from his brother LOL But I still napped with him the first week - again recovery.

Now all 3 sleep with me off and on during the night. But I do think the good thing about co sleeping has been not one of them has ever fallen off of a bed. They learn very young how to sleep on a bed. I love that.

Glad to see co-sleeping mamas out there

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I love co-sleeping with my son. He's nine and a half months old now and we have been co-sleeping since day one. It’s one of the most amazing feelings having the most important people in the world to me all curled up and cozy in our bed. It is such a peaceful way to drift off to sleep.
For the first few months ds would nap on my lap in the living room. It was the perfect opportunity to force myself to relax and either read or watch a little TV or maybe even catch a nap myself. Now that he’s gotten bigger, and I am more likely to try and catch up on house work while he isn’t mobile, I lay him on a quilt on the living room floor for his naps. I don’t have to worry about him rolling off of anything and he is always within eye/ear-shot.
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Welcome to Mothering, bobbilocks!

We never owned a crib. When DD was a newborn she mostly napped in my lap, but often I would put her on the couch when she was asleep. I was always very close by, and I set it up so I knew she was safe. Actually, that is how we do it now, even though DD is 8 months and very mobile. She just happens to be a very still napper and takes a while to wake up, and again I'm always nearby so I'm still not worried about her falling off the couch. However, I had planned (and probably will do it when I get around to it!) to make her a little "nap nook" - place a cribsize mattress on the ground in a corner somewhere to put her down on when she naps. I've never liked having her sleeping in a separate room b/c I always worry I can't hear or see her. So this has worked well for us.

I guess you can tell from the above responses that 1) it is entirely possible to deal with naps and never use a crib or playpen and 2) everybody does this a bit differently.

Congrats on your pending arrival! You will *love* cosleeping!
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My babies mostly slept in my lap for naps, and still do ....I have a 2 and 1 year old still cosleeping. (5kids altogether) or in a sling while I go about my work. If my back is tired, or I want to do some dirty work like clean a bathroom, I take our bedtop cosleeper and put it on the floor so baby won't roll off the bed and let them sleep there. Pretty rare though. They mostly sleep in my lap or in my sling. Recently got a back carrier and my daughter has been falling asleep in that. Once they get older and can move about on their own, like my 2 year old I let her take naps on the couch. I never like to leave my babies alone unattended.
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For the first six months, my daughter napped in one of these during the day:


After that, she slept in the big bed with body pillows on either side of her:

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We never owned a crib either. When Juels was newborn to about 3 months she napped on a blanket on the living room floor. At night she slept in our bed. My husband built a guard rail that ran along 3 feet of the outside edge of the bed. When she was about 5 months old we took away the bed and put the mattress on the floor, where it still is today (Juels is 11 months old now). She quickly learned how to get off the mattress on her own and she now naps in our bed alone (I check on her every 10-15 minutes). I just nurse her till she falls asleep and then I sneak away. I used the sling a little in the begining and she did fall asleep in it a few times. Slings are easy to sneak out of, you know lying the baby down and then bringing it over your head. However, I never really liked the silng, I really wanted to and I tried. Its just so bulky and akward and I hate how my clothes wrinkle under it. We use it maybe once a month. I have always called it the devil sling, I really envy moms for whom the sling works! Anyway, co-sleeping, second to bfing, is the best decision I have made and I am overjoyed that you are also considering it!
All the best,
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Hi, I'm fairly new to Mothering, not to online forums, and I just wanted to say, thanks for posting this question -- I had the very same question, particularly after reading the guidelines for safe cosleeping, and noting that it said never to put a baby to sleep alone in an adult bed -- I had wondered why that was, now the responses make it clear: adult beds are easy to fall off of, and if they aren't mattresses on the floor, the baby can get hurt. I just wonder how much safer it is when the mom is in the bed, too -- what keeps the baby from falling off then?
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My DS is not quite six months old, and we co-sleep full time. Not entirely by my choice -- the little guy will hardly ever stay asleep if I try to put him down and leave. I usually nap with him, or snuggle him and read if I'm not sleepy.

It's been my experience that the baby and I are very aware of each other as we sleep. I don't worry about him falling off the bed because if he were getting anywhere near the edge, I'd know it. But for his part, he never does get near the edge... he wants to be snuggled up to me. If I get out of bed to pee in the middle of the night, he starts sort of feeling around for me in his sleep after just a minute or two.

I don't know how to describe it any better. It's the same reason I am totally confident I'd never roll over on him in my sleep. You're just very attuned to each other as you sleep side by side.
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Originally posted by Sylith
You're just very attuned to each other as you sleep side by side.
Very true. I have never really worried about rolling on my baby. When I get up to pee I come back in the bedroom and, sure enough, there's Juels crawling on the floor around the end of the matress-- no even awake! She seriously follows me even in her sleep! Silly girl. She'll nap by herself at home, but often if I am trying to put her down at other people's houses as soon as I get up to sneak away she starts rooting for me and fussing. It can be frustrating, but its so fascinating and wonderful that that more than makes up for it!
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Ds has almost always just napped on our bed. As he got older and more mobile, I tried to encourage him to nap in his crib, but he would have none of it (do I blame him?). Now, I just line the sides of the bed with pillows, keep the monitor on at all times, and still check on him every 5-10 minutes. He has never been left to fall asleep on his own in the bed--he is always rocked or laid down with until he is totally out. And with the monitor, I always hear him the second he awakens. This is just something I've made myself vigilant about. We recently side-railed his crib to our bed to try and give all of us a little more space at night, so if he were to fall out on that side, it would only be a few inches onto another mattress. He will sleep in the crib for a few hours at night, but not for naps, and I don't push it. Sometimes I nap with him, or nap at least for the first hour.
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